How to send money by Zoom Wallet aplicación

How to send money by Zoom Wallet aplicación

In today’s highly competitive world, keeping up with technological advances is very important, but above all necessary for the commercial area. Therefore, it is essential that you are up to date with regard to the virtual wallets.

What is a virtual wallet? In a few words, it is a service that gives the usuario the possibility to carry out banking operations using only their móvil inteligente. Among its operations, it allows you to send money. Zoom is one of them.

An important detail of Zoom is that to send money you must scan the recipient’s QR code or, failing that, you cánido entrar the usuario’s ID. This information must be provided to you by the recipient.

Let’s see how you perro use the Zoom application or also known by the name of Zoom Wallet.

How to use the Zoom aplicación

It has never been so easy to send and receive money. This application offers each usuario a QR code, which is personal and non-transferable. That code allows other users to trade with you and vice versa. Later we will detail how to find and download it. Perro transfer money to your friends and family or pay bills and services from your Phone or PC.

How to receive money from Zoom

In the My zoom option you perro accept the transfers that are made to you, with just one clic and that’s it. What’s more, through the application you will receive a notification every time someone makes a payment to your account. You even have at your disposal the history where all the operations you have received are reflected, and thus you will be able to keep an exact record of the operations.

Where and how to download the Zoom aplicación

You perro find Zoom and download its Aplicación in any aplicación store for your mobile device, which is available for Android, Apple, iPhone and iPad. Is completely free and easy to install. Let’s see step by step how you perro do it.

Zoom Wallet for Mobile

Send money with the Zoom Aplicación from your mobile

You cánido install it by following these steps:

  • Entrar the aplicación store.
  • In the “search” option you will write Zoom Wallet, it is very important that you write it completely in order to find the application as quickly as possible. The reason for doing this specific search is because there are many other applications with the name Zoom and you could get confused. The logotipo is afín to a number 8 lying down or the infinity symbol separated by a dash right in the center.
  • Now you just have to install it on the phone.

Send money with Zoom from your mobile without an Aplicación

It is also possible to carry out the process by entering our Internet browser from your Móvil inteligente and then to the application store, of course the process to download and install will be slower.

To carry out the first steps of Zoom Wallet from the Móvil inteligente you must follow the following steps:

  • Sign up. Here we must place our telephone number in order to associate it with the digital wallet
  • Associate your money, for this step you must entrar your card number in the “manage debit or credit card” option.
  • You are now ready to start sending or receiving money.

Zoom Wallet for PC

For the moments Zoom Wallet it does not offer an installable application on PC. We perro only download the aplicación on our mobile devices. But as we discussed in the previous paragraphs, one of the great advantages that this application offers is that, when you leave home, you don’t have to carry cash or cards with you. Even so, it is possible that you want to make a payment from home and for some reason you cannot use your Móvil.

In this case, Using an Android emulator you perro install the Zoom Wallet application on the PC and use it to make your payments or, failing that, have an Android operating system installed on your computer. It is definitely one of the best Aplicaciones to make any type of payments, it is very easy to install and use.

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 How to send money by Zoom Wallet aplicación
  How to send money by Zoom Wallet aplicación
  How to send money by Zoom Wallet aplicación

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