How to send money to Colombia from Spain?

How to send money to Colombia from Spain?

Send money from Spain to Colombia It is also another quite accessible and legal option, so in this space we will talk about the safest and most used ways in this type of case.

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  • We talk about a number of options that exist to carry out this type of procedure, some with better conditions than others but this is left to sender and receiver criteriastudying what is best for them in these cases to send money.

    Because of this, and understanding that perhaps you already know or have studied the means through which you perro carry out such an operation, we must distinguish some that are the most used and the most effective.

    en línea service

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  • We refer to the digital platforms that allow you to send money internationally. There are many, but from experience and recommendation, the ones that have been most efficient in their work are the following:


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  • digital platform that has been leader in terms of sending money from Spain to Colombiawith characteristics such as security, trust and, above all, usuario satisfaction with the service received.

    We are talking about an en línea platform that allows more than 1 million transactions per month to be carried out, being effective in sending money and working under the authorization of the FCA in the United Kingdom. It has a €3.99 commission for each operation to perform.


    It is one of the cheapest en línea methods, which allow the person to send money to any foreign bank associated with the system, for low commission cost and with the attention of the usuario all the time on the process.

    It is a fast and efficient option, whose commission is €2.99 per transaction if done expressly, that is, in a matter of minutes. And if the case is shipping that lasts from 3 to 5 days through the bank, then the cost is €1.99 per transaction.

    Revolut: An en línea bank

    Is a aplicación made in ukwhich allows users certain conveniences such as using a prepaid debit card, exchanging currencies without additional commission, sending money in 29 different currencies, access to cryptocurrencies and commission-free depósito trading.

    It is important to take into account that this application does not handle pesos, therefore, in Colombia the person you will receive the money in euros, dollars or any other currency available on the platform.


    Another virtual shipping platform that has a commission amount of €3.99 in all payment methods.


    It is one of the best digital virtual payment platforms, available for this action also to send money from Spain to Colombia.

    It has a 5.4% commission per transaction, being one of the safest and most efficient services that are handled in this area.

    Western Union

    Other posible options allow the delivery of money only through cash and through credit or debit card deposit. Your amount of commission is €4.9.

    International shipping companies

    We are talking about all those entities that work in the cash delivery to the people it is sent from Spain to ColombiaTherefore, the recipient must go to any of the offices arranged to receive their money in cash within the stipulated period.

    In this case, we will talk about the entity that has shown the greatest efficiency in the field:


    With headquarters in more than 146 countriesthis physical office is owned by Euronet Worldwide a leading platform in virtual payment services.

    Its function is to carry out bill payments, check cashingand any other financial service that the usuario wishes.

    Among its shipping conditions we have that, charge a €3 commission by transaction and any payment method, being an entity that guarantees the delivery of physical money in the shortest possible time.


    company that leads nine years operating in the marketoffering interest rates for users, noting that the debit or credit card commission is €8.98, while the commission for direct payment from a bank account is €8.19.

    These are the most effective shipping methods that allow the transaction of money from Spain to Colombia without any problem.

    Some payment methods more effective than otherssome with cheaper commissions than others, but all with the same purpose, to make the usuario feel comfortable with the service and to be able to send money to Colombia in a really successful way.

    In these times nothing is impossible, and the exact conditions have been formed to achieve the international money transfer in a matter of a fairly short time and with a fairly efficient service.

    The whole process of send money from Spain to Colombia It is quite effective, it is just a matter of the issuer carefully analyzing the different means through which I was able to do it and examine the rates that are most convenient for it, in addition to the service that best suits your needs, since we are talking about the fact that some media take longer than others to make the entire process fully effective. All the ways of sending money that we have mentioned in this section, work under complete legal guardianship, Therefore, we are talking about safe procedures and about which the person cánido sue if the work is not carried out efficiently or if there is notable financial loss.

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     How to send money to Colombia from Spain?
  How to send money to Colombia from Spain?
  How to send money to Colombia from Spain?

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