How to send your money from Payeer to

How to send your money from Payeer to

In this articulo, we espectáculo you how to send your money from Payeer to Paypal in a few fácil steps, using the AirTM platform.

It is very common for users who work en línea to use different payment processors to mobilize our earnings.

But although this has its benefits, sometimes we would like to have our money stored in a single virtual wallet.

However, very few electronic wallets allow us to move our money between other payment processors.

As is the case if we want to transfer our money from Payeer to Paypal.

In this articulo, we present you with a detailed guide to easily send your money between both electronic wallets.

Cánido you send money from Payeer to Paypal?

Directly from the platform, it’s not possible.

Payeer is an exchanger that allows you to exchange your money in dollars, rubles, euros, cryptocurrencies or real money.

But does not have the option to exchange money directly to Paypal.

However, there are other platforms that cánido help us with this task. As is the case of AirTM.

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With AirTM you will be able to exchange money between Payeer to Paypal, and other payment processors such as Skrill, Uphold, Neteller, etcétera.

To carry out this transaction, you will be will charge a small commission in return.

In addition, you must be registered on the platform.

How the method works through AirTM

AirTM works through ATMs.

These ATMs are verified users, who carry out transactions in the currency in which you want to make the change.

The process is safe.

When you send the money, AirTM holds it until the other party confirms the transaction.

Once this is done, you will be asked to confirm the shipment, and that’s it.

The transaction will be done.

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This method helps avoid scams.

In any case, if you want to know more, check out the complete AirTM review that we did of this platform.

Steps to transfer money from Payeer to Paypal with AirTM

To transfer your money from Payeer to Paypal, login to the platform.

Once you have logged in, clic on the option that says: “Fund/Withdraw”in the side menu.

Then, you will see two options: “Anchor” and “Withdraw”.

Since we want to deposit money into the AirTM account, we must choose The first option.

In addition, at the bottom of the platform, you will see the payment methods availableamong which should be found payer.

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If not, as is our case, there is no problem.

Just select the option «More payment methods»and writes «Payeer».

When it appears, clic on it.

Once this is done, you will need to entrar the amount you want to send.

The first amount indicates the amount of money you need to send from Payeer.

And the second, the amount that you will receive in your AirTM account.

if we send $10.92for example, we will receive $10.

That $0.92 it would be equivalent to the AirTM commission that you have to pay.

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After entering the amount, AirTM will recommend an ATM with a high score, as seen in the image above.

Select the cashier.

In the next step, you must entrar the correo electrónico of your Payeer account.

Payeer’s correo electrónico must have exactly the same dirección de correo electrónico as your AirTM account.

Having confirmed the account, you must make the request to the AirTM cashier.

Then, you will be given the necessary usuario information to carry out the transaction.

The most important is the Payeer account number.

One of the facilities of this platform is that through the entire transaction you cánido chat directly with the other usuario.

Next, go to your Payeer account, and choose the option «Transfer».

Then, inform your partner, through the chat, that the transaction has been made, and confirm the transaction.

Afterwards, all you have to do is wait to receive your money in AirTM.

Now let’s see how to pass our money to Paypal.

With our money in AirTM, we must return to the option “Anchor/Withdraw”.

But this time we will choose the option of “Withdraw”.

As with the previous option, Paypal will appear in the available payment options.

From now on, the process is afín to the previous one.

You select the ATM, send the money, the platform will request the Paypal address (which must be the same as AirTM).

And then, you must wait for the usuario to make the transaction to your Paypal account.

With these steps, you should have your money in your Paypal account.

It’s that easy to send your money from Payeer to Paypal.

We hope this article has been helpful to you.

If you have any questions about the process, leave it in the comments and we will help you with pleasure.

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 How to send your money from Payeer to
  How to send your money from Payeer to
  How to send your money from Payeer to

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