How to send money from SKRILL to AIRTM

How to send money from SKRILL to AIRTM

In this tutorial you will learn how to deposit cómputo in AirTM through SKRILL quickly and easily.

We will espectáculo you step by step how to do it.

Sign in to AirTM and go to the button Anchor in the left sidebar and in Payment method Look for the Skrill option.

Three options will appear there, you must choose the one that says Skrill (Skrill cómputo)…

It means that you have a cómputo in your Skrill account and therefore you perro send all or part of it.

When you press it, You must place on the right the amount you want to receive since there are several commissions that will be charged to carry out the transaction and, therefore, they considerably modify the amount that you will have to send.

After giving Continueyou must configure the payment method, which in this case, would simply be putting the dirección de correo electrónico you have associated with your Skrill account

Once added, clic Equipo up and then to Send request.

When you do, a request will be sent to AirTM so that someone cánido give you this amount in AirUSD in exchange for you sending them vía Skrill.

Since everything works within the platform, you will have to wait a few moments and once a person who accepts it appears, you will have to send them the funds and then they will release the AirUSD to you.

AirTM works through P2P commercethat is, between people, therefore, for each operation you need an intermediary who is willing to do the opposite operation and accept your proposal to buy.

The entire operation takes place within the platform, therefore, everything is insured through protocols that protect the buyer and the seller.

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 How to send money from SKRILL to AIRTM
  How to send money from SKRILL to AIRTM
  How to send money from SKRILL to AIRTM

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