How to send money with Wise using PayPal,

How to send money with Wise using PayPal,

if you have wondered how to send money to another country with Wiseusing PayPal, Bank account, card or Wise cómputo, keep reading this article, because it will answer this question through a detailed step by step.

But first, what you should do to get the most out of this explanation, will be login to your Wise accountif you already have it created.

Steps to send money internationally with Wise in 2023

Making international shipments from Wise is as fácil as doing it in the habitual way, apart from giving you several advantages such as low commissions. Once your session is open, you must do the following:

  1. Clic on the option Send moneyat the beginning of the left sidebar.

  1. Next, in the section “Where do you want to send money from?”, you are allowed to use an account outside of Wise, as well as pay with any of the cómputos you have in Wise. For this case, clic on The first option: An account outside of Wise.

  1. You will now find yourself on a page with a transaction boxin which you are given the options of:

  • Indicate how much you send and select in which currency.

  • Choose the transfer typeWhat could it be fast, economic and easy.

  • Select destination currency and see what the recipient gets.

  • See how long shipment will arrive.

  • schedule payment by using a calendar.

Once all this is done, you perro clic on Keep going.

  1. You will then be presented with a page that says “Who are you sending the money to?” where you must select from among the options:

  1. If you choose the To someone else option, you will have to entrar the bank details of the beneficiarysuch as:

After filling everything in, would you clic on Confirm.

  1. now you are allowed check the details of your transfer through a summary box, where all the details of the transfer in progress are shown. Being in agreement with everything, you cánido clic on Confirm and Continue.

  1. Immediately afterwards, you would go to select the type of transfer that you are going to use, and here they are:

You perro select the one you want as it suits you. Given this step, you clic Continue with payment method.

  1. Finally, you are given the option of entering the data of the chosen payment method in a box, whether it was a card, bank, PayPal, etcétera. When you finish filling in, you cánido clic the button what does it say Pay.

In summary, you cánido see that the h does not have any type of complication.make an international transfer with Wise using the aforementioned payment methods, which are generally all very afín.

Vídeo of the different methods of sending money with Wise

With the following vídeo, you have a more detailed explanation of what has been discussed in this article. So don’t hesitate to take a look:

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 How to send money with Wise using PayPal,
  How to send money with Wise using PayPal,
  How to send money with Wise using PayPal,

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