How to sell with Instagram Shopping and Fb

How to sell with Instagram Shopping and Fb

The world of en línea sales and eCommerce is increasingly booming, therefore, popular networks are one of the best ways to sell.

But, which ones exactly should we use?

Today, our guests from The Popular Media Family will espectáculo you why Fb and Instagram are the two networks you should use if you want to be successful selling en línea and start your eCommerce.

If we look back, who was going to tell us that popular networks were going to have such an important role in our day to day?

In the last decade, popular platforms have gained escencial importance (perhaps too much) in our life.

They have become the epicenter of our popular activity: Uploading photos of our outings with friends, indicating where we are at all times, resuming contact with old classmates from school, institute or university… and of course… even photographing what we eat daily or our visit to the gym!

“If you cánido not beat them, join him”. Popular networks have not only become a primordial popular coger, but also a business one.

Unfortunately, today what is not on the Internet… does not exist!

These platforms are the ideal backlink to connect companies with their consumers, so that both “navigate” in harmony in the arduous seas of the Internet.

But that is not all, popular platforms in addition to becoming In a fast and efficient way of communication between the company and the client, they are a very effective sales tool.

Do you want to know how to get the most out of popular networks? So grab a pen and paper! Of course, before delving into the wonderful world of popular networks, we will analyze the current panorama of eCommerce (purchase over the Internet) in Spain.

What is an eCommerce?

Lets start by the beginning! An eCommerce is simply a business which runs their sales through the Internet.

For this reason, these types of stores are also known as electronic commerce or en línea commerce.

This business model is currently booming, why it has a very fácil answer: its lower investment cost in addition to the ease of reaching customers from anywhere in the world.

Popular networks are without a doubt an ideal complement For all those brands or companies that have decided to broaden their point of view and start marketing through the Internet.

If you want to know how to partner with popular platforms to sell your products, you will have to wait a little longer. But to whet your appetite, we analyze (in figures) y también-commerce today.

eCommerce in statistics

Before delving into eCommerce in Spain, we are going to carry out a brief analysis worldwide.

According to Statista, purchases over the Internet in 2017 reached the chilling figure of 1.6 billion users worldwide. Among the countries that use the Internet the most to carry out their purchases, the following stand out: China, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

In Spain, more and more consumers are choosing to make purchases over the Internet. As shown by IAB in its study on electronic commerce, throughout 2017 16.4 million people made purchases en línea.

It should be noted that, of these, 17% carried out their shopping exclusively through the Internet (4% more than in 2016).

I will espectáculo you a graph that expresses the purchases made in Spain in 2017 in a physical store and through the Internet, data based on a survey carried out 1,010 consumers per IAB.

Regarding the regularity of making purchases over the Internet by users in Spain, the study “Y también-commerce 2017.

The era of the marketplace” by The Cetelem Observatory, reveals that consumers make purchases en línea more and more frequently, highlighting that in 2017 27% of consumers purchased en línea at least once a week (6% more than in 2016).

In addition, the study espectáculos that 10% of consumers made several purchases a week (2% more than in 2016). In relation to the consumption of en línea purchases, In 2017, the average cost of purchases over the Internet was 1,945 euros, which is 38% more than in 2016.

Benefits of an eCommerce

As we have seen, purchases made en línea are increasingly being made by users in Spain.

Below we detail some advantages that electronic commerce offers to any brand or company.

  • Users cánido make purchases en línea through various devices: móvil, tablet, desktop computer, notebook and through various platforms such as popular networks or web pages.
  • Purchases perro be made at any time and place. Goodbye to geographical and time limits!
  • Companies or brands that offer their customers the option to purchase en línea will be able to users from anywhere in the world.
  • An en línea store needs a lower investment than a physical store.
  • eCommerce cánido be the complement to your physical business or be your only business model.

    It’s in your hands!

As sell through popular networks.

Popular networks are the Perfect complement to carry out an eCommerce.

Did you know that according to IAB the 98% of users who make purchases over the Internet Do we use any popular network? Among which stands out: Fb 86%, WhatsApp 83%, YouTube 61%, Twitter 57%, Google plus Agregado 53%, Instagram 45% and Linkedln 35%.

These types of platforms, according to the latest IAB report on popular networks, are used by 57% of consumers to carry out product-related search that you intend to buy.

The main popular networks used for this use: Fb 66% and Instagram with 21%.

But this is not all, 38% of consumers admit to using popular networks to assess the purchases made, thus influencing the purchase decision of other users.

Leaving statistics aside, we are going to focus on two popular networks that have “added” those of eCommerce to their functionalities: Fb Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. Take note, because we begin!

Fb marketplace

The second-hand market, or the one known as collaborative trade (that space where a usuario perro be both a buyer and a seller) is booming.

Surely as soon as you hear the magic word “circular economy”, which is the name by which collaborative commerce is also known, famous platforms such as Wallapop, Vibbo or Milanuncios arise in your mind.

Back in 2007, Fb launched his project known as Fb Marketplace, which, perhaps ahead of its time, was a total failure, and it was not until relatively recently when the popular network decided to try again, taking advantage of the rise of the collaborative economy.

Do you want to know some of the advantages of this Fb functionality? Well, here I espectáculo you some:

  1. Marketplace is a service that is included in the popular network, therefore there is no need to make any new registration.
  2. Perros backlink your en línea store with Fb Marketplace.
  3. Fb currently has more than 2 billion registered users Worldwide.
  4. Lower investment expenses.

Operation of Fb Marketplace

Fb Marketplace is a tool for the purchase / sale of elementos and its operation is fast And fácil.

Its access and use is available for both mobile devices and computers.

To enjoy Fb Marketplace only You must have the latest version of Fb and access Marketplace from the start menu.

On the left side you will see the option with view from a computer, while on the right that of a mobile device.

Fb Marketplace for Users

This tool of the popular network Fb its main function is the sale between individuals.

Users will be able to perform searches for those products who are interested in buying in a very intuitive and above all fácil way: by clicking on the “categories” or “search” menu.

On the other hand, Fb Marketplace allows users to sell everything they have stopped using.

As? Fácil! You just have to have clic in “what to sell”, select product category and fill in basic information: description, price, location and if you offer the possibility of shipping.

All accompanied by one or more photographs.

Fb Marketplace for Businesses

Businesses cánido also take advantage of Fb Marketplace to sell products.

Remember, being a recent platform the competition is significantly lower than in another usual sales channel.

In order to use the tool for a business purpose, we must have a company page on Fb, which We advise you to backlink it to your en línea store. For this, you perro use the free WooCommerce complemento.

Once we have our linked fanpage, it’s time to analyze the competition to get an iniciativa of ​​what products to sell, and what prices are the most competitive.

In the same way as in the previous case, we must provide images and description of the products. It is important to attract attention! So use quality images, where the product is appreciated perfectly, you perro upload up to a maximum of ten images per ad.

Consejos for selling on Fb Marketplace

To finish analyzing this option, we provide you with a series of consejos when using this option. Fb tool.

  1. Establishes competitive prices, Keep in mind that Fb Marketplace is characterized by not having closed prices.

    The most likely thing is that users will try to haggle you.

  2. Use images of quality.
  3. Detalla the product in a creative way.

    Get users’ attention!

instagram shopping

Instagram is characterized by its unstoppable growth, according to IAB the platform is ranked number 3 as the popular network with the greatest presence in the minds of popular network users.

Is it perhaps because Instagram does not stop reinventing itself? As if that were not enough, throughout 2017 increased its penetration by 4% compared to 2016.

In March of this same year, Instagram announced a new functionality… buying and selling through the popular network! If you are addicted to this platform, surely you You have noticed some somewhat “special” publications, those that contain small circular elements of white color.

If you slide your finger close, the price of the product appears as if by magic.

Well yes, as you imagine, that is Instagram Shopping.

Benefits of Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows brands to tag their products in posts, in this fácil way interested users perro get hold of the product with just one clic. Apart from the speed of the process, it also offers several advantages:

  • You cánido increase traffic from your website.
  • You will increase in a fácil way the number of sales.
  • you will favor the PMO positioning (Popular Media Optimization).
  • You will foster confidence by the users.
  • you will develop a type of advertising nothing intrusive.
  • You perro to collaborate with different influencers.

In short… Instagram Shopping is an excellent digital showcase for your business!

How Instagram Shopping works

The time has come to fully introduce ourselves to how to sell (or buy) through Instagram.

Although the operation is very fácil, You must take into account a series of requirements To be able to use Instagram Shopping as a seller:

  1. Have a company profile on Instagram (which must have a minimum of 9 publications).
  2. Being an administrator of a Fb seguidor page and have an integrated product catalogue. We recommend using the Business Manager tool!
  3. have the last version of Instagram installed.
  4. Backlink your Instagram business profile with your product catalog of your fanpage.
  5. Provide from an en línea store.

Now that we have made clear what you need to be able to use Instagram Shopping, We briefly explain how it works.

The “shoppable articulo” It is the name given to the publications of the popular network whose purpose is the sale.

Each publication may contain a maximum of five products, which must be labelled.

Each “shoppable articulo” is unmistakable, since at the bottom of the photograph a basket and a white circular element will appear on each product displayed.

If we slide our finger near the basket or the circle, the price and the option to obtain more information will automatically appear.

If we escoge that we want to obtain more information about the product itself, a brief description and option to be able to appear will appear at the bottom. visit the website where the purchase will be made with just one clic.

Consejos for Instagram Shopping

If you want to get the most out of Instagram Shopping, We provide you with a series of consejos:

  1. Complement your strategy sale through Instagram using their famous stories.
  2. Colaborate with influencers of your interest.
  3. Hold raffles to give to know your brand
  4. Use images of great quality.
  5. Describes the product concisely.


Popular networks help us connect with other consumers, In addition to making us known quickly, build trust and above all, increase interaction and engagement with our objetivo.

Stay up to date on the latest digital news It is essential to “get ahead” of the competition.

Exploit all the possibilities that the Internet gives us and above all, popular networks!

Author Description: The Popular Media Family is an en línea marketing agency that specializes in offering its clients complete support during their digital transformation process, addressing areas such as popular monitoring, content generation, advertising investment management, and web development.

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 How to sell with Instagram Shopping and Fb
  How to sell with Instagram Shopping and Fb
  How to sell with Instagram Shopping and Fb

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