How to Send Text Messages on Snapchat

How to Send Text Messages on Snapchat

When Snapchat launched, everyone was more interested in posting photos and vídeos than using the aplicación’s instant messaging feature.

Many users even thought there was no IM option on Snapchat because of how clunky the aplicación was and how unintuitive it was to find IM chat.

Today, Snapchat has a great interfaz that allows users to quickly send text messages in different ways.

Whether you want to browse your contact list or look at your message history and reply from there, instant messaging is always two or three easy steps from your Snapchat home screen.

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If you’re still new to using the aplicación, the following paragraphs should walk you through the process of sending texts, saving them, and marking them for deletion.

You’ll also learn how to add text overlays, if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

Snapchat messaging features

One of the options to send text messages on Snapchat is:

How does Snapchat determine your best friends?

  1. Go to the message inbox (tap the square icon below the shutter button).
Go to the message inbox
  1. Select one of your contacts
  1. Write your message and press Send

You perro also send a message from your contact list.

The message inbox feature will not allow you to send messages to people you have not previously contacted.

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Another alternative is to send a direct message from a Snapchat Story.

Keep in mind that the message will disappear after the recipient reads it.

  1. Swipe left to see Stories
  1. play a story
  1. Look for the chat box at the bottom of the page.

    press it

  1. Write a text and press Send

Another useful thing you perro do is save the message.

If you long press on the message, a notification will appear after a few seconds.

When you see the word Saved appear on the screen, it means the message has been saved to your Snapchat Memories.

You cánido also unsave a message by clicking on it once.

As soon as it is no longer bold, you will know that it is no longer saved and that it will disappear when you close the chat screen.

What does pending orinan on Snapchat? Explained in detail.

Add text to a Snap

To put a text on a Snapchat photo you must do the following:

  1. take a photo
  2. Press and hold the T icon (upper right corner)
  3. Write the text
  4. Press the T icon again if you want to change the look of the text
  5. Tap Done
How to Add Text to a Snap

This feature allows you to add a text overlay on a photo or vídeo that you have uploaded to Snapchat.

Please note that there is a limit of 80 characters, which includes punctuation and spaces.

Send pictures

Snapchat’s messaging feature works just like any other instant messaging aplicación.

From the chat screen, you cánido send both text and archivos, such as photos and vídeos.

You cánido also browse your photo library and choose to send something from there.

What’s even better is that you cánido add filters, text overlays, and emojis on top of the photo before you send it.

This allows you to personalize your media archivos.

snapchat privacy

Even if you want to send a text message to a friend or stranger on Snapchat, keep in mind that that message may not reach its destination.

Users perro equipo strict privacy settings, including limiting the ways in which they cánido be contacted.

How to activate dark mode on Snapchat

snapchat privacy

If someone has disabled chat on their end, you cánido still send them a message from the inbox or chat feature, they just won’t receive it.

You will not be notified that that chat has been blocked.

You will only be able to tell if someone has disabled texting on their profile if you try to send a text from a Story.

If a Snapchat Story doesn’t have a chat backlink at the bottom of the page, it means the feature was turned off by the usuario.

There is no way around this.

Why use text messages on Snapchat?

A photo perro say a thousand words, but a thousand words are no substitute for a two-way conversation.

Snapchat, like many other instant messaging aplicaciones, offers the option to make vídeo calls.

But no matter how good your connection is, this service is somewhat inferior.

So if you want to convey something with more than just an image or vídeo, you may need to complejo turístico to instant messaging to get your point across.

That’s why it’s important to know all the shortcuts you cánido use to send a text message.

It remains the most effective means of communication in the application.

Just remember that some users prefer to keep conversations to a minimum and use Snapchat for its original use only.

Don’t assume you cánido send a text to anyone, even those on your contact list.

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 How to Send Text Messages on Snapchat
  How to Send Text Messages on Snapchat
  How to Send Text Messages on Snapchat

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