How to send money from Guatemala to the States

How to send money from Guatemala to the States

Sending money to other countries is one of the businesses that is growing.

The amounts sent rise year after year.

This is largely due to the fact that they offer different ways to carry out the process, in addition to the security it offers.

Let’s take as an example a person who wants to send money from Guatemala to the United States.

In this article we will highlight the best ways to do it, as well as how to send it.

Send money from Guatemala to the United States en línea 2023

All over the world, platforms such as Western Union or Moneygram allow you to make shipments en línea.

However, in some countries these options are not available.

Such is the case of Guatemala.

But, there are still other options that allow you to carry out the entire process vía the Internet.

The best options are the accounts in dollars, although these have the limitation that they cánido only be carried out if both the sender and the receiver are registered on the platform.

Among the best known is PayPal.

Let’s see how to use it to send money from Guatemala to the United States.

  1. Record.

    On the official PayPal page, you must access the option to register and fill in the requested information.

    This step must also be taken by the person who will receive the money.

  2. Send money.

    To do so, it is only required to place the recipient’s dirección de correo electrónico.

    It is the same one you used when registering.

    Then the amount you want to send is placed.

  3. Pay.

    When entering the amount you will see the total amount of the operation.

    If you are satisfied, you must press or clic on pay or confirm.

  4. Voucher.

    The same PayPal system records each transaction.

    This serves as proof.

    You cánido take a screenshot and save it elsewhere.

One consejo everyone should keep in mind when using PayPal is review before accepting.

You must verify both the data and the amounts.

Only then is the operation confirmed, avoiding possible errors.

Send money from Guatemala to the United States by Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are available throughout the country, but when it comes to shipments abroad, only some have this alternative.

But, since the money will be sent to an account in the United States, there is a certain advantage in relation to the rest of the countries.

Is about bank of america.

A bank that, as its name indicates, belongs to the USA.

However, in order to make a transfer it is necessary that the recipient and the receiver have an account in this bank.

In most banks this option is not available.

The same is applicable if you try to do it from Bank of America to another bank in the USA.

If the requirements are met, and the option is available, only fill in the corresponding spaces: data of the receiver and the amount to be transferred.

The bank always charges commission, which could reach 3% of the amount sent.

Send money from Guatemala to the United States through Casa de Cambio

The Exchange House that has offered, and continues to offer, the most security to Guatemalans is Italcambio.

It is an excellent alternative for those who want to send money to the USA.

Best of all, it gives you double security because it emplees the offices of moneygramanother recognized company that is dedicated to sending money abroad.

The first thing you should do is locate the office of the Casa de Cambio.

In Guatemala City you have at least 3 options available.

Once you are in the office, these are the steps to follow.

  1. Ask for information.

    It is always good to resolve all doubts before starting the process.

  2. Deliver the receipts.

    You will be asked to provide your personal details and those of the beneficiary.

    Your identity document may also be required.

  3. Pay.

    Once you indicate the amount you want to send, you will be informed of the total amount of the shipment, which includes the commission.

    Now you must cancel.

  4. Voucher.

    Do not forget to remove the proof of your operation.

All money transfer companies are run in a afín way.

Therefore, whether you use Italcambio or any other Exchange House in the country, you must keep these steps in mind.

Send money from Guatemala to the US through Agencies

There are several Agencies dedicated to sending money to different countries in the world.

Among those that perro be obtained in Guatemala we find Money Gram and Western Union.

The way to use their services is the same in both cases.

  1. Locate agency.

    Different offices have been installed within the country.

    You only have to go to one of them.

  2. deliver the information.

    Your personal data is needed as well as that of the recipient.

    This information is essential, so you must verify that it is correct.

  3. cancel service.

    In addition to the amount to be sent, the agency commission is also added.

    You will be given the full amount so that, through one of the available means, you cánido cancel.

  4. Withdraw receipt.

    Once the operation has been carried out correctly, the receipt will be delivered to you.

Now you only have to inform the beneficiary so that, in an agency of the same company in the United States, he cánido withdraw the money.

In some cases, you cánido pay at the agency and have the payment made to a bank account.

If there is that possibility and you want to use it, you will only have to add receiving account number.

Send money from Guatemala to the USA through Supermarkets

Although there are many benefits, both for users and businesses, the option of sending money from Guatemala is not available in supermarketsNot to the United States, not to any other country.

Most Recommended Way to Send Money from Guatemala to the United States

Compared to other countries, Guatemala has few alternatives to send money to the US.

Now, what is the safest way to do it?

The first thing you should take into account is that, although many web pages offer this service, you should only make use of recognized.

These are the most trustworthy and responsible, offering you total security.

Don’t forget too take into account your especial circumstances when choosing the method to use.

For example, PayPal tends to charge higher fees than other services, but it stands out when it comes to speed and accountability.

Other means are cheaper, but take longer.

After evaluating each method, you perro select the one that offers you the most advantages.

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 How to send money from Guatemala to the States
  How to send money from Guatemala to the States
  How to send money from Guatemala to the States

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