How to send money abroad en línea WITHOUT

How to send money abroad en línea WITHOUT

Every day more people need send money to another country, mainly those who migrate from one place to another in search of improving their economic situation. Although there are several ways to send money abroad some of these are too expensive.

The best alternative to send money abroad are en línea platforms. These services are a much faster, simpler and cheaper option than operations carried out by banks. The bad news is that some of these charge high commissions, so many want to know which ones offer the best rates and do not charge commissions. Later you will know what they are.

Best platforms to send money abroad without commissions in 2023

Many people want to know if there is a way to send money abroad with en línea platforms without having to pay commissions. Well, these are sometimes too high and end up seriously affecting your funds.

It is important to remember that these platforms do not belong to any bank and that most of the commissions they request from their users are used to maintain the various existing accounts, especially when exchanging money. That is why it is almost impossible to find an en línea money transfer service that does not charge such commissions.

between the different En línea money transfer platforms You will be able to find options that present very cheap commissions. The negative aspect is that some of these do not operate in all countries of the world. Next, you will see what these platforms are:

Direct Currencies

This money transfer platform has been operating effectively for over 20 years. With her you perro make currency exchange and international payments in a safe way. It is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Currencies Diret offers numerous advantages, the most destacable being that it allows its users to do some trading for free. This platform is available in few countries.


PayPal It is the most used page to send money anywhere in the world. The service provided by its platform is valued for its great efficiency, speed and security. Although some consider that PayPal charges high fees, it should be kept in mind that the advantages it offers make each of them worthwhile.

Something that few know is that this platform allows free transactions within the countries of the European Union and the United States. Another advantage that it provides to prevent its users from paying commissions is to be able to indicate that the shipment is for a friend or family member. In addition, PayPal reduces the commission when its service is used in sales.

Transfer wise

Transferwise is an excellent money transfer service. It allows this type of shipment to be made in more than 59 countries with various currencies. This platform is transparent with its users when making a transaction, it does not hide the process of its operations or the exact amount of its commissions. Transferwise’s honesty has left a good effect on its users.

Although this platform charges commissions on all its operations, these are much cheaper. Because it makes two local transfers during the shipment so that the commissions are lower. That’s why all the exchange rates offered by Transferwise are really fair and affordable, with no hidden fees.

It is ineludible that en línea money transfer platforms charge commissions for their various transactions. But some prefer not to bother their users with excessive charges, which is why they offer various alternatives to disminuye the costs of this type of payment. Only you perro choose which is the most convenient platform for you.

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 How to send money abroad en línea WITHOUT
  How to send money abroad en línea WITHOUT
  How to send money abroad en línea WITHOUT

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