How to sleep well: 15 Consejos to fall asleep

How to sleep well: 15 Consejos to fall asleep

if you have wondered how to sleep wellbetter and achieve a deep sleep, these consejos will help you achieve it quickly.

The reality is that everyone, absolutely everyone, at some point has suffered from insomnia. That is, we have not managed to fall asleep and desperately want to know how to sleep well.

Regardless of the reason, whether it is due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, and even excessive use of mobile devices, your sleep hygiene is not in the best condition.

The result? We have allowed our circadian rhythm clock to drift as it pleases.

If you wish learn how to sleep well and return to the pleasant nights, where you rested deeply, and your body reaches the optimal rest threshold, we invite you to read and apply the following consejos to sleep better:

15 Consejos to learn how to sleep well in a short time:

1. Disminuye the consumption of sugary drinks:

Knowing how to sleep well implies that you know the effects of sugar. Yes, sugar problems…

We could talk for days about how high fructose corn syrups, low-fat foods, and soft drinks have destroyed our health.

However, when it comes to knowing how to sleep well and better, eliminating sugar will do wonders for your dreams.

If you consume more than 3 soft drinks a day (2 large cans), try to cut that amount in half, and stop sugar intake after 5pm.

In this way you will help your body to detoxify and metabolize all fácil carbohydrates. An insulin spike before bed is counterproductive to a good night’s rest.

2. Disminuye caffeine consumption:

Just as sugar amplifies insulin levels, caffeine cánido increase your adrenaline. If you are addicted to coffee you should consume it before 5pm.

It has been established that caffeine perro take up to 24 hours to leave your body, so the later you drink coffee, or caffeinated beverages, the more difficult it will be for you to sleep soundly.

3. Exercise in the morning:

Why does exercising in the morning help you sleep better?

To begin with, you need to develop a very solid routine in the morning, which will directly affect your nighttime rituals.

Here are 6 habits to get up early without feeling tired.

In other words, exercising in the morning gives you a reason to get out of bed faster without having to pause your alarm so many times, agregado you perro go to bed earlier.

Try to do 30 minutes, either footing in the street or doing any cardio exercise in the gym.

4. Eat fruits:

A small amount of carbohydrate before bed will help your body genera melatonin. Eat a handful of grapes, an orange, or any small amount of fresh fruit so that you perro fall asleep easily.

Yes, eating fruits will help you in your search for how to sleep well.

5. Take melatonin supplements:

Your internal clock needs a hard reset, and starting a melatonin supplement could work wonders.

Taking these supplements (see dosing consejos) an hour before bedtime will give you time to wind down, put on your pajamas, and fall asleep sooner than you think.

6. Drink herbal tea:

Sugar free and caffeine free. Herbal tea is a great help to rest, it will help you in your search for a good sleep as well as to relax at the end of the day. Mint and chamomile are very good options.

7. Develop the habit of reading:

If diet and exercise contribute to sleep, so does a calm mind. Grab that cup of herbal tea and sit down with some light reading to relax your mind. Here we recommend some:

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8. Start a journal:

For some people reading at night is impossible. If it is definitely impossible for you, start making a list of the things you managed to accomplish today and write down the things you have to do the next day.

Leaving these pending activities on a sheet will free your mind from excessive thinking. This contributes to your mental discipline.

9. Lift weights:

If cardio is a good routine in the morning, lifting weights at night is a perfect routine. After dinner, do some weight lifting exercises.

If you don’t have a equipo of weights at home, you perro do a Crossfit session or another type of exercise in which your muscles consume sugar and are relaxed after the activity.

10. Never use electronic devices in bed:

Another determining issue is how teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas have destroyed sleep habits.

In other words, if you don’t want to learn how to get a good night’s sleep, keep checking your phone’s notifications before you sleep.

Put your phone in night mode, equipo your alarm to go off at the time you need, and go to bed. A mobile device receiving constant notifications throughout the night will destroy your sleep.

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11. Have more sex:

The bedroom should be a sacred place, as this is the place where you (and possibly your partner) have intimate activities.

Orgasms relieve stress (or even something as mundane as snuggling!) and release the hormones oxytocin and serotonin, which will help you feel relaxed and sleepy.

12. Never snooze the alarm:

Snooze, even for 5 minutes, is a way to perpetuate your bad sleep cycle. You stay up late because you know you’re going to hit snooze at least 5 times.

Get in the habit of getting up the first time the alarm goes off, this will make you go to bed earlier. You cánido put your cell phone away from you, so you have to get up to turn it off.

13. Have whatever you like for breakfast, as long as it is healthy:

Eating whatever you like for breakfast will make getting up motivating. The recommendation is that they be foods rich in protein and/or good fats. These will make you spend a day full of energy.

Here are 8 things that everyone should do before 8 in the morning.

14. Drink more water:

Drinking water helps your body to detoxify and later have dreams and a full rest.

However, when looking for how to sleep well and soundly, you should not drink a lot of water before going to bed, because you cánido interrupt your sleep by going to the bathroom.

A glass of water before bed is fenezca.

15. Lastly, turn off all the lights:

If you are afraid of the dark or are one of those who sleep with the television on, you should evaluate your habits. Turn off the lights, don’t think about anything, calm your mind, and have sweet dreams.

Learning how to sleep well and wake up rested is not difficult, just keep in mind and apply these 15 consejos.

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 How to sleep well: 15 Consejos to fall asleep
  How to sleep well: 15 Consejos to fall asleep
  How to sleep well: 15 Consejos to fall asleep

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