How to send money to Spain from Argentina

How to send money to Spain from Argentina

Send money from Argentina to Spain It is a process that has been optimized in recent times, achieving a safe and reliable job and with it, the possibility of having a good financial transfer without complications.

There are many means to carry out this type of procedure, however, we must understand that banks in Argentina have prepared for this type of operations allowing its citizens to send money abroad through the same bank accounts, or withdrawing it abroad through an ATM and even the use of cards to withdraw funds.

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  • In this sense, we have to understand a little more about what this is about, so we are going to detail in each of the options that have been equipo for sending money from Argentina to Spain.

    Bank transfers

    It is perhaps the safest way that existsgiven that the bank allows the customer to transfer large sums of money, taking into account that the cost of the commissions will be determined according to the type of bank that carries out the process.

    This procedure It perro only be done between accounts of the same ownerso it is sent from Argentina from the client’s account so that it falls in Spain to the same client’s account.

    In this sense, we must understand that it is the safer and more efficient meansbut at the same time, it also turns out to be slow and often with quite high commissions.

    Debit and credit cards

    This allows the person make payments in Spain with the Argentina card without having commission charges of any kind, also highlighting that the exchange commission will be really fair.

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  • The condition of this type of payment is that the card will not be able to carry large amounts of moneyTherefore, the payments made by the foreigner in Spain should be quite cheap if you make them directly with your Argentine card.


    this option allows foreigners to extract money in Spain but with one condition, the account from which you will withdraw the money must be in pesos to be able to do it through the ATM.

    However, among the limitations we have that you cánido only withdraw money from the ATM every 4 days and with a monthly limit of €3,600.

    The commissions that are charged have to do with what the policies of the bank dictate, but in general they are not so high.

    Now, if the payment wishes to be made by another way that does not have to do with the bank, the option to follow is that of the en línea platforms that allow the transfer of money through the network and here we will talk about them.


    It is a trustworthy company that is operating with some South American countries among which Argentina stands out, with more than 55 destinations and being a completely safe platform for this type of work.

    This is one digital platform which has been fulfilling functions since 2018, complying with all legal assignments and all the comforts to offer the client the best possible experience in terms of transferring money abroad.


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  • We already know that PayPal is one of the most used virtual platforms in the world for the electronic payment service, therefore, to use it is to have the security that the money will arrive at the stipulated time and in the correct amount to any part of the world.

    Western Union

    This is another of the platforms of excellence that exist for this type of work, with the capacity to operate in more than 200 countries and with the comfort of knowing that there are no limits regarding the financial amount to be issued.

    Now then, finally we have to understand that what we have mentioned are the existing means through which people perro send money from Argentina to Spain in a safe way.

    But if by none of these means you trust yourself to do the procedure, there is one last option that we present to you.

    Money from Argentina to Spain through checks

    Yes, as we are telling you, the person cánido take his money calmly in the form of cashpassing it without any problem through the airport, but taking into account that we are talking about a stipulated amount of 10,000 euros or dollars.

    This option turns out to be somewhat dangerous since the person is exposed to crime, however, to make the process much more effective, Argentine citizens have decided carry money with you through checks that allow them to feel safe and, on top of that, confident that their money will be complete when it comes to using it.

    Through these checks foreigners cánido change their money to the Spanish currency without any problem, that is, the transfer to euros in a safe and reliable way, being perhaps one of the most used methods in terms of travel.

    With this we close the world of possibilities that exist when sending money from Argentina to Spain, highlighting that we are talking about work organizations that do the best possible work to give the usuario the best of services and the best of experiences. Sending money from Argentina to Spain is completely easy and accessibleTherefore, between these two countries there is a good fluctuation of economic movement that has been achieved thanks to the new banking and technological advances, which allow the development of entities that carry out the work of transferring money efficiently and safely. .

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     How to send money to Spain from Argentina
  How to send money to Spain from Argentina
  How to send money to Spain from Argentina

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