How to send money to Venezuela from Spain

How to send money to Venezuela from Spain

If you have come to this article looking for an effective elabora on how to send money to Venezuela without us going to have any problems on the way, you are in the right place.

The truth is that these types of transactions are becoming more common: the most common is that they are carried out by people who are in Spain seeking to help relatives in Venezuela.

And it is that there it is difficult to get certain food or elementos for personal use, so some families only manage to survive through the money that comes to them through these shipments.

read on to find out where to send money to Venezuela from Spain.

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  • Methods to send money to Venezuela from Spain


    Through Internet exchange companies

    It is probably the easiest elabora to send.

    Also, if you’re looking how to send money to Venezuela safely, it is also the option you are looking for.

    The only thing you will have to check is if they exist commissions associated with the treatment, and if these are very high.

    Here we offer you 3 options so you cánido choose the platform to send money to Venezuela what suits you best:

    OFX: It is an entity that is characterized by the speed with which it carries out its transactions.

    They promise to be completed in as little as 24 hours.

    Although it is true that its commissions are a little higher, it may be worth taking them, taking into account the speed with which it reaches us.

    PayPal: PayPal is also a good option to consider.

    Of course, it must be taken into account that some of the commissions cánido be somewhat high.

    In addition, in the event that the amount of money you want to send exceeds the €2500 Some additional documents will have to be sent.

    WorldFirst: another en línea platform specialized in the sending money to Venezuela that you should know This platform combines the advantages of the previous 2: transactions are carried out quickly and it has all the guarantees of an entity with a long history behind it.


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  • There are also some applications that cánido help us with this issue.

    TransferWise: This application allows you to send money throughout the world.

    However, it seems that it has ceased to be available for Venezuela.

    Stay tuned for news, as it is possible that it will be restored.

    Wesend: it’s like some kind of wallet (virtual wallet) that allows access to its content, regardless of where we are on the planet.

    It works with the same technology as the Bitcoinwith blockchain; so we cánido protect the money from any type of risk.


    Western Union to send money to Venezuela

    You probably already know Western Union, since it is one of the classic formulas to send money to Venezuela.

    It is very habitual and therefore safe.

    The way in which the money is sent is through money order, and Correos is normally used for this.

    The person who is in Venezuela will have to go to a Western Union office with a code in order to guarantee the payment.

    As there are usually many branches, there should be no problem at this point.

    Now, whether the collection cánido be more or less fast will depend on the restrictions that have been imposed in the country.

    Yeah Western Union does not finish convincing you, you cánido always take a look at MoneyGram (very afín to the previous one).

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  • With these methods you will already have more clear how to send money to Venezuela safely and fast.

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     How to send money to Venezuela from Spain
  How to send money to Venezuela from Spain
  How to send money to Venezuela from Spain

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