How to send money to Venezuela from Spain

How to send money to Venezuela from Spain

Remittances or money transfers have become increasingly common. In Venezuela, His goal is to help family and friends who are in need., since due to the high cost of living it is difficult to obtain the necessary products, both for food and for personal use. On the other hand, this allows the development of both national and international banking.

However, although it is habitual to send remittances to this country, it is common for senders to worry about the safety of your money. Hence the question arises, what methods are there to send money safely? Let’s see some.

Ways to send money to Venezuela from Spain in 2023

Due to the country’s inflation, more are emigrating in search of a better life. It could be said that Venezuelans are everywhere. Even in Spain, the Venezuelan community is one of the largest, which is why the sending of remittances is constant.

The point is that we want to avoid those cumbersome, tedious procedures and in which more money is spent than necessary. Thanks to the use of the Internet, if you wish, you perro send money from the comfort of your home. There are many companies that, through web platforms or applications, They ship quickly, cheaply and safely. Below are the most used methods.

en línea exchange companies

Perhaps you have heard of this type of company. The truth is that his method is quite fácil Well, it is enough to have an active account in one of these platforms to send money to a bank account.

Although TransferWise is one of the best shipping platforms, due to certain inconveniences it stopped operating for Venezuela. But other platforms are:

  • PayPalthrough it the remittance is sent quickly, but taking into account that if the amount exceeds €2500 you must attach certain documents.
  • OFX It is another company where the transfers sent are made effective in 24 hours, so it is fast compared to other services.
  • WorldFirst, en línea provider through which you send money with just one clic. Something that we must highlight is that it is a 24/7 service! In addition to adapting to what you want.

Western Union and MoneyGram

These two companies are ideal for several reasons: they are known, they are safe, you cánido send money by correo (for money orders) and even send cash. In the case of Western Union, you have several branches internationally, which allows the quick collection of money. However, this must be subject to the policies of the country.

MoneyGramafín to WU, is usually widely used since it emplees not only the face to face method to send, but also makes Swift transfers. What do we orinan? That emplees digital platforms, which manages to give customer comfort. The operations of both companies are economical.

Mobile aplicaciones

The aplicación has become part of the life of each person, this is due to its different functions or even purposes. Because companies know that they are much easier to use, as well as practical, they have made useful mobile applications for sending money. For example:

  • Wesend. Special for Venezuelans since it works as a electronic wallet in which you perro have access from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Thanks to technology blockchainprotect your money.

With this application you perro send, receive with various forms of local payment, withdraw or even deposit the money in the local bank. This aplicación has different types of currencies.

  • TransferWise, provides an excellent shipping service. However, a few months ago it stopped being available for Venezuela.

Are there other methods of transferring money? Yes, of course, there are traditional methods, such as deposit in banks. But this is tedious because you need to go personally to the entity, fill out papers that indicate the reason for the transaction.

Another method is also buy and sell virtual currencies as Bitcoinyou perro use them as remittances, but it requires certain processes and time that the previous methods save you.

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 How to send money to Venezuela from Spain
  How to send money to Venezuela from Spain
  How to send money to Venezuela from Spain

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