How to send money on AirTM [GRATIS] to

How to send money on AirTM [GRATIS] to

Discover how to send money to other users for free and instantly, without paying commissions, with AirTM.

We teach you step by step how to carry out this transaction, and the requirements you need to complete the shipment successfully.

Foreign currency transactions have become a reality for users all over the world.

More if we consider the fact that many users want to send money to a relative or friend in another country, or pay an employee abroad.

However, although there are various options available, not all of them are usually very convenient for us.

Especially, for the commissions that both the sender and the recipient have to pay, as in the case of Paypal payment processor.

Faced with this, AirTM becomes a good option to send money, thanks to the fact that this transaction does not have any shipping commission.

In addition, the operation is easy to complete.

Follow our articulo, and learn how to carry out this transaction in a few minutes.

What is AirTM

In recent years, AirTm has become a way to send money to family, friends or clients in other countries.

This is due to the ease that it has so that you cánido entrar your money on the platform as well as to receive or send money to other users.

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AirTM has multiple different payment methods.

It not only makes available en línea wallets such as Paypal, Uphold or payment processors such as Skrill.

It also allows us to withdraw money in the different banks in our country.

The platform is available in Europe, and in all Latin American countries.

The main thing you should do is see if the platform has available the banks in your country with which you have accounts.

Unlike Paypal, shipments between users of the platform they are completely free.

So you perro be sure that your money will not be affected by AirTM commissions.

The only commission you will have to pay is when you deposit or withdraw money from the platform.

Steps to send money to another country with AirTM

Sending money to other users in another country is fácil.

In general, there are two things you should do: fund money in your account, and send money to the desired usuario.

For these steps, you must be registered.

In addition, we recommend that you verify your account so that you do not have any limitations on sending or withdrawing funds.

How to fund money in AirTM

Once you have entered the platform, you must clic on the option «Fund/Withdraw«.

In the option of “anchor«, you must clic on «More payment methods«, to deposit money from your bank account.

If you have already funded your bank account, you perro skip to the next step.

After you have selected the bank from which you will deposit your money, you will be sent to a window like the one in the image below.

Entrar the amount you want to fund.

You will be shown the equivalent between your country’s currency and AirTM dollars.

At the bottom, you will find another verified usuario who will receive your money.

In the next step, you will see the data of the usuario to whom you must send the funds, in the “Details” section.

After finishing, you must confirm the transaction, you should already have funds available in your AirTM account.

How to send money on AirTM

To send money, you must clic on the “Send/Request” option, on the “Send” option.

It is important to note that you need the Nombre de usuario or the correo electrónico of the usuario who will receive the funds.

You must entrar the nombre de usuario, and the amount you want to send.

You should also write a note to the recipient.

Then, you clic “Submit” and voila, the payment has been sent!

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If the recipient wishes to withdraw the money they have received, you must do pretty much the same which we mentioned in the previous heading.

But instead of clicking on “Fund”, you must clic on “Withdraw” and choose the currency and bank of your choice.

Conclusion on sending money on AirTM

As is evident, sending money on this platform to other users it’s not complicated.

Unlike Uphold, however, you cannot send money directly to other currencies.

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Within the platform, you will work with AirUSD or with the official currency of the site.

And then, the person cánido withdraw the money in the currency and bank accounts of your country.

AirTM has the same advantages as AdvCash, since the transfer of money between users is free.

But it is becoming increasingly habitual as a reliable payment method.

And so far we have come with this brief guide.

We hope it has been useful to you.

If you have any problems with the steps that we have mentioned above, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments, and we will help you.

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 How to send money on AirTM [GRATIS] to
  How to send money on AirTM [GRATIS] to
  How to send money on AirTM [GRATIS] to

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