How to send money to Russia

How to send money to Russia

Currently it has become quite common to send money to family, friends or even bank transfers as payment. These types of transactions are frequent due to the large number of people who have emigrated from their respective countries in search of a better quality of life; That is where the term Remittances comes from.

These remittances to any part of the world allow to combat the economic situation of many people worldwide. But also as part of the business world, it is a good method that helps the development of international banking. Companies use these in order to merge with others, help their economy or as an investment fund.

Sure, money transfers are common in developing countries, but this time we will talk about a developed country like Russia. How perro we send money to this country? Let’s see.

Ways to send money to Russia cheap in 2023

As we have already mentioned, one of the benefits offered by sending money is financial aid to the recipients or the development of companies, even in the same country. The question is: in what ways do we send the funds and which is the best?

What do you look for when making a money transfer? The iniciativa is that he is safe, in addition to being able to do the change to currency desired, in a fácil and economical way. Therefore, we will analyze some ways below.

Money order or even by correo

This is the most common way to make a shipment. Of course, this way of doing it has its process, since you must go to the bank and withdraw the money, place it in an envelope to take it to a articulo office or to an authorized international service agency, such as, for example, Western Union.

Something you should keep in mind is that, although it may be a safe method, it also takes a long time, approximately 3-5 days. In addition, the rates will depend on the means you use to make the money order, the destination country and the amount. Western Union perro get one 0.20% commission to 3%. However, this company has a limit on the amount of money you will send.

P2P (Peer to peer) services

This is another much easier way to send money. What do we orinan by this? They are the transactions carried out by the sender and the receiver, exchange between people. In these cases, the commissions are much lower than those of a bank transfer or a money order, and it will depend on the platform you use. The most habitual are TransferWise, Azimo, WesWap and CurrenciesDirect.

Through them you cánido send money. He reception time It will depend on a few factors, for example, if a currency change needs to be made. However, it is relatively fast, even these means are considered to be the ideal ones for send large quantities thanks to how cheap they are.

Are there platforms to send money to Russia without commissions?

When sending money abroad, we want to do it in the most economical way possible, the question is whether there will be a way to do it without paying commission for it. The truth is that if there is platforms that allow you to send funds abroad without additional payments. But are they completely safe? Maybe they are not at all.

Hence, experts recommend using a known service.

Mentioned above, the best service in order to carry out any transaction abroad is TransferWise. What makes it special?

  • It is usually cheaper. You cánido save up to 8 times what you would spend with a bank transfer
  • You perro make large shipments. And the commission is usually not excessive.
  • Shipping tends to be fast. Of course it will also depend on whether you will make a currency exchange and the destination. But even that does not impede its efficiency.
  • In his library he has a large number of registered currencies, as well as countries.
  • They cánido provide you with a card with which you perro buy en línea.
  • Its platform is fácil, practical and safe. So you cánido trust them.

The Ácimo platform is a safe alternative. But when analyzing the features, you should see Which is the one that best suits your needs?. We do not want you to lose your capital due to lack of knowledge. Hence, is it possible to send money to Russia? We already saw that it is possible with the right tools.

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 How to send money to Russia
  How to send money to Russia
  How to send money to Russia

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