How to sell your photos en línea (and earn +

How to sell your photos en línea (and earn +

I am sure that every time you go out to eat with someone, to visit a nice place, or just for a walk, you take at least some photo, right?

But did you know that by selling your photos en línea you perro earn some plus money or even a full salary? You don’t have to be an expert to get it.

Forget buying a professional camera, with your phone will be enough and with the pages that I have used and that I am going to espectáculo you below, you will have everything you need to earn money with your photos, easily and without much effort!

What will you find in this article?

What do you need to earn money selling photos en línea

To sell photos en línea and earn money only you need your desire, a camera that perro be your mobile phone, and find a platform where you cánido upload those photos and have other people buy them.

It is obvious that the first thing you are going to need is a camera to take your pictures.

If you have a cell phone, the built-in camera will be perfect for a start.

Agencies accept photos starting at 5 megapixels, while most cell phones cánido take 20 megapixel photos at least.

If you feel more comfortable using A digital camera will also work. And if you have a real passion for photography and already have a professional team, great!

In the event that you are interested in taking more professional images, a camera it perro cost you from 30 dollars and up.

So it’s you who must escoge what kind of material do you want to use: the camera of your cell phone, a digital camera that you already have at home, or buy a new or second-hand one.

When you have your camera ready You are going to need a portfolio of photographs.

The real business of selling photos en línea is not selling a few photos for a lot of money, but rather sell many photographs for little money.

Advertising companies and large corporations around the world they need hundreds of photos for their adscatalogs and web pages.

So don’t worry if you feel like you have a void of inspiration, I assure you that everything around you has a potential photograph.

I recommend that you start with about 10 or 15 photos to start building your professional portfolio.

Take your camera and go outside to get beautiful images!

You perro take photos of all kinds: from natural landscapes that are in the place where you live, such as sunsets, mountains, flowers, or animals, even more common photographs such as the traffic of your city, of a group of people, of monuments, etcétera.

Finally you will need a platform or a website responsible for selling photos en línea.

Cánido go to an agency and offer your photographs exclusivelyis a valid option, although keep in mind that although the payments are higher, the jobs are fewer and you cánido only sell each photograph once.

The other option is to register in one or more en línea platforms.

There are web pages that They work like a photo bank. they store your photos and offer them to companies and users who affiliate to buy them.

Below I will tell you which are the best photo banks to do this.

You perro sell your photos en línea Everytime you want: You only have to upload them to the page and, every time someone buys one of your photos, you will receive payment for it.

When you sell photographs en línea, most often you payments are also en línea.

So you’re going to need an y también-wallet where you cánido receive your payments and then withdraw them to your local bank account.

The most accepted means of payment are PayPal and Payoneer.

If you don’t have an account in these electronic wallets, don’t worry, registrations are fácil and free, and I consider that it is time to have yours.

The most important thing that you will need to take the first step is the desire to do it, knowing that it does not require much effort and that you perro achieve it, the income opportunity is there, you just have to take the plunge!

And the best of all is that with this way of earning money en línea it is you who chooses the time you want to spend.

You perro take pictures in your free time (for example, on weekends) to later sell them, or dedicate yourself to it in a more professional way, and spend a couple of hours every day to capture images.

whatwhat photographs Are they the ones that sell the most?

1. festivities

The most requested photos are those that have to do with special dates and celebrations.

Some examples of these festivities are: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah, New Years and the national holidays.

The trick to sell this concept well is to have your calendar well defined, because the photographs they will sell better on the dates to which they correspond every holiday.

Seek to capture images of the ornaments that have to do with the holiday like Christmas trees and Halloween pumpkins, and of people gathered together celebrating.

This concept is very broad, it includes cards, objects, environments, decorations and people.

Also included in the festivities, special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, birth of a babyweddings…

2. Food and drinks

This category includes prepared meals, fruits, vegetablesplants and all kinds of drinks.

Consider photographs that relate to the preparation of recipes, foods by food groupseg types of grains, types of fruit, types of protein.

It is also related to people eating foodThis gives you many options, people alone or in groups in different environments and of all ages.

It is very common for them to request images of typical foods of celebrations and wooden table tops.

You cánido catch food alone, with a studio or decorated background and within the lifestyle, for example served at breakfast.

3. Flowers

The most searched word in most repositories to sell photos en línea is “Flower”.

So that endless options are included in which flowers perro be captured, alone, with people, in a garden, in a bouquet, in the middle of celebrations…

Some pages affirm that the photographs of flowers They are the best sellers in history.

To me this sounds somewhat mythical, but the recommendation they have in common is that They must be creative, original or artistic photos of flowers.

You will understand that as all photographers cánido have flowers within their reach, there are also millions of related photographs, so yours have to stand out.

4. Medicine

Among professions, photographs that have to do with medicine They are the most sought after.

In this concept keep in mind everything that has to do with doctors, medical institutions, health system, medicines, patients and diseases.

Also Add the different medical specialties like surgeons, dentists, psychologists, cardiologists and everything you perro think of, I assure you that you will have many ideas.

My recommendation in this concept is that you go from the generic (doctors, health, medicine…) even the most specific (instruments, diseases, books, medicines…).

5. Family

There is something that makes special the photos that have to do with the familyit perro be easily differentiated when it is a group of people and when it is a family.

These family ties, and all the emotions associated with them, make photographs of families are special.

This concept has to do with all possible backlinks like siblings, mother and daughters, parents, grandparents and grandchildren.

Also includes family situations such as meals at the table, celebrations, and discussions.

Of course, remember that if you escoge to include people in your photos, you must have his authorization to publish those images in which your face or your entire body is seen so as not to viola image rights of them.

So whether they are family members, friends, or even strangers, always explain to them that the photo is for commercial sale, and ask them if they give you permission to use their image for those purposes.

6. Vectors

Do not panic! You don’t have to learn math concepts or formulas, vector images are simply digital images.

most of image creation and editing programs use geometric shapes in the design of images, that’s why they are called vectors or vector images.

The best known program for creating images is Photoshop and there are hundreds of free tutorials on the Internet to learn how to use it.

Images produced, designed or created with computer programs They cánido be icons, illustrations, abstractions, cartoons, backgrounds or textures.

If you dare to try it, I assure you that you will be able to create images they sell well.

7. Women

Most catalogs and advertisements use the image of womenand not to mention the hundreds of web pages that are especially dedicated to women’s issues.

Of course, buying an image is much cheaper to hire a model and a photographer.

This is why the images that are related to the female gender they are in high demand.

Include in your portfolio images in which the woman appearsalone or in a group, in a studio or within an occasion of daily life, with the infinite number of emotions that perro occur to you.

Think of all situations in which a woman could be involved, such as food, aesthetics, beauty, relationships, health, commitment, work, in short, everything you perro imagine.

And remember: whether it is a woman in your family, whether they are your friends, or whatever relationship you have with them, you should always ask permission to have their image appear on your photo.

8. people and occupations

In any case, you will be able to notice that the concept “people” is involved in all categories that I mention in this list.

So it is very easy to find a situation that has to do with people in action, eating, walking, exercising, celebrating, working…

One of the most sought after categories within this concept is emotions: try to capture happy, motivated, inspired, sad or upset people, make sure you have a range of emotions in your portfolio.

Occupations are another concept which includes people directly and this includes everything that has to do with professions and occupations.

Also keep in mind the concept of worksuch as people working, work implements, workplaces or types of work.

9. Backgrounds and abstract images

Design agencies in some cases what they need is a canvas to make your creations.

Perro create images that serve as backgrounds for different designs.

The best way to find ideas for creating images that perro be used in the background is to play with textures.

Some examples to help you think of more ideas are a cotton cover, the current of a river, the starry sky or the sand on the beach.

What you should keep in mind is that in most cases backgrounds need to be large images and high resolution.

As for the abstract images are those that do not focus on an object or they don’t have common sense, but are still eye-catching.

A trick to get good abstract images is play with colors such as grayscale, black and white, or fluorescent colors.

To help you get good background or abstract images, always keep in mind that they have an artistic element or decorative.

10. Business, industry and office

Finance, economics and business are a current topic, that’s why they have their own portion to sell photos en línea.

This is another concept that encompasses countless options and you are surrounded by possible ideas.

Perro from the concept of money, bills and coins, then you perro move on to numbers, finance and accounting.

What it has to do with is business, one of the most requested are business men and women, the prototype of people in business suits, carrying a briefcase, working at a desk, or shaking hands.

Then this everything that has to do with the economy and industry. Take into account companies, production plants, technology and workers.

Finally, there is office work, which is already quite a concept, start with the simplest, people working, encuentro or celebrating in the officespaces, furniture and office supplies.

eleven. Trips

The whole world is the limit when it comes to capturing places, landscapes and people.

The concept of travel is defined by the people doing tourism, and the means of transport such as travel by car, boat or plane and highways, roads or railways.

Keep in mind the cultural activities like parades and typical dances that are almost always colorful and you cánido take interesting angles.

It is also important that your portfolio includes photos of landscapes and placesthere is a lot of beauty in nature and in the architecture of towns and cities.

Another topic that is very close to travel is vacations, people enjoying a moment of relaxation or fun, entertainment activities and vacation spots.

12. Photos from the past

As well as there are antiques that are worth a lot of moneyyour photographs also have value.

There is a special market for photographs that relate to bygone eras.

The easiest to get are antique objects such as typewriters, record jugadores or vehicles.

But objects are not all that has to do with this concept, people dressed in a retro wave or places with years of history are also a good option.

Register in your drawer of photographs, you may have some images captured by your parents or your grandparents that you perro digitize and upload to your photo portfolio.

13. tattoos

Many people consider tattoos on the body to be an art and It is a trend that continues currently.

So if you perro get pictures of tattoos, It is okey to add them to your deposit to sell them.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a tattoo design, a photo of a person’s tattoo or the process of creating it, everything that has to do with this trend will serve you.

14. Others

exist other categories that are searched for in the en línea repositories that are used to sell photos over the Internet, but not with the same frequency as the others.

These categories are not the most sought after, but still in high demand and it will help you to have some options to offer in your portfolio.

Music is a concept that always has mentionalthough now it is not mentioned as much as the artists and the espectáculo business also has its options such as musical scores, people singing, or musical instruments.

The other category that is not a trend but that It doesn’t go out of style either, it’s babiesIt’s a bit of a touchy subject because you need parental consent, but it’s worth a try.

Other option that never fails is naturelandscapes, elements of nature, animals and plants, take a photo at every opportunity you get and it will help you with your winnings.

Also look for the opportunity to capture images that have to do with fashion and the wardrobe, take advantage of your best outfits or a fashion espectáculo in your city.

Finally there are sportsespecially everything that has to do with the Fitness trend that is currently in great demand.

Capture images of people doing sports or exercising and sports equipment.

6 consejos to get started to sell your photos en línea

To start selling photos en línea there are two things you should think about: first to have the best portfolio of pictures possible, with original, quality photographs and with a name that identifies them.

The second is your sales strategy, where are you going to sell them?

Selling photographs en línea has a very important difference with the studio photos professionals.

When you start selling photographs en línea you are not looking for a great work of art to sell it for a lot of money, but quite the opposite, you want hundreds of original but everyday shots that you perro easily sell, many times and at the best price.

Maybe take dozens of photos It seems like a lot of work or very difficult to achieve, but it is not.

The photographs that are sold on the Internet have to do with all the small daily details of the day to day, so it will be very easy to find inspiration to know what to photograph.

Your first goal may be to include in your portfolio one shot for each of the categories that I mention above, so you will have variety.

However, that is not all, you not only need enough photographs, you also need those pictures are good enough so that you cánido sell them.

The first thing you have to take into account in the photographs with which you are going to build your portfolio is the image quality.

Most cell phones have a good built-in camera, so you will not need a professional camera.

Make sure that in the settings you have selected the optimal quality.

There are phones and cameras that allow you to select settings according to photos such as: high or low light, landscapes, faces, among others.

I recommend using these settings because automatically adjust flash and colors.

As for the size of the images, the one that your phone adjusts automatically is perfect for most photos, my recommendation is that it be from 20 megapixels.

Another consejo for selling photos en línea is that try to use a white backgroundIn most cases, your images will be part of a design, so the white background makes them more attractive.

Choose original and commercial imagesFor example, we already know that flowers are commercial images, but there are also millions of photos available, so make them original, add decorations like colored ribbons, books, petals, whatever you perro think of!

It cánido also help you sell your photos better if you play with the shades of colors.

do some shots with pastel colors or fluorescent or play with scales of the same color, these types of photos are highly sought after by interior design and decoration agencies.

A little trick to make your photos sell better is include more than one category in some photosFor example, you cánido take a poinsettia with Christmas lights, so you will have a perfect photo for the flowers and Christmas category.

If you want to go one step further, take the risk of adding effects and filters to your photos and design a few vectors.

Finally, there is a detail that many overlook and it is very important, this detail is the name of the photos.

If you look at the gallery of your camera or your phone, you will see that the photos they are saved with names that are something like a code with the date it was taken like this: “IMG-2018-08-21-003”

This name does not say anything, so when uploading it to your photo bank, I recommend you change it to something that best describes the photo like “red-poinsettia-christmas-lights”.

If you follow this advice you will have a better oportunidad that your photo appear in search results.

There are two legal elements that you have to take into account in your photos, the first is do not include trademarks.

If your photos have the name or logotipo of a brand, agencies will not be able to use itso they won’t buy it.

The second legal element is the express written permission of the persons that appear in your photos.

If there are people in your photos, they must give you written consent to use their image.

There are three cases in which you will not need this consent: when it is in a public place or event, when the person is not easily recognizable, or when the photograph is published to give information of public interest.

When you have covered everything to do with your portfolio, you will need to Think about your sales strategy.

To start I advise you DO NOT sell your photos exclusivelyif you do this, maybe the earnings per photo will be higher, but the sales opportunities are very small.

In my opinion, the best option to sell your photos is publish them on the best platforms availablefurther down in “Where to sell your photos en línea” I espectáculo you what these pages are.

It is best that you choose several of these platforms.

At first it will be a bit annoying because you have to create the accounts, but the registration process is easy and when it’s done, you perro search the internet for aplicaciones that articulo your photos to multiple pages at the same time.

Within your sales strategy you perro also include tools that you manage yourself independently as a web page, instagram or Pinterest.

you cánido yourself create your website in a few steps and without programming knowledge using platforms to create an en línea store such as Wix.

How do the pages work? to sell photos en línea?

Pages to sell photos they work like any other website to which you are subscribed: look for the registration backlink of the page, fill in your information, upload your photos, receive payments and withdraw your money.

To web pages that function as platforms to upload and sell photos They are called image banks.

In photo repositories There are two types of users, On the one hand, there are companies and design and advertising agencies that come looking for the photos they need and buy them.

On the other side are the users, just like you and me, who upload their images to sell photos en línea

To start using these pages you have to entrar their pages and register with the data they ask for.

In almost all of them, you will have to create a nombre de usuario and password to access your profile.

When you have the registration ready you cánido entrar your account and you will have an album to upload your entire portfolio of images.

The next step will be upload all your photos, each page has its requirements, but there are some that are common.

Some of these requirements make sense, for example, You cánido not upload photos that incite violence, drugs or illegal substances.

You also have to be careful with photographs that espectáculo nudity, or that have to do with sex because in most of the pages they are prohibited.

Besides, Photos that contain discriminatory content are prohibited or that may be offensive to some people because of their religious beliefs, race, or political beliefs.

On the other hand, if there are people, babies, or models in your photographs, you will need a written document with the express consent to the use of your image.

Finally, do not use photos that espectáculo the logotipo, the image or slogan of a trademark, none of these pages accept them.

When you have uploaded your photos, They will be reviewed to verify that they meet the requirements. and if they perro be approved or not.

If they are approved, the platforms will work as intermediaries, that publish your photos and sell them directly to interested parties.

For every photo you sell, they will charge you a commission which perro go from 36% to 80%with this commission they cover the maintenance costs of the platform and the space that your archivos occupy on the web.

The money you receive for your photos will be charged to your account cómputo and most of these pages allows you to withdraw it through Paypal, but also through other methods such as bank transfer or even money checks that you perro cash at your bank.

Where to sell your photos by Internet

There are hundreds of pages where you perro sell your photos en línea; but the ones that have worked best for me so far are Fotografía Easy Money, Istockphoto, Fotolia, Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

When I found out that my passion for photography could give me moneyI became a true surfer of the Internet.

I visited and tried many pages looking for the ones that were easy, reliable and good.

There is a page that I wish I had known from the beginning, because it not only served as a page to sell my photos on the Internet, but it was my tool to increase my earnings from $27 a month to $564 a month.

This page is my first recommendation to you, and it’s called Photo Easy Money.

The interesting thing about Fotografía Dinero Simple is that it is not just any page, it is a photography course that gives you all the necessary information.

But neither is it just any course, it is a tool created by a person who has already had success selling his photosso he shares all the tricks he learned from his experience.

With Fotografía Dinero Simple you will make your photos taken with your phone look professional and that cánido be sold several times on different pages.

In addition, it tells you a list of the best pages to sell your photos successfully.

The best part is that for you to have a trial, you will have access to a completely free introductory course.

The next page that I recommend is istockphotois one of the most used in the world, so it has a large number of registered buyers, which means great exposure.

If you want to publish your portfolio on Istockphoto, They will ask you to do a small evaluation, but don’t worry, it’s nothing special, you will only have to send three of your photographs, so they perro escoge if they accept you.

So send the best ones!

Although this page guarantees you a lot of exposure to many clients, in my opinion the commission is very high, it is around 80%, so I do not recommend that you use it exclusively.

Another option to upload your photo portfolio is Fotolia.

What I like most about Fotolia is that has a usuario-friendly interfaz, so it’s perfect to start with.

Although on this platform you will not have as much exposure as on Istockphoto, the earnings per photos perro be better, you start earning 33% for each sale, then 50% then 80% as you gain experience and level up.

My next recommendation of pages to sell photos en línea is Shutterstock.

This platform is present in more than 150 countries, people pay a monthly fee and download the photos they need, the advantage for you is that you will get a fixed price for your photos, between 25 and 30 cents.

What you have to keep in mind when registering with Shutterstock is that they are a little stricter with acceptance, you will have to send 10 photos and approve 7 to be accepted.

Although it seems too much, if you follow the tricks that teach you in Photo Easy Moneysurely you will be accepted.

My last suggestion for selling photos en línea is Dreamstime.

This is undoubtedly one of my favorites, this page has everything to sell photos en línea, it is easy to use, the registration is fácil, without evaluation and earnings are 50% agregado popularity bonuses when you have more experience.

What about the copyright of my images?

The photographs, even if they are digital, are like any other art object that you own and even if you allow other people to use them they will always remain yours.

At first, everyone we are desperate to have a great portfolio and upload hundreds of photos of everything we find.

But when you go further on the path of selling photos on the Internet and you see that your photos are more and more professional and artistic, you will feel that they have more value than the economic.

you will start to feel Curious to know where your photos end up And if you are going to lose them when you sell them.

So I have good news for you, the photos are the product of your intellect, they are yours and it does not matter how many companies use them, they will remain yours.

When you sell your photos through Internet pages, you are giving up the right to use them, but there are other rights that you continue to retain and that you perro exploit.

The other rights you have over your photographs are: reproduction, distribution, use in advertisements and editing.

all these rights are intended to protect you as the author of your photographs and that, of course, you receive economic benefits for the use of your photos, for your whole life and up to 70 years after your death (the time may be different in some countries)

Now I’ll give you some consejos to protect copyright of your images.

In my opinion, the most important thing is that you use trusted sites to upload and sell your photos.

The pages that I recommend above, keep a record of your photographs and the date you uploaded them to the Internet, as well you will have a support when claiming your rights.

In some cases, even you perro follow up and know on which pages or which companies are using your photos.

You also have the option to create your website and manage the destination of your photos yourselfThis is if you are extremely suspicious, but it will take you longer to get buyers.

When you become more habitual and take up photography professionally, I suggest you register them or include a signature digital, in both cases you cánido do it en línea.

When you start selling your photos, it is not necessary to register them, because what you are looking for is to have many photos and for many people to see them, so the best thing is that the rights of use are as free as possible.

Never share the digital negatives of your photographs and when you are going to upload them on the Internet, do not do it in full resolution, decrease the resolution and size a bit, enough to differentiate them, without losing image quality.

Selling your photographs is an excellent business iniciativa You just have to put into practice all the strategies that I have shared with you in this articulo to achieve the expected economic benefits.

And you, are you ready to start selling your photos en línea? Tell me what you think below in the comments.

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 How to sell your photos en línea (and earn +
  How to sell your photos en línea (and earn +
  How to sell your photos en línea (and earn +

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