How to send money to Venezuela

How to send money to Venezuela

Today, remittances from other countries to Venezuela are common. Thanks to these, it is possible to help family members residing in the South American country. There are different methods to do it.

In this article we will review each of these means. So you perro select the most convenient for you.

Sending money to Venezuela from the United States en línea

With the advent of technology, different applications have also appeared that allow you to send money. Among these stand out Moneygram, Zelle and paypal. Each of them has an aplicación for different operating systems. But you cánido also use the one of your preference vía en línea. For example, if you escoge to use PayPal, these are the steps to follow.

  1. Website. You must entrar their official page and register. Then you log in.
  2. Data. Now you entrar the payment method. In this step you add the information of a bank account or your cards.
  3. Receiver Information. This application requires that the beneficiary have a PayPal account. Place your correo electrónico in the place intended for it.
  4. Amount. Write the amount you want the person to receive. The total amount to be paid, including the commission, will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Send. Now you just have to confirm that all the information is correct and send the money.

In the case of other pages that allow you to make these shipments, the steps are very afín. The most destacable difference may be that some do not require registration. But, most of them offer the possibility of sending, en línea, money to a bank account in Venezuela or to one of its agencies.

Since it is an en línea process, it is better to make use of the most recognized media. It is true that the commissions are usually higher, but when using them you minimize the risk of being scammed.

Sending money to Venezuela from the United States by Bank Transfer

Before deciding to make a money transfer to Venezuela, you should know that the regulations state that you cánido only withdraw money in bolivars, the official currency of the country. In case you don’t have a problem with that, you perro make use of international transfers.

The transfers are very safe, although not as fast as we would surely like. Are may take up to 48 hours to become effective. Even so, they are a medium used by a large number of people.

You perro do it through your bank in the USA. Some allow you to transfer directly to accounts abroad. Once you have confirmed that it is possible, you just have to entrar the data of the beneficiary and the amount to be paid. Then you press accept.

In addition to taking a bit longer than other media, it also commission perro be high. The reason is that a fee is charged for sending, for receiving, for changing from dollars to bolivars, apart from the fixed rates that the bank has. It is better that you check with the bank, before doing the operation.

Sending money to Venezuela from the United States by Casa de Cambio

An exchange house, in addition to allowing you to exchange bolivars for dollars, or any other currency, also offers the service of sending money to other countries. Therefore, if you are in the United States, the first step is inquire which of these offer the service to Venezuela.

Italcambio is an excellent alternative, although you should know that they do not carry out the operation directly, so you will have to go to one of their partner offices. Among these we find Continental, Moneygram and Transfast. As an additional detail, some of these exchange houses also offer their services vía the Internet.

When making the operation, do not overlook the commissions that you will have to pay, which vary by the amount and by the means of payment. Once you are satisfied with all the details, You deliver the money and the exact details of the recipient. Then, you will receive the receipt of the operation.

Sending money to Venezuela from the US by Agencies

Money transfer agencies to other countries are also a great alternative. Among the most prominent is Western Union. This offers the possibility of sending through any of its offices. You perro find out the location of the branches closest to you through their website.

If you prefer, you could make use of their electronic services, with the only difference that the payment cannot be made in cash. Whatever medium you use, these are the steps you must take.

  1. Start the process. If it is vía the Internet, you must entrar the main information, such as the amount to be sent and the cost of the fee. If it is in person, you should ask for this information.
  2. Deliver all information. Personal data, both yours and the recipient.
  3. Pay. Now you just have to cancel and withdraw your voucher.

Sending money to Venezuela from the USA through Supermarkets

Sending money through supermarkets is an excellent tool, but not available in Venezuela. However, in recent years a modality has emerged for those who seek to help their relatives.

The procedure is fácil: the person residing in the United States pays a certain amount of money to an individual. They make use of a large percentage of the money to buy food, which is brought, in most cases, to the door of the beneficiary’s house. The downside is that it is not possible to send money with this method.

There are different ways to send money to Venezuela from the USA. And since this is a growing business, other ways are likely to continue to be added. What is the best option among all? That will depend on your interests.

Bank transfers are the most expensive, and take up to two days, but in return they give you a high guarantee of success. On the other hand, although en línea services are very fast and less expensive, some only have the option of withdrawing at the branch. Which forces the beneficiary to leave his house. And so on.

In other words, each option has advantages and disadvantages so it will depend on you which one to choose. Obviously you must select the one that best suits your personal circumstances.

One final suggestion: you perro make use of the money transfer comparators on the Internet. Through them you cánido see which companies offer afín services, as well as the conditions that apply to each one.

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 How to send money to Venezuela
  How to send money to Venezuela
  How to send money to Venezuela

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