How to speak in public: 11 Consejos for

How to speak in public: 11 Consejos for

If you have ever had to give a talk, speak in front of a group of people, or present your project, you have surely wondered how to speak in public without fear.

Nerves are habitual, learning how to speak in public is something that every successful speaker has had to live, so you cánido rest easy.

You are not the only one who is afraid of speaking in public.

when we think of how to speak in publicyou might think of the people who are invited to speak at TED, these few minute vídeos that inspire, train and educate us.

These expert speakers know how to get your attention, their body language does not espectáculo fear or nerves, quite the contrary, you see security, confidence and a total mastery of the topic they are presenting.

How to speak in public like an expert and lose stage fright:

So what do these people do or what are the techniques they used to speak in public?

Gina Barnett, Michael Weitz and abigail tenenbaumTED speakers, gave some very valid advice that you had never heard before and that you must put into practice to learn how to speak in public.

Among the first things they do is that the weekend before a TED talk, each speaker rehearses their talk in the theater equipo up for the event.

This is an opportunity for speakers to get to know the space, for curators to give up-the-minute suggestions on talk content, and for speaker trainers to provide their latest consejos on assertive public speaking.

Here are 11 consejos to speak in public without fear, without nerves and showing all the confidence you have in yourself.


Drink water just 15 minutes before going on stage:

Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a tendency for your mouth to dry out and you find it difficult to swallow, start drinking water 15 minutes before public speaking.

Keep in mind that the sounds that your mouth makes are heard through the microphone.

The water will help you with this, however, if it happens try not to touch your palate with your tongue when you close your mouth.

Initial course in public speaking and public speaking effectively


Think positively, not the other way around:

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Negative sentences perro become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so don’t hang around behind the scenes thinking, “What if I’m wrong?”

One of the keys to knowing how to speak in public is to think like an athlete before a big game, repeat with phrases like “I’m so excited!” “It will be great!” “I cánido’t wait to share this iniciativa!”

Basically any key phrase that makes you feel happy.

Even just thinking the word “yes” over and over again.

Feel how those positive thoughts increase your confidence.


Channel the energy that your nerves give you in your favor:

Credit: Shutterstock

Do not try to contain that energy that your nerves generate, let it move through your body.

Doing isometrics while you wait backstage helps a lot.

For example, one of the speaker trainers found a speaker in a corner of the dressing room with headphones on and dancing, then onstage he was more confident than ever.

Shake your hands, release your energy.

This type of practice frees you up and allows you to focus on how to speak in public calmly.


Focus on your breathing when you start to feel adrenaline:

Credit: Shutterstock

What should you do if you feel panicked or too nervous? Breathe. Often we are not aware of the irregularity of our breathing when we are nervous, and we do not know how to relieve stress.

“Take three or four mindful, balanced, and gentle inhalations and exhalations.

Let the belly contract and the breath travel all the way to your abdomen.

This perro focus your energy and focus your thoughts,” she recommends.

Gina Barnettexpert TED speaker.


Be careful with the repetitive movement when speaking in public:

On stage, people often channel their energy by rocking from side to side or tapping their feet repetitively; This doesn’t look good because it distracts the audience and they’ll start to focus on how nervous you are instead of what you’re saying.

The best way to avoid this is by practicing beforehand in front of a group of people or even in front of a mirror looking at a fixed point.


Think about how you cánido use your moves wisely:

You cánido take three or four steps but not walk too far, you perro take one step back and one step forward but not sway.

You must know very well the subject that you will speak in public and what are the most important points to choose well the movements that reflect the necessary confidence before your audience.

You perro practice putting newspaper on the floor and with the sound you will know if you are doing it right or if you should practice a little more so as not to move too much.

Recommended books:


Use different tones to emphasize important words or phrases:

Credit: Shutterstock

Match your tone to the topic of the speech,” says Barnett.

You cannot communicate something exciting with a monotone voice or always speak excited or very emotional.

You must have a logical sequence within your speech and play with the tonalities as it allows.

This is one of the most important aspects when learning how to speak in public.


Give the audience a oportunidad to get used to your accent:

All the speakers have a different accent and fortunately TED’s audience is global and it is habitual for listeners to come across international conferences.

A piece of advice when speaking in public is to open your mouth a little more and adapt a correct, slow and conscious pronunciation.


Focus on something outside of yourself:

Credit: Shutterstock

Focus on several points on the stage, notice what shoes people are wearing or how they are dressed, choose a color (green for example) and look for points on the stage that look like that.

Doing this will shift the focus from what is going on in your body to something external.

This is a very good technique to use the power of the mind in your favor.


Remember that the audience likes you:

Credit: Shutterstock

Although the TED audience is large and somewhat scary, it will always be on your side.

They want your talk to be a success as much as you do, they want to hear your ideas and points of view, so don’t be afraid.

En línea course: 13 Steps to public speaking


And finally, no matter how much you practice, be prepared for the unexpected.

Credit: Shutterstock

You’ll forget a word or two, someone will drop an object in the audience, there may be technical difficulties, but don’t get paralyzed; take your time, take a deep breath and continue, ultimately it is about having fun and communicating your ideas to an audience eager for your knowledge.

This is learning how to speak in public, recognizing that you perro be scared, that no one came into this world with that knowledge, and that the fact that you are trying already speaks of your confidence, personality and challenges.

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 How to speak in public: 11 Consejos for
  How to speak in public: 11 Consejos for
  How to speak in public: 11 Consejos for

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