How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to

How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to

If you are a Binance usuario and need to send cryptocurrencies to your wallet, pay attention to the following information, as the following question will be answered: How to send cryptocurrency from Binance to Of course, as usual, step by step and very instructive.

Generally, what you should do before starting the whole process is login to your Binance account as well as account, and have them in separate tabs.

Steps to send crypto from Binance to in 2023

Once you have accessed both accounts, the procedure you must follow to send money from Binance to is the following:

Entrar to obtain the address of the cryptocurrency to send

Inside your account, you have to search and get hold of the address to cryptocurrency in that wallet.

To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the top right corner of the screen and clic on the option Wallet.

  1. In the dropdown that opens below, you must clic on Deposit.

Once you entrar that section, you will be given several options:

With that, you are given the address or code you should getin a small section, below the one in QR format.

After that, you’ll clic on Copyso that you get the code.

Well, now you have the address to the cryptocurrency of your wallet.

What follows now is to return to Binance to complete the process.

Login to Binance to entrar the address obtained on

Inside Binance now you have to paste the code you got from your wallet.

You cánido do this by following the steps below:

  1. search and press the option Wallet in the upper options bar, top right.

  1. In the dropdown, you must clic on spot wallet.

Then, on the next page, you must clic on Withdraw.

  1. Subsequently, on another page you must clic on withdraw cryptocurrencyjust in the upper right corner of the screen.

Within withdraw cryptocurrencythere are a series of fields to which you must entrar some data and others will be given to you:

  • select currency.

    In other words, the type of cryptocurrency to send.

  • withdraw to.

    This is where you are given the option to paste the address of the cryptocurrency that you copied on

Important: You must be very careful when doing this, because if the other wallet does not support the network you are using, you may lose your assets, and Binance is not responsible for such errors.

  • withdrawal amount.

    Obviously, here you cánido entrar the amount you want to send to or clic on MAX so that you perro send all the cómputo you have available within Binance in the crypto in question.

  • amount to be received.

    Where you are allowed to see what you are going to receive on and the commission that will be charged to you.

Having all this ready, now you have to clic on Withdraw.

Now what would remain, would probably be that you make another confirmation, depending on the configuration you have in your security settings, but these are steps that, as a general rule, are very intuitive to follow.

So, you will have been able to do a cryptocurrency shipment from Binance to without further complications.

It is only a matter of keeping in mind that the key is to copy the address of the cryptocurrency in and paste it in Binance to be able to do the rest of the operation, which is to send you the money successfully.

Vídeo-Tutorial on how to send cryptocurrencies from Binance to in 2023

So that you have a broader perspective of the subject that has been dealt with in this information, be sure to watch the vídeo-tutorial that we leave you below:

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 How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to
  How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to
  How to Send Cryptocurrencies from BINANCE to

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