How to send money to Brazil from Spain

How to send money to Brazil from Spain

There are several ways to send money to Brazil from Spain.

The objective we seek with this type of transaction is to ensure that the money reaches its destination, that the conversion at the official exchange rate is adequate and that the minimum amount of money is lost in the shipment (in terms of commissions or any other expense).

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  • Do you wonder what is the best way to send money to Brazil from Spain? As there are different possibilities, it is possible that you are not clear about which is the best option.

    Here are some possibilities:

    What is the best way to send money to Brazil from Spain? Discover the possibilities:


    Shipping houses

    Regardless of the amount you want to send, the most common thing is that they charge an amount that ranges from €5.

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  • ·Amounts less than €3,000 per quarter: In the event that this amount is not exceeded in the stipulated time, the money will have to be registered with the shipping company.

    The money you want to send has to be deposited in the bank account and it will only take about 24 hours for it to reach its destination.

    ·Amounts greater than €3000 per quarter: in this situation, things change.

    According to the law, we will have to demonstrate the origin of the economic funds.

    To do this, you will have to present some documents such as bank deposits, account statements, payroll, income statement, inheritance documents, etcétera.

    These documents will have to be approved by the shipping company in question.

    For send money to Brazil that exceeds €3000, without having to spend so much time, we perro always divide the amounts so that they are less than that value.


    Send money to Brazil through PayPal

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  • We perro also send through PayPal, although it must be taken into account that there will be some commissions.

    ·There is a shipping commission of €1.99.

    There is another commission with currency conversion of the 4%.

    Imagine that you want to send a quantity of €500.

    If we apply the commissions that we have detailed, we will have to pay a total commission of €21.99.


    Send money to Brazil by Western Union

    It is estimated that more than 260 million transfers annually through Western Union.

    And we are talking about a very habitual entity, with a long experience behind it.

    For many, it is best way to send money to Brazil, and is that all we have to do is go to the articulo office and indicate that we want to send through Wester Union.

    You cánido also find this form of shipping through other entities, such as tobacconists.

    As in the previous shipping ways, Wester Union will charge us a fixed amount of money (which is currently €4.90), in addition to a variable commission based on the amount to be sent.


    International bank transfers

    Finally, we also have the option of making the transfer through our bank.

    It is not too interesting, since the expenses to pay perro be abusive:

    ·Fixed rate: Many banks usually charge a fee that ranges from 40 and 50€.

    ·Rate + percentage: Others charge a fee to which they add a percentage of the value that you want to send.

    ·Exchange rate: It will be necessary to check the exchange rate that is applied, since much less money could arrive than we think.

    In addition, in the event that we exceed the €50,000 To send, we will have to fill out some forms that will go directly to the Treasury.

    You already know how to send money to brazil from Spain.

    Choose the method that convinces you the most after weighing the pros and cons.

    Other elementos we recommend:

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     How to send money to Brazil from Spain
  How to send money to Brazil from Spain
  How to send money to Brazil from Spain

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