How to send money to Colombia from the United States

How to send money to Colombia from the United States

Many people travel to the United States in search of the American dream.

One of the main reasons is to be able to help their family or friends, especially financially.

And many get it.

And best of all is that You perro send money to Colombia in a very short time.

In this article we are going to focus on the ways to send money from the US to Colombia.

We will see the rates as well as the safest way to do it.

How to Send money to Colombia from the United States en línea in 2023?

One way to send money to Colombia from the United States is en línea.

To do this, you must first select one of the world-renowned websites, such as Western Union, Xoom, Paypal or other.

On any of its official pages you cánido see the conditions that apply to each case.

These are the steps to follow.

  1. Choose.

    The best thing you perro do is ask about the guarantee offered by that company.

    So you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your money reach to his destiny.

  2. Visit the page.

    From wherever you want you cánido entrar the official website.

    You don’t need intermediaries.

  3. Choose the methods.

    This includes both the way in which you will pay, as well as the way in which the recipient will receive the money.

  4. include the data.

    Make sure that the data you entrar, especially the recipient and the place of receipt, are correct.

  5. Pay.

    Once satisfied with all the details you must cancel for the service.

    As the process is vía internet, the payment will be electronic, by card or account.

    Don’t forget to include the amount of the service fee.

    So the amount sent will be correct.

  6. Download the voucher.

    Once the process is finished, you must download the document that proves the operation.

    Store it in a safe place.

All the steps are ready.

Some of the companies that transfer money from one country to another they require you to register first.

If so, you’ll need to do this before sending money.

The requested data is basic.

How to send money to Colombia from the United States by bank transfer?

To make a money transfer from the US to a bank in Colombia there are at least two options.

The first depends on the possibility that the bank gives you.

In some it is possible to do this procedure same as if it were a local accountAlthough the difference would be in the cost of the operation, which is usually quite high.

Take Bancolombia as an example, which is one of the pioneers in this field.

The requirements include having an account at this bank, as well as downloading the WorlRemit aplicación, only then cánido you make your transfer successfully.

Now you must take the following steps.

  1. Choose deposits.

    This option is aparente in the application, you just have to select it.

  2. Select the network.

    Here choose the option Deposits to Bancolombia COP Accounts.

  3. Put the amount.

    Here is the amount you want to send to the person.

  4. create account.

    You will be redirected to create an account or use one you already have.

  5. Data.

    Now you entrar the data of the receiver in Colombia.

  6. method to use.

    You cánido use any payment method.

  7. You accept.

    Once you are satisfied with all the information, you just have to accept and that’s it.

How to send money to Colombia from the United States by Casa de Cambio?

Another excellent way to send money to Colombia is with an exchange house.

To do so, you must go to one of them and that’s it.

You perro even do it en línea.

The steps are very afín to the other methods, whichever you choose.

This is what you should do.

  1. Go to the exchange house.

    Locate the office and present the required data and money.

  2. cancel.

    You cánido choose different means of payment.

    If it is vía the internet, you perro do it with a card or bank account.

    In person you perro also pay in cash.

  3. Receive the voucher.

    This will be delivered to you once you complete all the steps.

    Save it for future claims or inquiries.

For example, in the United States there is Italcambio, and they in turn make use of the services of companies such as Moneygram, Transfast, among others.

They have many offices so there will surely be one near you.

How to Send money to Colombia from the US by Agencies?

You cánido make use of an agency to send money to Colombia.

You just have to locate a trusted one.

In addition, you will need the exact information of the person who will receive the money, that includes the ID number and full name.

This will prevent the money from being given to someone else.

The steps to follow are very easy.

  1. Step 1.

    Entrar the Agency.

  2. Step 2.

    Give your ID.

  3. Step 3.

    You must provide the recipient’s information and the amount to be sent

  4. Step 4.


    When you tell them how much money you will send, the commission will be indicated to you.

    If you are satisfied, cancel the amount.

  5. final step.

    Pick up the receipt.

    Once the operation is finished, you will be able to have the receipt.

    This will help you in case of any difficulty.

How to send money to Colombia from the USA through supermarkets?

Although it may seem unusual to some, it is possible to send money to Colombia from supermarkets In U.S.A.

This service emplees international transfers.

The process is really fácil.

  1. Locate the office.

    In the United States there are many offices enabled to send international money orders.

    You only have to approach one of them.

  2. Choose the medium to use.

    There are alliances with other companies or banking entities.

    For example, you could use Davivienda or Transnetwork.

  3. Receiver.

    The beneficiary now only has to go to the chosen supermarket and withdraw the money or money order.

    In any case, he will be able to use the money as he prefers.

You should know that, in some cases, supermarkets only function as the place where an agency makes transfers.

This means that, although the operation is carried out within the establishment, the operation follows the same parameters as if it were carried out in any other office in the country.

What is the Most Recommended Way to Send Money from the USA to Colombia?

All the methods mentioned in this article offer great advantages for sending money.

However, it is necessary to point out that, also you might find some disadvantages.

One of the most outstanding, without a doubt, is the commission charged by banks when making an international transfer.

That is why many people choose to make use of other methods.

But, the bank transfer gives you complete security and the delivery time is very fast.

This means that an option that for some is not the best due to their conditions, could be the most attractive for another person.

The most striking option will depend on the conditions equipo by the company and what you, as a customer, are looking for.

The recommendation that we give you is to evaluate each of the alternatives, do a good research on the pros and cons and, after being fully convinced, make use of the services of that company.

The advantage is that there are many companies dedicated to this work, so you cánido choose among them the one you like the most.

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 How to send money to Colombia from the United States
  How to send money to Colombia from the United States
  How to send money to Colombia from the United States

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