How to send money to Argentina from Spain?

How to send money to Argentina from Spain?

Send money from Spain to Argentina It is a completely possible and easy procedure, since there are many people who, while in Spain, have had the need to send money to Argentina. as a remittance and as an investment opportunity about some business

In this sense, when the need arises to have to send money from one place to another, the conditions have been adapted perfectly for this to be possible.

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  • Now, it is important to understand that to carry out this action, the person needs reliable media They predict that the money will reach its destination in perfect condition and within the stipulated time, so it cannot be sent by any means that does not ensure trust and commitment to the work.

    In this sense, in this article we have to talk about the more effective and safe means that exist to send money from Spain to Argentina without any inconvenience.

    Process the money through a natural person

    Is he oldest method out there and for many the most effective, since the person himself cánido take on the task of travel with your money and take it to Argentinaan easy and safe way for all the capital to reach its destination correctly.

    cánido also be through another person who is really trustworthywho has planned a trip to Argentina and who cánido optimally mobilize financial funds in physical form.

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  • International shipping companies

    There are a number of companies that work with the movement of money internationally, so it is another option to send money outside of Spain.

    In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about a procedure that usually charges commissions somewhat high due to the work to be carried out, and that in addition to this, you may be able to carry out the operation in a matter of days, weeks and even months.

    The important thing here is contact a serious company that is recommended by a large part of the population and that is recognized for doing a clean job in which the results have always been the best.

    Bank transfers

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  • Banks allow Spanish citizens to send money from a Spanish account to an international account, this through knowledge of the IBAN code of the destination account and the Swift of the receiving bank.

    We talk about a process that cánido be done through the internet from anywhere and at any time that the person considers convenient, taking into account the conditions that exist between the alliances of the banks involved.

    It is important to know that if it is done by this means, in Argentina in general, the banks they charge a large amount of commission for the operationas well as the currency exchange process, resulting in a not so posible option for both parties, that is, the one that sends the money and the one that receives it.

    Money order

    It is a procedure that is still being carried out and that has to do with the postage which is carried out by postal companies that continue to do their job to the letter.

    It is a procedure that has guarantee of state entitiestherefore, it turns out to be a procedure much safer than the previous two. In the same way, we are talking about a procedure that perro be much more feasible with commission charges and that you cánido get the money to its destination much more efficiently, that is, in less time.

    payment platforms

    We talk about the digital platforms that are used to send money virtually, in this case, the most recommended for being a leader in the market is the PayPal platformthrough which money cánido be sent safely and with a commission cost that is not so high, is actually quite cheap.

    But we must be careful with this, because PayPal is an excellent platform to send money and make purchases en línea, but the truth is that sending money from Spain to Argentina through digital platforms not a very effective processsince it has been diagnosed that it takes a long time to perform the operation in a concrete way, in addition to the fact that it usually has a commission charge quite high.

    In the same way, for digital platforms, the exchange of currency in this case from Euro to Argentine Peso, turns out to be a quite complicated process and not at all optimalSo, the decision is left to each one’s own criteria.


    He peer-to-peer method is one that is carried out through equal companies that are found established in both countriesthat is, based in both countries, which provides the issuer to send the money and the receiver to receive it by the same means.

    Such is the case of the company TransferWise which has headquarters in both countrieswhich allows the person to carry out the process without having to pay bank commissions or any other type of procedure.

    In the same way, we must take into account that this company perro take a day in getting the money to its destination, and that the process is the sole and exclusive commitment of the sameTherefore, the issuer cannot follow the process by any means. These are the most posible and legal options that exist to send money from Spain to Argentina, taking into account that the person sending must make sure to do it through a safe means that is committed to getting the money to its destination perfectly.

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     How to send money to Argentina from Spain?
  How to send money to Argentina from Spain?
  How to send money to Argentina from Spain?

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