How to send money from El Salvador to the States

How to send money from El Salvador to the States

USA It is one of the countries with the strongest economy in the world, so it is habitual that many people send money from there to their family and friends in other countries. There are many ways to do it. But what if you want send from a country like El Salvador to the USA? You cánido also do it.

In this article we will highlight the different ways in which you cánido carry out this transaction. We will also review the steps to take in each case.

How to Send money from El Salvador to the United States over the Internet in 2023?

Money transfers have been updated at the pace of technology. Until recently, if you wanted to send money, there was no other option but to go to an office and, after taking the required steps, send it. But, now, from El Salvador you cánido do this process en línea.

To achieve this successfully, you perro use well-known and secure platforms, such as PayPal. The main requirement is that you are registered. The same applies to who will receive the money in the United States. These are the steps to follow, after logging into the official page.

  1. place the data. Only the recipient’s correo electrónico is needed. Make sure the information is correct, to avoid sending the money elsewhere.
  2. entrar amount. You must entrar the amount you want to send.
  3. Confirm the operation. Once you are satisfied with the information, you must press the Accept option.
  4. Get the voucher. You cánido get it in the records section, once the operation is finished.

Another of the most current alternatives in El Salvador is the use of Bitcoin. This digital currency also allows shipments to different parts of the world, including the United States. It is one of the few countries to officially adopt the use of cryptocurrencies.

To use this medium you must entrar your account in digital currency. Then choose the send option. Then, you entrar the wallet number of the person located in the USA and the amount to be transferred. Now you only need to confirm the operation and that’s it. In a few seconds the money will be available to the beneficiary of the operation.

How to Send money from El Salvador to the United States by Bank Transfer?

If we talk about commission expenses, international transfers are not the best option. But, They are the ones that offer the greatest security to users. Of course, not all banks in El Salvador allow these operations to the United States. You should check with your bank about the availability of this service.

With few exceptions, the steps to follow to make a transfer are very afín to those of any other. Enough with entrar the name of the beneficiary, the account number and the amount. Once these fields are filled in, the transaction is confirmed. The amount placed will reach the recipient in full. The commission is charged from the money you still have left in the account.

How to send money from El Salvador to the United States through Casa de Cambio?

The Exchange Houses are an excellent alternative to send money to other countries from El Salvador. However, most only have the option to exchange money from one currency to another. But, the government of El Salvador does allow, through some of these offices, send money to the US.

To carry out this process, you need that you go directly to the Exchange House. Once there, you perro request all the information in order to know what the requirements are. In general, only personal data is requested, both yours and the beneficiary. That includes the ID number.

you should also indicate the amount of money you want to send and, once you have paid the full cost of the service, withdraw the receipt that accredits the transaction. By the way, in these offices, the commission is usually lower than when using any other means of sending money.

How to Send money from El Salvador to the US by Agencies?

Money transfer agencies allow you to carry out this process. Although there are many options available, it is better to use the most recognized ones, in order to keep your money safe. Among them stand out Money Gram and Western Union. To use any of these options you just have to take the following steps.

  1. Office. Locate the branch and go to it.
  2. Deliver the information. You will only be asked for your name and identity document number. This applies to both you and the beneficiary.
  3. cancelr. After informing the amount to send, you will be informed about the total cost of the operation. You perro pay in cash, by card or with a bank account.
  4. Voucher. Do not forget to withdraw the ticket of the operation.

You should know that airpak also offers this service, in partnership with Western Union. That certainly makes it one of the best options.

How to Send money from El Salvador to the USA through Supermarkets?

A supermarket chain in El Salvador allows receiving money from abroad. Thanks to this service, it is possible for those who wish to send money from other countries to residents of El Salvador. However, None of these places offer the possibility of sending money through them. Therefore, if what you want is to send money to the USA, this method is not available.

What is the Best Way to Send Money from El Salvador to the United States?

Although there are different ways to send money to the USA from El Salvador, it is always important to know which is the best option to do so. Some people prefer bank transfers because give greater security. Others opt for agencies, because the cost is lower.

The truth is that the decision on which method to use is always in your hands. You must assess your circumstances, so you cánido choose the one that gives you the most benefits. Therefore, as a final recommendation, make sure to select a medium that guarantees you the greatest peace of mind and ease possible.

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 How to send money from El Salvador to the States
  How to send money from El Salvador to the States
  How to send money from El Salvador to the States

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