How to Send Cryptocurrency from COINBASE to

How to Send Cryptocurrency from COINBASE to

Do you need to learn how to send cryptocurrencies from your Coinbase account to your Kucoin account? Well, if so, do not miss reading this articulo, in which you will see in an instructive way and step by step, the how to transfer cryptocurrencies from Coinbase to Kucoin.

However, first of all, you need to log in to both accounts, that is, that access both Coinbase and Kucoin.

Steps to send cryptos from Coinbase to Kucoin in 2023

Once you have logged into your Coinbase and Kucoin accounts, then, what you must do to send cryptocurrencies from one wallet to the other is, primarily, get the address of the crypto inside your Kucoin wallet.

Get the address of the crypto within Kucoin

When you go to the main page of your Kucoin wallet, then you will follow this fácil procedure:

  1. You have to clic on the option of Depositalmost in the center of the page.

  1. Within Depositthe deposit option that is displayed by default is cryptocurrencywhich is for making deposits directly into cryptos.

In the subsections of this section, you are allowed to do the following:

  • Choose the type of account in which you want to make that shipment (main account either trading account, i.y también.

    Main Account and Trading Account, respectively).

Therefore, with the crypto address copied to your clipboard, you must return to Coinbase to proceed with the sending operation.

Paste the cryptocurrency address into Coinbase

Inside Coinbase, what you have to do next to specify the sending of Cryptos to Kucoin, is entrar the address of the copied crypto and attach some other data.

To do this you must take some steps:

  1. On the main page of your account, clic on the option send/receivefrom top right.

  1. Inside of the floating box of this section (which already appears by default in the modality Send), you must entrar the following information:

  • entrar quantity to spend in your primary currency.

  • paste the address of the crypto to which you will send cryptos to Kucoin.

  • Send a message or a note, which is optional.

  • Select the type of cryptocurrency that you are going to send, according to the one that has been established to receive in Kucoin.

Having attached all this data, you could already clic on Continue.

  1. Finally, you will be allowed a operation preview to be executed, in a later box.

    In it you will be able to see and give consideration to everything that you have already entered.

    If you’re okey with all of this, then you might as well clic on Send now.

And already, in this way, in a period of 30 minutes maximum, the cryptos that you have sent from Coinbase would go to your Kucoin account without any complications.

As you have been able to realize, there is nothing difficult in the operations of sending cryptocurrency from Coinbase to Kucoin.

It is only a matter of obtaining the address of the crypto within Kucoin and entering it in your Coinbase wallet.

Then, you would be done with a few fácil steps.

Vídeo-Tutorial of the Process of sending Cryptos from Coinbase to Kucoin in 2023

For a better understanding of what has been seen in this article, we recommend that you watch the following vídeo:

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 How to Send Cryptocurrency from COINBASE to
  How to Send Cryptocurrency from COINBASE to
  How to Send Cryptocurrency from COINBASE to

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