How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to KUCOIN

How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to KUCOIN

Do you have cryptos inside Binance and need to make a transfer to your Kucoin account? Then you have to pay attention to this tutorial, which will teach you how to how to send cryptocurrency from Binance to Kucoinin an instructive way and, as usual, step by step.

It goes without saying that, first of all, to start the process, you have to get access to both platforms, that is, sign up for your Binance and Kucoin accounts.

Steps to send crypto from Binance to Kucoin in 2023

Being in the respective Binance and Kucoin accounts, then you have to follow this procedure, which consists of two phases:

Entrar Kucoin to get the address of the crypto to send

And starting with this procedure, what you essentially have to do is get into Kucoin and get cryptocurrency address that you want to send Therefore, you must take the following steps:

  1. On your account home page, find and clic on Assetslocated at the top right of that page.

  1. Within the drop down menu Assetsyou have to clic on Main account (Deposit and Withdraw).

  1. Now in the section Main account, you have to look for the crypto you want to spend. Once you have found it, you must clic on Depositoption that appears just to your right.

In the next section, you have the option to establish in what type of currency you want to deposit (by default it appears in cryptocurrencies), agregado a box in which you will entrar the following data:

  • He type of cryptocurrency to deposit.

  • The account in which you are going to make the deposit.

  • The grid of cryptocurrencies that you will use

  • The address of the crypto you are looking forfinally it will be shown to you.

For copy that address, you just have to clic on it icon respective (icon in the shape of sheets of paper).

With that, you would already have the address of the crypto to send. Now what you have to do is entrar Binance.

Log in to Binance to complete the submission process

On Binance you would complete the submission process to the entrar the address obtained accordingly. You achieve this in the following way:

  1. Within the main interfaz of your account, place your cursor on the option Walletlocated in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the consequent dropdown, you must clic on spot wallet (Deposit and Withdraw).

  1. Next, you must clic on the option Withdrawlocated at the top right.

  1. By default, the option to withdraw that you will have when entering will be to withdraw to the bank (Withdraw Fiat), but you have to change that clicking on withdraw cryptocurrencyin the upper right corner, because what you want is to withdraw to wallet.

  1. Once you have accessed the section withdraw cryptocurrencyyou will have before you a box where you must indicate the following information:

  • Select the cryptocurrency in which you want to make the withdrawal.

  • New address is the option you should choose in this case.

  • Job the address of the crypto you copied into Kucoin.

Important: You must be very careful when doing this, because if the destination wallet is not coincidente with the sending network, it is possible that you lose your capital, and Binance is not responsible for such errors.

  • Entrar the amount of withdrawal, where you are allowed to use the option MAX to send the totality of what you have in cómputo of that crypto.

  • You cánido see the commission that you will be charged by network and the amount you will receive in Kucoin.

Once this step is finished, then you cánido clic to the button Withdraw.

  1. What follows now, depending on the security configuration you have, is that check this operation by previewing the data you have entered and making sure that everything is in order. If you agree with everything, then proceed to confirm.

Well, the do cryptocurrency withdrawals from Binance to Kucoin it is as fácil as any other cryptocurrency platform. Just make sure you choose the network that suits you best and get the code or address of the crypto to send. With this, the rest is an easy task.

Vídeo-Tutorial of the process of Sending Cryptos from Binance to Kucoin in 2023

To clarify any aspect that you may have doubts about, then we recommend that you watch the following vídeo:

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 How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to KUCOIN
  How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to KUCOIN
  How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to KUCOIN

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