How to send money by correo?

How to send money by correo?

A remote payment is a more than common action in today’s world. In some cases, digital means of payment are used, but in others it is necessary to use services for sending money and parcels. These have a system specifically designed for sending high-value envelopes.

If you ask yourselfHow to send money by e-e correo electrónico? And do it in a legal and correct way, here you will find all the details.

Perro you send money using the postal correo?

Parcel companies usually They have a special service for sending packages and envelopes as sensitive as those that contain cash.

The purpose is to safeguard the integrity of these packages and envelopes and It is a practice, most of the time illegal, send money hidden inside habitual shipping packages.

In addition to cash sending jewelry, checks and letters is prohibited in almost all parcel companies in the traditional shipping format.

Among the list of valuables in metallic format that they cannot be sent by traditional parcel they find each other:

  • coins
  • banknotes
  • Documents that have a monetary value such as dividends, checks and vouchers to withdraw money orders
  • Winning lottery tiques, discount coupons, coupons to redeem for cash or valuables
  • Jewelry, precious metals and garments

At the moment the company discovers that you have sent any of these prohibited elementos for habitual shipments, depending on the company’s regulations, it could be returned to the agency of origin so you perro remove it. But it cánido also be destroyed or retained by the authorities and therefore trigger objetivos among other legal problems.

What are the types of money transfers by postal e-e correo electrónico?

Of course, there are methods that parcel companies work with that allow you to send cash or any other cash item listed above. We leave you some of the most common methods to make this type of shipmentsalso known as cash transfers:

national spin

In Spain there is a national e-e correo electrónico with which you cánido send cash through their offices of ordinary parcel shipments.

  • They are completed in a maximum of 5 days for international destinations
  • 3 days for domestic shipments

The shipping price is charged according to the amount of money being transferred and if the destination is national or international. the price starts from the €3 commission.

Of course, these types of shipments are heavily guarded and insured to avoid any type of inconvenience at the time of shipment.


Eurogiro was a network for the transfer of financial assets between the countries of Europe for a long time until included a cash transfer service in all countries where this business is present.

The affiliated countries between which cash perro be sent are:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Ireland
  • Holland
  • France
  • Britain
  • Luxembourg
  • Swiss
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Belgium

IFS Twist

This type of transfer works in Spain and several of the countries of the European Union. This is a covered international cash transfer with high safety estándares and in which the recipient may receive the amount sent within a period of 4 to 6 business days.

  • The fee for this service ranges from the minimum, which is about €5.75 up to 1.25% of the total amount sent.

With this service you will also be able request a payment to a person residing in another countryhaving this only to consign the money in the name of the person who collects it.

Western Union

Western Union is a service for money transfers in cash and money in digital format extended throughout the world. It is more habitual in this field. You cánido operate in its web and mobile application as well as in the physical offices that are available in each country.

A usuario cánido send cash affiliating your debit or credit card to the platform and defining which will be the office where the recipient will withdraw the money in cash. You perro also place money in cash in an agency to proceed with the shipment.

The recipient withdraws the money only with his ID or passport if you are a foreigner. It is at the discretion of the office agent whether to request the money transfer receipt number to certify that it actually belongs to you.

Modalities of sending money by e-e correo electrónico in 2023

When sending the money in any agency they will inform you that there are two types of sending, the ordinary and the immediate.

It is necessary that you choose a type of shipment so that the money cánido reach its destination, we explain what each one of them is about:


Ordinary money transfers They have an average duration of three days so you cánido reach your destination. Sometimes it cánido take an additional day depending on the weather conditions, if it is a festive date or depending on the state of the roads.

If the cash goes to any country in the European Union this may take 4 to 5 days. Although in almost all cases it usually takes about 4, and sometimes only 3 days, the same as national shipments.


Depending on the destination of the money, a money transfer cánido reach the hands of the recipient in a very short time. In the event that you select immediate shipping for your cash transfer, you perro select one of the three shipping methods of this type available:

Express immediate shipping

This type of shipment It is available for destinations within the same country. Or, to consign a money transfer and have the currency delivered immediately in another country.

The term for the money to be withdrawn using this method is immediately or, within two hours. Of course, the commission of the money order company will be higher than with a regular shipment.

Immediate shipping the same day

In this type of shipment the recipient gets the money in less than 24 hours. It is usually the most frequently used type of shipment, since the commission is not as high as in the case of immediate shipments.

Express shipping for the next day

This type of immediate money transfer means that the recipient gets the money the next day. It’s kind of cheap express shipping and that means that the person who receives the cash does not have to wait 3 to 4 days for it.

With this information you will be able to select the shipping method that suits you best and thus close deals or help relatives who are in areas far from your residence or outside the country. Do you want to tell us about your experience with sending cash by e-e correo electrónico?

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 How to send money by correo?
  How to send money by correo?
  How to send money by correo?

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