How to send money through Oxxo? Step by Step Guide

How to send money through Oxxo? Step by Step Guide

Oxxo is a chain of stores or establishments located in México, being these owned by FEMSA or better known as Mexican Economic Development.

In this sense, we must understand that this chain stores They offer a good number of services to Mexicans, highlighting that among the multiple operations they carry out, there are those that have to do with financial procedures.

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  • In this way, it is important to know the procedures for, for example, carrying out deposits of oxxo to oxxoas well as send money by oxxo without card Or simply send money by oxxoand how they are carried out oxxo transfers.

    Deposit from oxxo to oxxo

    He deposit from oxxo to oxxo It is very fácil, the person just goes to a brand establishment with their voting license, the contact telephone number and the full name of the person who will receive the money, and that’s it, the transfer is carried out effectively. taking into account that as we talked about making it oxxo to oxxothis one won’t take long and won’t require a lot of protocol.

    It is important that the person who has carried out the operation keep the receipt that has been delivered to them, in case they need to make any type of claim at any time, have the official basis to be able to do so, that is, the paper that indicates that indeed a deposit from oxxo to oxxo for an estimated amount and on a certain date.

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  • Given this, it is important to bear in mind that we are talking about a service that is available every day of the year, and that the maximum amount to be transferred per transaction is 1,000 pesoshighlighting that when sending the money a small commission is charged.

    How to send money by oxxo without a card?

    This is another of the questions that appear when people escoge to use the oxxo service for financial purposes. How to send money by oxxo without a card?

    This is completely possible and in the previous point we have already established it, since a card is not required to send money by oxxoit is only necessary for the person to go to one of the stores and establish that they want to send money without a card and that the person who will receive it will also do so without a card.

    The procedure is carried out effectively since the money moves from an oxxo store to otherbeing delivered to the person in cash and without the need for a card to withdraw it, the only thing you will need is your voting license for both cases, that is, for the one who sends the money and the one who receives it, and the other information requested.

    Send money by oxxo

    As we have been able to vea, send money by oxxo It is not a procedure from another world at all, on the contrary, it is a fairly fácil procedure that allows the person to make a transfer in a matter of minutes, with the confidence that the money will reach its destination safely.

    The truth is that it turns out to be one of the easiest procedures in the world, without complications, without so much paperwork, without hours of carrying out an operation, just specific data, the amount of the operation and that’s it, the receipt is printed, which will be the paper that I perro check on sending of money by oxxo in case you need to claim some kind of fallo in the transaction.

    How to send money through Oxxo?

    We have answered the question throughout the article, since we are talking about a fairly fácil procedure where no cards or registered accounts are needed, only the presence of the person who will send the money in one of the Oxxo establishments, with his or her license. vote, your contact phone number and the full name of the person who will receive the money.

    The person who will send the money must take into account that a commission will be charged for carrying out the procedure, but it is not really much.

    And what remains is that the person who receives the money looks for it in one of the oxxo stores closest to their location and that’s it.

    From how to send money by oxxo Even how to withdraw it, the documentation is the same, the voting license, the contact telephone number, and of course, the paper or receipt where the reference number of the operation is printed and everything else concerning the oxxo transfer that has been done.

    With this information it is clear to us the entire process that must be carried out to carry out a oxxo transferthe documentation that is required and the steps to follow that in reality are not many nor are they complicated.

    being in méxico oxxo has become one of the most used services by people for their efficiency in terms of attention and for their speed in terms of money provisions.

    We orinan that you perro send money by oxxo between states of México itself, of a notable distance, as well as cánido be sent internationally between countries that have Oxxo establishmentssuch as Brazil, Peru, Chile, the United States, Colombia and of course the one we have talked about throughout the article, México.

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  • So don’t hesitate any longer and if you are in one of these countries and need to send money comfortably and safely, start using the oxxo serviceonce you try it you will not use another means to transfer money, because in oxxo You will get everything you have been looking for in efficiency and quality regarding financial procedures. Oxxo is all the person needs to optimize money transfer services, as well as purchase and sale of products, all in one place and one establishment, it is like a satisfaction ride where the person cánido effectively carry out several errands at the same time.

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     How to send money through Oxxo?  Step by Step Guide
  How to send money through Oxxo?  Step by Step Guide
  How to send money through Oxxo?  Step by Step Guide

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