How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Wallet

How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Wallet

For you, who are a usuario of coinbasewe bring you this new articulo related to this platform, in which you will be taught how to how to send money from Coinbase to another wallet of which you are a usuario or of a third party.

This, in a very clear and fácil way, and step by step.

To get started, first things first:

Access your Coinbase account to send money to another wallet

Once you have your account started on CoinbaseWhat you are going to do is this:

  1. Go to the option at the top right that says send/receive and them you clic.

  1. Within that section, you will get a box where are you allowed Send either Receive money.

    In this case, you are interested in the first option, which already appears open by default, and you cánido do the following:

  • indicate the type of Cryptocurrency to sendgoing to the end of that box in the section Pay with.

  • you cánido add a messagewhat is optionalin section Note.

  • And, in the section TOthe address of the cryptocurrency wallet to be sent must be entered (for example, the Ethereum address).

However, this address must be obtained from the other wallet in question.

How do you do it? Well, very fácil.

You just have to take other fácil steps, described below:

Get the cryptocurrency address to Send from the other wallet

If the destination is to another third-party wallet to which you are going to send money, then it should provide you with the required address.

But, if it is an account you own in another wallet to which you want to send the money you perro do the following:

  1. Open session in the wallet to which you want to send the money.

  2. Once you’re inside, go to the section that allows you Receive the money (taking as an example the Binance case, go to Deposit).

  1. Continuing in the case of Binance, now it must be gonna Deposit cryptoin the upper right corner.

  1. Then, on another page you are given the option to select the Crypto for the deposit.

    This cánido be done in the section Select coin.

  1. In section Deposit toyou’ll choose network (networks) of deposit that coincides with the withdrawal, in such a way that your capital is not at risk of being lost.

  1. And, once you have done all of the above, you will be given access to crypto wallet address in question, which, you are going to copy in order to complete the transfer operation.

Given these steps, you must return to your Coinbase account to continue.

Complete the rest of the operation

Back at Coinbase, you must now do a few more things to finish the process:

  1. In it box send/receiveYou will have to paste the address of the crypto selected in the corresponding section, that is, TO.

  1. now you must place the amount that you want to send in the local currency or whatever you use on Coinbase. later he you will clic to Continue.

  1. You will then be shown a transaction preview What are you doing along with the issue of commissions and so on.

    If you agree with everything, you perro clic in Send now and, in a maximum of 10 minutes, the money would arrive in the other wallet.

Important: As it is a wallet other than Coinbase, this type of operation will incur a certain network commission by Coinbase.

Important: You need to evaluate the different types of networks that you cánido use when sending money to another wallet due to network commissions, which cánido be disproportionate if you choose the most expensive one.

In this fácil way it is send money to another wallet from Coinbase.

Only get the address of crypto wallet, the you hit on Coinbase, the you send and that’s it.

Keep in mind that this address must be coincidente with the type of currency you are sending, and don’t forget about network fees.

Vídeo-Tutorial on How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Wallet

So that you have a better perspective on this subject, we invite you to see the vídeo How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Walletthrough the following backlink:

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 How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Wallet
  How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Wallet
  How to Send Money from Coinbase to another Wallet

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