How to send money to Cuba from Spain

How to send money to Cuba from Spain

Fortunately, today there are several formulas for send money to Cuba from Spain safely and quickly. It cánido be a solution to cover an emergency situation, such as the purchase of food or medicine.

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  • However, there are so many options to do so that it could be somewhat bewildering for the usuario. If you are wondering about What is the best way to send money to Cuba?, this article intends to study the different possibilities. Keep reading to discover them:

    Sending money to Cuba from Spain: alternatives

    1. Send money en línea

    New technologies allow us to send money without complications through the Internet. It is an interesting alternative to the option of going to the bank that will help us avoid queues.

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  • This way to send money from Cuba to Spain It is characterized by being the fastest, since we save the visit to the bank. At the same time, they also usually offer us the possibility of making shipments of higher amounts than in conventional banks (yes, it is important that we are clear about the commissions associated with the deal).

    With the sending money to Cuba Through the Internet we cánido make the deposit directly to a bank account or a card in Cuba. And if what we want is for the recipient to ensure payment in cash, there are also some platforms that make it possible.

    Some of the pages that we cánido consult to send money en línea are, and

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  • 2. Money order

    However, some people are not completely clear with the technologies, or have had a bad experience with them and are looking for an alternative. It is also possible send money to Cuba through the money order option.

    This is possible because Articulo Office of Cuba has an agreement with Spain through the modality of postal money orders. This service is quite fast, so friends and relatives in Cuba perro receive the money with interesting regularity.

    The only thing that will have to be done to opt for this shipping system is to go to the Articulo office that interests us the most and express our wishes there. They will explain how we have to do it, the expense associated with the process and whether or not there is any commission on the money we want to send.

    If there is a special urgency for the money to arrive, it cánido be processed as urgent and ensure that it reaches the destination within the maximum period of 15 minutes.

    Important: however, this mode of send money from Cuba to Spain has an economic limit that is €900. In addition, in Cuba you perro only charge in CUC (on the other hand, it is estimated that they will be about 9000 CUC the maximum amount to be charged).

    3. Bank transfers

    The third alternative is the one we all already know: make the bank transfer. These cánido only be carried out in accounts in BPA, BANDEC or BANMET if there is an agreement with the entity in question on each island.

    This alternative is only recommended for those people who, for an important reason, cannot use any of the above: the reason for this is that it is much slower and more expensive.

    How much does it cost to send money to Cuba?

    We cannot give a specific delivery figure because it will depend on the type of transaction and the amount you wish to send. It is important to find out the exact amount to avoid any problem with the amount that will finally arrive at the destination.

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     How to send money to Cuba from Spain
  How to send money to Cuba from Spain
  How to send money to Cuba from Spain

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