How to sell your hair for money

How to sell your hair for money

I first heard of selling hair in Les Miserables, when Fantine sold her head of gold to dress her daughter Cosette.

Trading hair sounds like an archaic iniciativa, but in reality, high-quality hairpieces are still being made from genuine human hair, and there is a huge market for buying natural hair.

Here are some consejos and information on how to sell your locks for money.


Leave the hair untreated

Most wig manufacturers want “virgin hair” that does not have any chemical treatment.

Virgin hair is usually less damaged and would last longer in a wig.

They also have a more natural look and could withstand additional treatments.

So if you want to sell your hair, make sure you don’t dye, perm, or bleach it.


Let your hair grow

Generally, at least 25 cm of hair is needed to make a sale.

This is because natural hair is often not the same length and not all hair is usable.

Hair buyers often want continuous lengths of hair to make extensions and wigs.


Take care of yourself and your hair

Healthy and shiny hair sells better in the market.

Some basic advice that I have read is to brush your hair gently, eat well and do not take medicines, since the hair retains residues of the drugs that are taken.

Also, it is better not to shampoo your hair every day, because it will remove its natural oiliness.

Smoking is also bad for your hair, because the smell often lingers long after you light a cigarette.


List and market your hair

Hairwork [dejó de existir en 2016] and En línea Hair Affair They are two sites specialized in classified ads for the sale of hair.

The first site costs $20 to articulo an ad, and the second offers ads starting at $10.

They allow you to articulo a description of your hair, photos, and your price.

It is often recommended that you get paid first and then have your hair cut at a professional hair salon and put into a ponytail or braid.

You could also try auctioning your hair on eBay or posting a classified ad on Craigslist, but I think your chances are much better on specialized hair sites.

whathow much cánido you earn? The price buyers are willing to pay really depends on the color, length, and quality of your hair.

Also, if you market it well you will have better results.

Some sold listings have great photos and descriptions.

For example, one woman specified that she had grown her hair with the intention of selling it and that she had taken very good care of it, and she managed to sell it for over $1,000 in just one week.

It took her four years to grow her hair out, but $1,000 is still a pretty good return for something that’s pretty painless to grow out.

It also seems that her research into her hair trade led her to a healthy lifestyle, and that’s a huge agregado for her.

If you’re going to cut your long hair but don’t want to sell it, you cánido always donate it to locks of love.

This is a large charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer and other diseases.

Because wigs are considered cosmetic, they are not covered by insurance, and many families cannot afford a human hair wig.

The wigs that Locks of Love hands out really provide self-esteem to the affected children.

Their guidelines for donating hair are articulo here.

Another option is Wigs for Kids.

In closing, I think if you already have nice long hair and need a bit of money, then selling those locks is something you should consider.

It is quite profitable and much less painful than selling any other body part.

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 How to sell your hair for money
  How to sell your hair for money
  How to sell your hair for money

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