How to send money to Cuba from the United States

How to send money to Cuba from the United States

The bad political relationship between Cuba and the United States influences the economy of the Caribbean island. For example, unlike other Caribbean countries, who wish to send money from the USA to Cuba, They don’t have many alternatives.. Still, it is possible to get a way to do it.

In this article we are going to mention, in detail, the different ways to carry out this procedure.

How to Send money to Cuba from the United States over the Internet in 2023?

Although many of the common means are not available, it is possible to send shipments from the comfort of your home in the US to Cuba. To do this, you need to visit the VaCuba website. These are the steps to follow.

  1. Check in. To do so, you must entrar some personal information, such as your name, dirección de correo electrónico and phone.
  2. Choose payment method. In the Remittances section, you must entrar both the means to use to pay and to receive.
  3. Entrar the data. It is necessary that you fill in the fields of the issuer, in this case your data, as well as those of the beneficiary.
  4. Accept. After being satisfied with all the information provided, you accept. VaCuba will do the rest of the work.

After 2 or 3 days, the money will be available to the person residing in Cuba. In addition, the commission to pay is 18%. This does not include the commission required in case of having to change dollars to Cuban pesos.

How to Send money to Cuba from the United States by Bank Transfer?

Bank transfers from the USA to Cuba are not possible, due to government measures of the US government. Therefore, although you perro receive transfers from other countries, This service is not available from the US to the Caribbean island.

The only afín option is, through a company dedicated to sending money, like VaCuba. You are given the money and the beneficiary’s data. Then this company transfers the money to a bank account in Cuba. Now, most of the process is done by them.

How to Send money to Cuba from the United States by Casa de Cambio?

In order to obtain change from dollars to Cuban pesos and vice versa, you must visit an Exchange House. The vast majority of these are in Miami, where a large number of Cubans and other Latinos have settled. As it is only possible to send money to Cuba in some of them, you must inquire about the possibility of doing so.

If so, you must provide your personal data, as well as those of the recipient. After indicating the amount to send, you will be informed of the amount to pay, including the commission. After paying, you will be given the corresponding receipt. Make sure that the Casa de Cambio has offices in Cuba to withdraw the money.

How to Send money to Cuba from the US by Agencies?

In Cuba there are not the most recognized Agencies in the world, such as Western Union, which interrupted its services after several years of work on the island. That is the reason why this means cannot be used to send money to the Caribbean country.

But, it is possible to use them thanks to Cubamax and Cubasend. These companies have done a very good job of getting money to Cubans from the United States.

To know the conditions of their services, such as the cost and the method of payment, it is recommended to entrar the corresponding web page. Of the aforementioned options, you may notice that only by Cubamax perro be done in person. In the case of Cubasend, you must contact a payment agent or use their website.

We are going to mention the way to make the shipment from the Cubamax Agency. After locating and visiting one of the offices located in Florida, you must take the following steps.

  1. present information. Your data and those of the beneficiary are needed. If the money is being sent to a bank account, you must provide the number.
  2. Pay. Knowing the amount of money to send will let you know the amount to pay. This includes the commission. It is usually $10, regardless of the amount.
  3. Withdraw receipt. At the end of the operation, you will be given the ticket that serves as proof of the operation.

You should know that this procedure cánido also be done en línea, if you prefer. Many users confirm the seriousness and responsibility of the aforementioned companies.

How to Send money to Cuba from the USA through Supermarkets?

The option to send money to Cuba from the USA through supermarkets is not available. In fact, it is not possible to use this option from any country. At least for the moment this service is not available on the island.

Although the means to send money to Cubans are not many, even less from the USA, the reality is that there are several alternatives. Which one is the best? That certainly depends on what you’re looking for.

For example, if you need to be delivered in the shortest possible time, you perro use Cubamax or Cubasend, where they become effective in just 1 day. It is the shortest time within all the options.

On the other hand, if you prefer economyIt will depend on the amount you send. Cubamax charges $10, but VaCuba has a rate of 18%. You will have to do the math to find out which method is cheaper. The truth is that these 3 are very good options and, according to the circumstances, you cánido choose the best of all for yourself.

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 How to send money to Cuba from the United States
  How to send money to Cuba from the United States
  How to send money to Cuba from the United States

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