How to Send AXS or SLP from Ronin to Binance

How to Send AXS or SLP from Ronin to Binance

For those who make a living in en línea gaming AXS Infinity, it will be nice to know that you cánido make your AXS or SLP transfers from Ronin Wallet to your Binance accounts.

And best of all, you perro do this without commission charges.

Do not leave with doubt! if you want to know how to transfer your cryptos from Ronin to Binancekeep reading this article that describes it step by step.

Steps to send Ronin AXS or SLP to Binance in 2023

This procedure consists of 2 stages, in which you must first operate on Binance and then on Ronin.

Once you have Logged in to Binanceyou will do the following:

First access binance to get your (receiving) address

Inside BinanceFirstly you have to Obtain certain information that is essential to be able to send you of the cryptos in question from Ronin to Binance.

And you will do it as follows:

  1. Move your cursor to the top right of the screen, and put it on top of Wallet.

  1. Then, in the dropdown, clic on the option Fiat and Spot.

  1. Within Fiat and Spotyou must locate and clic on the option Depositat the top of the screen.

  1. Following this, you entrar the section of Deposit Crypto, which is what you are interested in.

    In it you must do a couple of things according to the options given to you:

  • select currency.

    Where you are allowed to choose the type of currency in which you want to receive the shipment, correspondingly, AXS or SLP.

    It even gives you the option to use a small search engine to help you with this.

  1. Clic on okey in a small floating box, giving you access to the address (address) of the crypto you want to get.

  1. Going back to the page Deposit cryptoyou now have the option of copy crypto address clicking in it respective icon (in the shape of 2 sheets of paper).

When you already have the address to the crypto in question on your clipboard, then you have to go to Ronin now to continue with the shipment.

Entrar the address obtained on Binance in Ronin

To access Ronin, you perro do so using the google chrome extensionwhich, if you have it, just clic on it and take the corresponding steps to log in.

Inside Roninwhat you should do to complete sending your cryptos to Binanceis the one described below:

  1. search and clic on it of the crypto that you want to move to Binance.

  1. Inside the crypto, you must clic on Send (Send).

  1. Now, once you are in the box of the send sectionyou have to do several things:

  • In section desdeit goes by default from which account you want to send.

  • In section To, is where you will paste the copied address on Binance.

  • In section assetsyou cánido make sure that the currency you are going to send is the one indicated.

  • In section Amountyou are going to entrar the amount of cryptos that you are going to send yourself, being able to use the option MAX pTo make a complete shipment of your cryptos from Ronin to Binance.

Given all these steps, then you could already clic on Next (Following).

  1. What follows now is that you confirm your operation in another box titled confirm transaction.

    In this you will be able to see, what is the subject of the commissions, which is 0, because it is free.

    If you agree with all this, then go to clic on Confirm.

Check your new AXS and SLP cómputo on Binance

If you wish see the new status of your capitalyou perro do this:

  1. Go to the upper right corner of the interfaz and Choose Wallet.

  1. Inside Wallet, clic on it of Overview either Fiat and Spot.

And there, in those two sections you could almost immediately see your AXS or SLP as new cryptos in your Binance cómputo.

And then in the section TradeYou perro do whatever you want with them.

That’s right, transactions for transfer cryptos from Ronin to Binance They are commission free, which gives you a great advantage while making your trades.

And making these shipments is extremely easy, as you may have noticed.

Just always make sure you get the address of the crypto and use the corresponding network.

Vídeo-Tutorail on how to Send SLP or AXS from Ronin to Binance

If you still have doubts regarding the issue of sending Ronin Cryptos to Binance, the following vídeo will surely dispel them, so take a look:

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 How to Send AXS or SLP from Ronin to Binance
  How to Send AXS or SLP from Ronin to Binance
  How to Send AXS or SLP from Ronin to Binance

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