How to sell on Instagram: consejos, tricks and

How to sell on Instagram: consejos, tricks and

Thanks to the boom they have had in recent years, popular networks like Instagram have become an ideal space for sale of countless products and services.

And it is that with a monthly average of 1.4 billion active usersthis popular network is positioned as an excellent channel to reach a larger audience and increase your sales.

You want to know how to make money with instagram, take advantage of all the potential and take your en línea business to another level? Then stay with us, because this time we have prepared a guide for you to learn how to sell on instagram.

What do you need to start selling on Instagram?

First of all, you should know that positioning your brand and obtaining positive results requires a lot of dedication, a lot of effort and good planning on your part.

You must espectáculo perseverance and commitment to what you propose to do, and be able to devise an appropriate strategy to to boost your sales.

However, in order to start sellingbesides knowing what to sell on instagram and which products and services are habitual, you need to comply with a few steps that will leave the ground ready to start the operation of your store on this popular network.


Have a business account on Instagram

The first thing will be to have a company account.

Yes, a personal account could be useful in theory, but it is not the most appropriate and it will not give you the expected results.

Professional type accounts have additional features and benefits oriented to monitoring, follow-up and development of your brand on the popular network with options such as:

  • Purchasing function for the creation of catalogs.
  • Creation of advertising campaigns and collection of performance data.
  • Collection of data and statistics of usuario interaction with your account.
  • Action buttons that allow you to send messages, call or make reservations.
  • Espectáculo information about the location, hours and means of contact in a space designed for this purpose.

But how do you get a company profile on this popular network? You have two options: create an account from scratch, or convert your personal account in a professional as follows:

  1. Entrar your profile and clic on the three lines at the top.
  2. Choose the option “Account”.
  3. Now locate the option “Switch to professional account” and select it.
  4. Now locate the category that describes your brand and choose “business”.

And ready.

With this you will have the company account activated to be able to start sales on this popular network.


Study your potential audience and create valuable content

Also known in the middle as objetivo audiences, or objetivo, refers to the group of people to whom your product or service is directed.

You must know it and study its characteristics and particularities, answering these questions:

  • What do they need?
  • What do they expect from the product you offer?
  • What content do you find most attractive?
  • What is your preferred time to entrar the popular network?
  • What do they expect to find when entering your profile?

This information will be useful for you to develop a proper content strategythat makes your audience connect with your brand and prefer it over others.

Selling on Instagram is more than posting offers for products and services.

You must also offer the public material that is of interest to you, that makes them identify with your profile and your products.

This will increase loyalty, capture more audience and it will increase the traffic of your profile, which will improve your visibility on the popular network.


Create or backlink your en línea store

You cánido rely on 3 different applications to create and/or backlink an en línea store, through which you perro sell the products and services you want.

The most recommended applications for this are:

  • Shopify
  • Shoppable Instagram Galleries

Each of them comes with functions and features designed to provide your customers a better shopping experience.

You will be able to access elements like shopping cart, instant purchases, detailed catalogs and more.


Activate Instagram Shopping

In case that sell physical products, Instagram has this function that allows you to create a store within the popular network.

This will allow your customers to buy your products or obtain information about them within Instagram, regardless of which section they are in.

With Instagram shopping running, you cánido perform actions such as:

  • Create a store on the popular network with all your products, descriptions and prices.
  • Enable and use shopping tags in posts, profile and stories.
  • create collections and separate your products by categories.
  • supply information more detailed information about the characteristics of each product.
  • Create posts to espectáculo future releases and products to be included in the catalog of offers.


Partner with Influencers and other brands

When you are new to this popular network, you need to find a way to attract a larger audience.

For this, you cánido use an excellent strategy that consists of allying yourself with profiles that are better positioned in the network in order to take advantage of their influence and attract more clients.

On the one hand, you perro create alliances with influencers, evaluating which are the profiles that create content aimed at your objetivo audience, and that they ask for in exchange for supporting your brand and its products.

Choose the ones that best suit your possibilities, and take advantage of their ability to influence the opinion and preferences of their followers.

Also, and in parallel, you cánido opt for ally with brands that are already well positioned in the market to give yours a boost.

Plan collaborations, raffles and other strategies that benefit both parties and allow you to make yourself known.


Publish your brand with Instagram Ads

Another way to increase the reach of your brand and reach a much larger audience is invest in advertising within the popular network.

This is especially useful when you’re just getting started, helping you maximize your brand’s reach within Instagram.

The good thing about this is that you do not require large sums of money.

With a initial investment of just 5 dollars, you cánido start promoting your content inside Instagram.

Then, according to the results you obtain, you cánido escoge whether to change the strategy or increase the investment to obtain greater advertising presence.

Requirements to sell on Instagram

Now, it is logical that in order to start selling within Instagram you must first comply with a series of requirements demanded by the popular network.

  • Comply with community estándares.

    In order to keep your store active and avoid blocking or suspension, make sure that the activity on your profile complies with the rules of use and the policies of the popular network.

  • Be located in one of the authorized countries. Review the list of countries in which Instagram Shopping is available and the other options for sales, so that you cánido get the most out of the platform.
  • Connect your Fb account. This will allow you to backlink and publish the content on both networks.

    From publications to product catalog perro be shared between both networks.

  • Own a single website. You must have a single website from which you will create backlinks to your products.

    This gives a sense of security and transparency to your customers at the time of purchase.

  • Demonstrate trustworthiness. This is achieved in several ways.

    The first is with verification of information and identity.

    You should also maintain minimal activity and a consistent seguidor base.

As sell on Instagram using stories, reels, feed, lives and guides

One of the best ways to increase audience interaction with your brand is to use the different media or publication formats offered by the platform.

By making smart and focused use of the information you have about your objetivo audience, you will be able to promote your brand more effectively.

Let’s look at each of those formats.


Instagram stories consist of a vídeo or image format that occupies the entire screen of the device for a certain time, and that are aparente for 24 hours.

Since they require less preparation, they have a more informal look, allowing you to create content quickly.

The main advantage that this format gives you is the possibility of generate content daily, without cluttering your Feed or constantly creating posts.

Through the stories, you perro interact and get much closer to your audienceshowing plus or more personal content:

  • Product details: preparation, emplees, consejos, etcétera.
  • Internal processes of your business or brand.
  • Shopping guides and additional information about your brand.
  • upcoming releases
  • Make yourself known to your followers.

Additionally, you have what is known as featured stories, which do not disappear and remain accessible to everyone who visits your brand profile.

You cánido use them for articulo useful and valuable contentor attractive content that serves to engage new followers.


The reels are a vídeo format short (up to 90 seconds) that came to light as a response to TikTok.

This format has been gaining a lot of popularity and they are a good option when it comes to posting promotional or informative content, quick guides and product demonstrations in a way that is accessible to the public.

Like the stories, it is a content pretty easy to create that allows you to get even closer to your audience.

The reel creation tool provides you with a series of functions such as background music, filters, and effects, among others, to make the content more attractive.


Also known as direct, it is a broadcast in real time through the platform.

The difference with the rest of the content, apart from being broadcast “live”is the duration, which cánido extend for more than an hour.

Another important feature of this format is that allows real-time interaction among the people involved in the Live.

In this way, you perro create direct espectáculos to launch products, promotions or talk about the brand, for example, while generating interactions and great retroalimentación with the public.


Instagram guides are an excellent option that will allow you to sort content that you upload to the account.

The platform offers three different types of guides depending on the content:

  • Places.
  • Products.
  • Publications.

Depending on the type of product, service and content you want to display, you cánido choose the types and group your content into them to improve the experience For anyone who wants to know more about your brand.

How to use promotions to sell on Instagram

The especial characteristics of this popular network make it the perfect place to create attractive promotions for your followers.

This is a good strategy for increase loyalty and increase interest of your audience in the products you offer.

The first thing you must be clear about is that the promotion must be only for followers from your brand account.

This gives them that feeling of exclusivity and being taken into account, feeling that they are rewarded for sticking with your brand.

Regarding the types of promotions that you perro offer, they cánido be as varied as:

  • Access to product combos.
  • Limited or unpublished editions.
  • Gift vouchers or discounts.
  • Promotional offers.

Once you have chosen the right type of promotion, you must create an original, eye-catching publication that serves to capture the attention of the audience.

Choose good images, a suitable title, write a good description without forgetting the call to action, and do not forget to use hashtags.

Additionally, you perro equipo certain conditions to participate, such as talking about the experience with a product or service, tagging people, sharing the articulo on other networks, etcétera.

This increases the reach of your account and allows other people know your brand through those who have already purchased your product.

Advice, consejos and tricks to sell more on Instagram

You might think that succeeding in selling on Instagram is easy, especially considering that little more than 1.4 billion users.

You might think that it is easy to capture the audience and get customers, but this is not so fácil.

The competition within this popular network is great, with many brands trying to attract the largest number of customers in their favor.

This is why you must learn to get the most of it from the platform.

So, to finish our guide, we are going to give you a series of consejos, tricks and consejos that will allow you to make the most of all the potential that this popular network perro offer you.

Create an attractive profile

Your Instagram profile must be an invitation to explore and discover more about your brand.

In addition, it must be easy to locate, identify and relate to your products.

To do this, you must make it attractive, pleasant and professional looking:

  • plain logotipo, that espectáculos the essence of your brand.
  • a suitable name, that includes palabras clave related to your brand.
  • a good description in the biography with the most relevant data.
  • Backlink to your website or en línea store
  • Watch that the aesthetics are consistent and attractive for the objetivo audience.
  • Create a harmonic feedI am well structured
  • Employ quality images in your posts

Cómputo the content

Play with the different formats available on the platform, maintaining an adequate frequency of publications between each one of them.

Closely follow the interactions of your audience to adjust the content:

  • Posts with the most likes and comments
  • Hours in which the publications are most viewed
  • most followed content

Additionally, you must strike a proper cómputo between image, vídeo and text content What do you include in your posts? Use those three resources wisely to get information across more effectively.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are tags that allow attract a larger audience through keyword searches that many users usually do.

Choose the most appropriate hashtags for each publication, selecting the most relevant palabras clave for increase visibility and engagement with your posts.

Take care of the quality of the content

An impeccable writing, good use of SEO, the proper use of copywriting and storytelling are characteristics that should distinguish the contents writings that accompany your images.

Make sure that your content is fresh, original, and that it aligns with the requirements of your customers or objetivo audience.

In the case of vídeos, build good scripts that allow you to establish a great connection with your audience, based on the profile that you must already handle about the preferences, characteristics and needs of your audience.

You must always keep up to date with new fashions or trends, and see how the public behaves.

This will allow you offer updated content, pertinent, and will keep you aligned with the dominant trends within the popular network.

Make the algorithm work in your favor

learn how the algorithm works of Instagram and how it offers content to its users.

In the same way, learn how the interaction of your public affects the positioning and visibility of your account.

In this way you cánido better adjust your marketing strategies to what your audience demands, so that later the platform’s own algorithm works in your favor.

This will do so by giving your brand more relevance when it comes to displaying content in advertising, stories, searches, etcétera.

Get your customers involved

Increase loyalty of your brand making your customers assume a more active role and generate greater interaction with your account.

To do this, regularly carry out activities such as:

  • surveys.
  • promotions.
  • raffles.
  • Invitations to participate in any publication.
  • Awards for outstanding users.

You cánido also encourage them to share their experiences, upload photos or vídeos using the product etcétera. all are valid strategies for generate greater hook with your customers and make your brand known through their experiences.

As you have seen, Instagram is a powerful ally to increase sales and reach your brand.

Put into practice each of the consejos that we have given you on this occasion, and you will see how your sales will take off.

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 How to sell on Instagram: consejos, tricks and
  How to sell on Instagram: consejos, tricks and
  How to sell on Instagram: consejos, tricks and

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