How to send money to the Dominican Republic from

How to send money to the Dominican Republic from

Send money from Spain to the Dominican Republic It is an easy procedure to carry out, you should only pay attention to the places in which the procedure is done, since according to each place there are different exchange ratesresponse time and limit on the money that perro be sent in the transfer.

In this sense, we must understand that there are some en línea providers who have gained fame in this job for the excellent service they provide to people on their transfers from Spain to the Dominican Republic.

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  • Emphasizing that we are talking about providers who have managed to earn their reputation for commitment with which they have acted and for the quality of the services offered, being essential for this type of money procedures and being reliable sources in which people place their money and their intention to send it out of the country.

    This is how in this space we will proceed to talk about the most used companies in Spain to send money to the Dominican Republic.


    It is a platform that allows you to send money transactions abroad and also receive money in currencies from other parts of the world, providing a reliable and quite economical service, which works quickly in the assigned shipments.

    To carry out the procedure through this page, the usuario must entrar the following address:

    Western Union

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  • Western Union is one of the most recognized virtual payment platforms worldwide for its excellent service and the commitment with which it works to satisfy the money transfer needs of people in different parts of the world.

    It is perhaps the most used platform in the worldand if not, one of the first and preferred by all, to register on this platform it is necessary to go to the following application:


    Allows low-cost money transfer with the scope of 110 countries worldwide, being a usuario-friendly platform, since it offers the option that they cánido see the established rates, that is, the costs so that they perro pay in advance, doing a certain amount of what what they will have to spend to achieve send money abroad.


    PayPal is one of the safest options out there., since it is an account used in the first place by all users who work with the transfer of virtual money.

    An easy-to-use platform that cánido be manipulated every day without any limit.

    The commission of this platform is around 5% interest approximatelyFor the rest, you should not worry about the shipping time or if the funds arrive safely, since this is more than proven, PayPal works in a safe and committed manner.

    It is necessary to have a PayPal account to carry out this procedure, so if you want to register you must go to the following address:


    Headquartered in the United States, this virtual server has the ability to work in 200 countries worldwidebecoming one of the best means of transacting virtual money abroad with benefits that users consider quite acceptable, and for this reason, they always prefer this platform.

    To use this means to send money, the person must entrar the following dirección de correo electrónico address:

    In this sense, we must determine that these are the recommended digital servers and more used to send money to different parts of the world, and in this case, from Spain to the Dominican Republic.

    They are truthful, are legally verified and they have been recognized as the best by the public that has already made financial transactions through this means.

    It is important to appreciate that like these there are thousands more, however, we have given ourselves the task of selecting the best on the marketthose that are safe and that protect the interests of the people involved, that is, both the person who sends the money and the person who receives it.

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  • It is also important to note that to carry out the process, the person must go to the official page of the server and register through the consignment of the data that are requested to do the legal process.

    After this, the data to be issued are those of the recipienttaking care that everything is perfectly noted so that there are no errors in the transfer, previously the amount to be transferred is placed and that’s it, the process is expected to finish to make sure that it has been successful.

    When the transfer process is complete, the usuario is assigned a final receipt in which it has the digits of the transaction code, through this receipt the person perro make claims if there is any problem with sending moneyas well as being aware of the time it takes for the transaction to reach its destination and all those useful factors in terms of the process.

    Send money in person

    And if your thing is not to send money by virtual means, and you know that the bank does not allow you to make this type of transfer either, then the usuario has the possibility of doing it by offices that handle this type of workas DHL or Fedex.

    It is important to take into account that this means is not very safesince it lends itself to fraud, extortion and diversion of funds, but it is another of the options that exist to carry out this process. DHL and FedEx are the safest offices that exist and those who are committed to doing their job well, so they are the ones we recommend in these cases.

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     How to send money to the Dominican Republic from
  How to send money to the Dominican Republic from
  How to send money to the Dominican Republic from

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