How to Send Cryptocurrencies from COINBASE to AIRTM

How to Send Cryptocurrencies from COINBASE to AIRTM

In the following article you will learn how to send cryptocurrency from your Coinbase account to airtm. We will explain it to you in a very fácil way and step by step.

Initially you must be logged in to both accounts.

The procedure of sending cryptocurrencies consists of two stages: First, you must find the address of the cryptocurrency within your Airtm account to which you are going to send. And on the other hand, in Coinbase you will have to entrar said address to specify it.

Find the address of the Cryptocurrency in AirTM

once you are logged into your Airtm accountThe process you must follow is this:

  1. Ingresa to Anchorin the sidebar.

  1. Within the search engine of this section, put the name of the crypto what are you going to send

  1. When your result appears, heand clic on it to access inside of that crypto.

  1. Then, entrar the amount that you want to send

  1. Now copy the address of the cryptoyou have it right below.

You already have the address on your clipboard. Now go to Coinbase.

Send cryptocurrency from CoinBase to AirTM

Once on Coinbase, what you will do is use the address you just copied to be able to finish the process of sending to Airtm. You do that in the following way:

  1. Ingresa to send/withdrawat the top right of the screen.

  1. Within the “Send, select the corresponding crypto to the address you have copied.

  1. In the shipping box, Yoentrar the amount of cryptos to send that matches the one you have defined in Airtm, and then paste the address of the crypto.

Once all this is done, clic on Continue.

  1. Next, examine the preview that Coinbase gives you of the shipment that you are about to make. If everything is in order, then you perro clic on Send now.

All that remains is to wait for the typical steps of the crypto network in question to proceed so that you perro finally have your new cryptos in the Airtm fund.

As you perro see, sending cryptocurrencies from Coinbase to Airtm is very fácil. There will be no complications if you follow the steps described here.

Vídeo of how to send Cryptocurrencies from Coinbase to Airtm in 2023

With the following vídeo you could clear up any doubts you have about what you have read here.

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 How to Send Cryptocurrencies from COINBASE to AIRTM
  How to Send Cryptocurrencies from COINBASE to AIRTM
  How to Send Cryptocurrencies from COINBASE to AIRTM

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