How to send money from México to the United States

How to send money from México to the United States

Advances in technology have made it possible things that until recently seemed like a miracle. Like traveling to space, talking to people in another part of the world and in real time, etcétera. Among these advances we cannot ignore money transfers, which arrive, in most cases, the same day.

One of the media used for this purpose is Walmart stores. Below we will explain what it is about, as well as how to use this tool correctly to send money from México to the US.

Cánido I Send Money from México to the United States through Walmart En línea?

One of the easiest methods to send money is en línea. And you perro use Walmart to do it. you only need one computer or móvil and internet access. Now you will see the steps to follow.

  1. Official website. You should know that Walmart is associated with Moneygram, so the page you should entrar is You perro view the site in Spanish or English.
  2. Entrar the amount. In the space provided for it, entrar the amount you want the beneficiary to receive. This will espectáculo you the fee to pay and the delivery deadline.
  3. Log in. When you clic start, you will be asked to log in. If you haven’t already, you cánido register. It is completely free, although mandatory.
  4. Entrar the data. Once inside the system, you must provide the recipient’s data. Remember that accuracy in these fields is escencial.
  5. cancel. Because it is vía the Internet, you perro only pay by card, debit or credit, or through a bank account.
  6. Receive the voucher. When it appears, you must download or print it. So you perro have a copy of the commercial operation.

Now the receiver will be able to receive and confirm the delivery of the money. It perro be sent to a Walmart branch or a Moneygram office, of which there are many around the country. This association offers more than 35 thousand points throughout the country.

There is also a partnership with Ria, a world-renowned company. It offers the same services of sending money to more than 200 countries.

What are the hours that Walmart manages to send money from México to the United States?

If you want to send money at one of the Walmart branches, you must take into consideration the hours. This way you cánido complete the process on time and the beneficiary will receive the money much faster. The period established to attend these operations is from 7 in the morning to 10 at night.

The conditions could vary a little from one place to another, so the best recommendation, in this case, is to go directly to the Walmart store and see all the details.

What is the fee that Walmart charges for sending money from México to the US?

The payment of the commission for this service It depends on the amount you are going to send.. They also vary depending on the payment method you cancel with. The lowest is when you use a bank account, the most expensive when paying by credit card. But, since there are so many factors that influence the quantity, it is best to check directly with the Walmart store.

Another highly recommended option is the website There you perro entrar the amount you want to send, the country to which you are sending the money, in this case the United States, and finally the state where the beneficiary is located. Then, you just have to clic on the “estimate charges” option and that’s it. You will be able to see how much you would have to pay according to the payment method.

The rates are between 4 and 16 dollars. But if you do it en línea, moneygram may also charge other services, such as those associated with exchanging money. That is why you should be attentive to the amounts that are displayed on the screen. So you will know how much you should pay exactly.

Is it safe to send money from México to the USA through Walmart?

One of the things that worries the most when using means of sending money to another country, and rightly so, is security. Nobody wants to send money without knowing that it will reach its destination. In this sense, Walmart offers great peace of mind to its users.

If you escoge to use their services, you will verify that the money is always safe. Since you pay, until it is delivered. We cánido demonstrate it with the different opinions of those who already use this medium. On a page dedicated to evaluating, through users, the different companies in the world, Walmart received the following positive ratings.

  • the service is sure.
  • The treatment by the employees is polite and reliable.
  • it suits use their services.

It is true that it has also received some negative ratings, such as that the cost of the service is very high, but none of them is related to the insecurity and inefficiency of some aspect of the service. In fact, although it may seem expensive to some, we cánido say that this is rewarded with reliability and the speed of the service.

How long does it take to get the money sent by Walmart from México to the United States?

Speed ​​is also a aspecto to be considered by Walmart users. When comparing the delivery time with other companies that provide the money transfer service, we notice that there is a notable difference.

In shipments through the en línea service, the time of many companies is 1 hour minimum, while in Walmart the money is available in minutes. It is an almost immediate process. It is ideal for when money is urgently required.

This also applies to shipments that are picked up at Walmart, moneygram or other partner stores. In fact, we cánido say that the time depends on the receiver. The money will be available a few minutes after you pay for the service. Now it is only required that the beneficiary come to pick it up.

Other companies could take much longer, some exceed 24 and even 48 hours. That is why many prefer to use Walmart. Of course, a more efficient, fast and secure service is also usually more expensive than the others. It is a detail that you should not overlook. The truth is that if you are in México and want to send money to the US, at Walmart you have a great ally.

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 How to send money from México to the United States
  How to send money from México to the United States
  How to send money from México to the United States

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