How to send money to the Dominican Republic

How to send money to the Dominican Republic

Sending money from one bank account to another has always been a fácil process, especially when done with banks in the same country.

Making this type of shipment to foreign accounts is also easy, only to achieve it you must have the help of a special provider.

If you live in Spain and want to send money to Beato Domingo or any other part of the Dominican Republic.

Here you will know how you perro achieve it en línea or in person, the process is fácil, safe and the expenses are very maleable.

Send money to the Dominican Republic from Spain En línea 2023

Even if it’s fácil send money from Spain to the Dominican Republicthere are a few important factors to consider, including the exchange rate, fees, response time, and the minimum and maximum limit per transfer.

After doing a careful analysis of these factors you will be fully prepared to make a good comparison between the different transfer services.

Next, you will know the utility that each one perro provide you in this regard.

the exchange rate

This aspecto determines the value of a country’s currency in another type of currency.

If the currency of the country to which you are going to send it is strong, more money will be generated, but if it is weak, the opposite will occur.

The exchange rate cánido change rapidly depending on the economic stability of the country.

In the Dominican Republic this is maleable.

the rates

These may vary depending on the time and the minimum or maximum limits.

Almost everyone wants to opt for low rates, but although this is cheap, it is not always advantageous, since sometimes this means a reduction in the speed of shipping.

response time

The response time is variable, it perro take minutes or days to arrive, due to security reviews.

In case you need to send money to the Dominican Republic immediately, your best option is to collect cash.

The maximum and minimum transfer limits

Each company presents its beneficiaries with different maximum and minimum limits.

In some the minimum limit is €0 EUR and in others it is €250 EUR.

Best en línea providers to send money to the Dominican Republic

Most of the highly habitual banks allow their clients to send money to the Dominican Republic.

But if you use a special provider, you will get much more benefits, including speed, economy and safety.

The best en línea providers to make this type of shipment are the following:


This wonderful provider is undoubtedly one of the most famous, because it allows its users to make en línea transfers abroad and receive payments in currencies from different countries quickly and cheaply.

Western Union

Western Union is a very habitual money transfer service.

It has been recognized worldwide for performing various operations quickly and safely.

It does not force the usuario to entrar their bank details and always offers rates with very low prices.


If we talk about en línea money transfer providers, PayPal cannot be left behind.

This American service has become one of the most reliable alternatives for sending money abroad.

Operate immediately and it is also practical for buying and selling over the Internet.


This platform has provided its service in more than 110 countries and is an excellent alternative to transfer money at a low-cost.

One advantage that WorldRemit offers is that it espectáculos the fees and commissions to be paid in advance, letting you know exactly what will be spent.


MoneyGram is a money transfer service that operates primarily in the United States, but also offers services in offices located in more than 200 countries.

Both companies and private users cánido benefit from the multiple advantages provided by its platform.

How to transfer money from Spain to the Dominican Republic En línea

If you have already consulted your bank cómputo to verify the existing funds and analyzed all the factors mentioned above, all you need to do is send money en línea.

For this you must follow these 4 steps:

  1. The first step is to select the provider that will allow you to send it, taking into account the rate and response time.

    You cánido choose from those shown above or another that a friend has recommended to you.

  2. You must register with the provider by entering personal information, such as name, date of birth, bank information, IBAN of the account, and address.

    The required data varies according to the chosen provider.

  3. Now you must provide the recipient’s data, such as their full name, address, bank information, among others.

  4. Entrar the amount to be transferred and follow the steps to complete the process.

It is important that for security you write down or save your receipt or tracking number, with this you will be able to obtain the details of the progress of your transaction.

Send money from Spain to the Dominican Republic in person

Your bank may not allow you to transfer money from Spain to the Dominican Republic, or you may not feel ready to use a money transfer provider.

If so, you should know that you still have an alternative to prove, he sent money in person.

If you are a private person, you cánido send checks from Spain to the Dominican Republic by contacting any of the companies that provide this delivery service in Spain, such as DHL or Fedex.

Of course, you should keep in mind that this method is less secure, since it lends itself to fraud by sending false or bottomless checks.

Although these companies have a fairly well-known name and if you certify it you will ensure that you are covered.

You should ask the DHL or FedEx office if it is located in your area, or call them directly.

DHL telephone number of the Dominican Republic:

(all) +809 534 7888

Spain DHL phone:

(air) +34 902 12 24 24

(land) +34 902 12 30 30

FedEx Telephone: Spain:

902 10 08 71

Dominican Republic FedEx Phone:

Option 1: 1.200.3138

Option 2: 565.3636

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 How to send money to the Dominican Republic
  How to send money to the Dominican Republic
  How to send money to the Dominican Republic

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