How to Short on eToro

How to Short on eToro

You probably already know that eToro is an investment platform very habitual, although not only allows the simplicity of them, but also allows investment in Short. The latter is basically about betting on the low.

If you think that action, that asset is going to go down, you perro invest in short. We will teach you step by step how to invest in short on eToro in 2021.

Getting Started with Shorting on eToro

The first thing you should do, as you already know, is to access your account within the eToro platform. The next thing will be to entrar any asset you want, and once inside, go to the upper right edge and clic on Invest.


A new window will open that will allow you only two options: sell either buy. In this case, you will have to select the first one. After that, you will choose the amount you want to invest, in this case, betting on short. This cánido be in dollars or in units of the asset you have chosen.

Stop Loss

In case you want it, you perro select a Stop Loss. Depending on the case, it could be above the amount you have placed. Depending on your preference, you will take it in dollars directly.

The platform, by itself, will tell you if you upload it, how much you could or could not lose. If, for example, it indicates that you lose 35% of your amount, it will automatically be necessary for you to close, considering that you will place the Stop Loss.

It will be placed in the upper left edge, considering that you will bet on it going down, if so, you will effectively win.


If you want, you perro select Leverage. However, depending on the case, it could be a bit risky, although you could perfectly do it this way, especially if you are very confident that the asset you have selected will go down.

Take Prort

In Take Prort it is basically about betting that it will go down. In short, it could be a perfectly habitual purchase in an aspect like this. If you finally agree with what is indicated in both Stop Loss like in take port You perro, on the one hand, close the operation at another time, or continue selecting run operation.

With all this, you would already be performing an operation in short. In this case, it would open immediately, because it would be bought at market price. It’s basically like making a purchase on longbut in the other way.

Vídeo tutorial on how to invest in Short in Etoro in 2023

Understand how to invest short It perro be a bit complex, so we are attaching an additional vídeo tutorial where we explain step by step how to do it on eToro in 2023. Also, if you have any questions, you perro ask all your questions.

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 How to Short on eToro
  How to Short on eToro
  How to Short on eToro

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