How to sell on Wallapop: Tricks to win

How to sell on Wallapop: Tricks to win

The sale of second-hand products is not a game thing.

The seller must pay attention to the type of platform on which he promotes his objects; Otherwise, the product may not sell or take longer than necessary to sell.

Luckily, the Wallapop platform exists on the Internet; a space designed for the sale of anything and Today we will teach you how to sell on Wallapopand some tricks that will help you to earn more money in your sales.

Sell ​​a product on Wallapop safely by steps

Now, if you are interested in selling on Wallapop, it is necessary that you first know whatWhat are the tricks and steps to follow to sell a product in a safe way? Fortunately, today we bring you a complete guide to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently.


Entrar the main page of Wallapop

The first step to take is to entrar Wallapop’s official page from your preferred browser.

In the case of using a móvil, you will only need to entrar the name of the platform in the application store of your device.

However, if you are on a PC you perro go from here to the official website.

Now, you must accept the terms and conditions of use of Wallapop that will appear in a pop-up window.

Then, select the option to register or log in to be able to create an account with which you perro belong to the thousands of users who use the platform.

You will find this option at the top of the web and you must clic on it.


Sign up

You will be asked to entrar your first and last name, as well as an correo electrónico address that you perro access and a secure password, but one that you perro easily remember.

It is also important that you check both boxes, especially the last one, because there you are accepting the terms, conditions of use and privacy policies of Wallapop.


Verify your account

For this step, you will need to log in to the correo electrónico account you provided at Wallapop registration.

When you are inside the messaging tray of your dirección de correo electrónico, locate the message that Wallapop has sent you through the correo electrónico [email protected] and clic on “Verify account” to continue.

Once you have clicked on the option “Verify account”, you will be redirected to a new Wallapop page, where you will need to entrar the dirección de correo electrónico and password of the account that you had already registered, along with the access code; Don’t forget to confirm that you are not a robot by clicking the captcha confirmation box.


Upload a product

Very well, you already have your own usuario within Wallapop, next we will espectáculo you how to publish all the products you want to sell.

To do so, just go to the option “upload product” which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

The action carried out will take you to a Wallapop space where You will need to specify the origin of the item that you will put up for sale; there you perro sell whatever you want, from something you no longer need, to offering a job.


Add all the features of your product

When selecting the type of product that you will offer to Wallapop users, you will be shown a kind of form.

In it you shall specify all information about the productanswering questions about: What are you selling?, the price, the category, the type of currency you need to accept the payment, approximate weight, among other questions.

Trick: We always recommend placing a price on your product taking into account the state and time of use it has.

However, you perro place it a little above what you want to get, so that there is a oportunidad to haggle with your client.

Remember that it is not the same to sell a used product as a new one, no matter how well preserved it may be; try to equipo a price that will help customers consider buying it.


Add a product description

Once you have completed the characteristics form, you will find a box named “Product description”in which you must write more complete information about the product that you will sell in Wallapop.

A highly recommended trick is to write the following points:

  • How long has the product been used?
  • Failures or details of operation that the product has.
  • Reason why you sell the product.
  • Advantages or jobs that perro be given to what you sell.
  • What is the model, color and dimensions.
  • Among other details.

Trick: The description, together with the title, is the key so that it appears in more or less searches.

Therefore, think carefully about what you are going to put and try to cover different synonyms when naming your product.


Include hashtags

Regarding the hashtags section, you will need to place the words that you think could detalla your article instantly.

This It will help to position it in the search engine of the aplicación; In addition, it could give the article a oportunidad to blend in with other afín objects.

As an example of this, we cánido mention some hashtags such as:

  • #Pool
  • #gardenaccessories
  • #Toys for children
  • #Garden
  • #Home
  • #summer
  • #headphones

Trick: Take advantage of all the hashtags you perro, so there will be a greater oportunidad that your product will appear to different users.


Add photos and a quality main photo

Now the Wallapop platform will give you the opportunity to espectáculo users your product through photographs of it.

Many users in this section place a “referential image” of the product, but omit the image and the de hoy conditions of the object.

This is something that will not help you sell your things on the portal, since for every buyer it is important to vea what they are going to pay.

In the “photos” option you must place good quality images where look at all angles of the product and details of use that you may have of it.

In the “main photo” option you will need to implement a photo with which you want to attract the public just by looking at it.

This will be the photograph with which you will promote the article, and the first one that will be shown.


Shipping and location of the product

Now to finish, The Wallapop portal suggests you check the “Free shipping” option so that buyers perro be further motivated to buy the product.

In this same space it will also be relevant to specify the de hoy or approximate weight of the item you are selling.

Also, you will see an option that says “Your products will be seen in:” and in it you must implement the location where you want people to see what you sell.

That is, if you are from the city of Valencia, Spain, and you want only people from the city to see the item for sale, then you will need to specify that decision on the portal.


Final step: upload the product

To finish this step guide on how to sell on Wallapop, you will only have to press the “Upload product” button at the bottom of the page, once you have attached all the information about your product or service.

From here your product is published within the Wallapop portal and people will be able to see it.

It is worth mentioning that you must be patient and entrar your message box as many times as necessary to find out if a potential buyer has written to you or if a usuario needs more information about the product.

Is Wallapop safe and reliable to sell?

A question that is always present in the minds of people who have just used this buying and selling portal is: Is Wallapop really safe and reliable to sell? And the answer to this question is a yes absolute.

Wallapop is a very habitual platform on the internet, where you cánido find the buyer you need so much; just like you perro too Vea the rating that a usuario has within Wallapop.

This will help you to know if he is a new member of the portal or if he has a good time making purchases or sales there.

If you are going to sell through Wallapop this interests you

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 How to sell on Wallapop: Tricks to win
  How to sell on Wallapop: Tricks to win
  How to sell on Wallapop: Tricks to win

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