How to sell feet photos: 14 best aplicaciones and

How to sell feet photos: 14 best aplicaciones and

In recent times, a new en línea marketplace has sprung up that focuses on selling foot photos.

In this market, there are several websites and applications that allow you to sell your feet photos and generate income.

The best thing about these platforms is that they offer you the freedom to equipo the selling price of your photos, which means that you cánido earn a significant amount of money.

Although these websites and aplicaciones often charge a percentage of your sales, the amount is usually small and shouldn’t be a concern.

If you are interested in exploring this activity and earning money selling your feet photos, we present a list of the best pages and applications to do it safely and effectively.

Where to sell photos of my feet to earn money?

In this list, we have selected the sites that pay the best:


feetify is a great website where you cánido sell and buy foot photos.

This platform stands out from the others due to the quality of its content, taking advantage of the spiciness of this type of photos, so if you are interested the sensualityyou perro try Feetify.

Some of its destacable features are:

  • You must be at least 18 years oldotherwise you will not be able to use the platform.
  • It is quite secure, since its administrators constantly monitor the activity of all users in order to protect content creators.

    So you don’t need to worry about any problem when working there.

  • There is no limit to number of photos that you perro upload, although you must take into account that the photos should not occupy more than 1GB.

2.Feet Finder

feetfinder is a well-known platform among users who buy and sell feet photos, has a positive rating according to many users and is very afín to Instafeet.

On the other hand, unlike the latter, To register you must provide your document identification and a photo of your face.

Among its most outstanding features are:

  • The system on this site is afín to an auction where buyers perro submit bids to sellers for their photos.
  • Feet Finder is that it does not charge any fees for transactions.
  • It has a system for you to subscribe monthly for $2.99.

In addition, it works like popular networks for feet photo buyers And the best thing you’ll find in Feet Finder is that it has a mobile aplicación that’s coincidente with iOS and Android systems.

You cánido see here our Feet Finder opinions and how much you cánido earn.


Surely onlyfans is the most habitual platform for sell foot pictures.

Although it is not strictly limited to this, you cánido still use OnlyFans to earn money by selling your foot photos.

In addition, you should know that the application It is not available in google play store.

To get it, you have to go to the official site and download it, there is even an instruction manual with specifications like:

  • To use the aplicación, you need to subscribe.
  • When you make sales with OnlyFans, you receive your payments at the end of each month.
  • You’re only going to get 80% of what you earn selling your foot photos.

    OnlyFans keeps the remaining 20%.

  • There are several ways to make money on onlyfansyou perro sell foot photos, but you cánido also take advantage of having followers to get plus.

If you want to do it anonymously, we have a guide how to create a secret onlyfans account to articulo your feet photos.


The Foap aplicación It is a great option that you perro choose to start sell your feet photos.

It is capable of bringing together many users, including brands, but also fácil users with whom you cánido negotiate to sell your photos.

Keep in mind that the aplicación is open and free. Therefore, users are free to search for any category of photos, in addition, among its features it stands out that:

  • Foap is available on Google plus Play and the Aplicación store.
  • To attract customers, you perro articulo vistas previas of some photos you have available on your profile.

    So those interested will come to you to complete the purchase.

  • The platform will allow you equipo the price of your photos.

    In addition, you perro change it every month, if you want.


Dollar Feet

DollarFeet (only available in some countries) is another great option to earn money by selling photos of your feet.

This platform is one of the oldest on the internet and has many users who constantly buy and sell this type of content every day.

  • Its interfaz is not that attractive, but it has a great community for you to start earning money with your content.
  • It is very easy to use, which makes it a favorite option for users who buy.
  • You perro generate between $5 and $10 for each vídeo 5 min or with your feet photos.


etsy It perro undoubtedly be an alternative for you in case you don’t want to sell photos of your feet on popular networks.

Etsy is a site, habitual for selling both manual and digital products.

In addition, with this platform you cánido create digital products such as vídeos, from the photos of your feet.

Among its features are:

  • Market your products by connecting with your popular media accounts
  • Etsy charges you an amount of $0.20 per articulo and 5% of what your sales generate.
  • Their system ensures that you collect payment to then deliver your photos.

7.feet pics

feet pics is the ideal platform for all foot photography sellers and buyers to come together in one safe and professional environment. If you want to be a seller you must create your own page for a one-time registration fee.

That’s it, no more hidden fees or commissions, having benefits like:

  • Buyers will contact you vía direct message or through the website’s chat function.
  • feet pics offers valuable advice and ideas about how you cánido promote your photos.
  • you have the freedom to equipo the price of your photos.


Whisper Aplicación

The Whisper aplicación works like a popular network where you cánido be anonymous, in addition, this aplicaciones is available both in Google plus play like in the aplicación store.

Whisper owns 250 million profiles worldwide, however, the only problem with selling foot photos on Whisper is that through its platform you will not be able to accept payments directly from your customersalthough you perro use it to:

  • Direct customers to your popular networks.
  • Move your visitor traffic to your official website.
  • Equipo up payments through a shop on Etsy.


sure you know Snapchat, here you cánido sign up for a premium account and in this way you cánido start selling feet photos.

In addition, with a premium account you will be able to charge users a monthly subscription to see your material, that is, the images of your feet.

  • You have the option to charge a monthly subscription between $5 and $50.
  • You perro offer images and vídeos of your feet to all your customers and followers.



Popular networks in recent years have become a way of offer services or promote your business and Twitter is no exception.

Many people use it to offer their content through publications and interaction with his followers. Among the features that you perro take advantage of Twitter are:

  • It is free and allows you to have or create your profile to sell foot photos.
  • Cánido continually posting censored photos to create more expectation and interest in possible buyers.
  • Thanks to the number of users it has it is very easy to gain followers and make contact.


Although I don’t create it, in instagram You cánido also buy and sell foot photos.

All you need to know is how browse and upload quality content. Some of the recommendations that will help you win potential buyers and earn money are:

  • make your Instagram account be professional.
  • Tag your feet photos with the most used hashtags so you cánido increase your exposure.
  • Deliver your photos to customers only after payment.
  • If you do not want to sell through the platformyou cánido redirect users to other platforms to sell your photos.


Fb is a well-known popular network that makes it easy for its users to sell your products or services. This platform is already more than just a community, it has become all a trade both for advertising and for people.

Some of the best features you cánido find are:

  • It has a section for you to publish your images and easily find buyers
  • You perro find a community willing to buy foot images, through groups or pages.
  • The same platform offers you payment methods.


TikTok is the platform that is currently trending, allowing its users to share the vídeos they want in a 60-second format, as well as play small music clips and express yourself freely.

Being so used, you perro capture the attention of users interested in buying your photos of feet, as long as you take advantage of features like:

  • It has a large community superior to the 80 million active profiles each month.
  • users perro expose your brand on TikTok and articulo whatever content they want on a regular basis.
  • Perro retain customers and invite them to visit profiles that you have on other platforms.


Depósito Photo Sites

You perro use some of the best platforms for sell depósito photos and thus offer your own foot photos, among the best known you will find:

  • Shutterstock.
  • Alamy.
  • iStock.
  • Adobe Depósito.

So you perro sell your feet photos On these sites, you just need to create your profile, upload your images, and negotiate your payments each time someone downloads them.

Although you perro also generate more income by being an affiliate to earn when someone buys on the website.

Advice from a professional who has been selling foot photos for a long time

Frequent questions

Some questions resolved about the sale of foot photos:

How much perro you earn selling foot photos?

On most of the aforementioned platforms, the profiles that sell the most cánido earn at least $500 and up to $1,000 per image (but this is only the Top Sellers).

The rest perro get an average of $15 per image.

Many sellers claim on their popular networks that they earn up to $70,000 selling their feet photos, and others declare that they earn approximately $10,000 each month.

How much should I charge for photos of my feet?

The sale price depends on several factors, such as the number of followers your profile has on the platform you are using or how famous you are in the media, therefore the prices per photo are generally between $5 and $40while if you are a model they perro be between $20 and $45.

Generally, profiles with a small number of followers on popular networks such as Twitter or Instagram charge 10 dollars for each photo of feet where only the soles or toes perro be seen.

Given this base price, you would have to sell at least 100 photos to get $1,000 per month.

Is the sale of feet photos legal?

In many places the commercialization of foot photos it’s legalin countries like the US, Australia, Canada, UK and China you cánido sell your photos without any problem.

Although, there are some rules that you must respect, among them are:


All photos sold must be of the feet of the person who is offering them and if they are of another person, the latter must have signed a permit so that their photos cánido be sold


Whoever is selling the photos must be at least 18 years old and consent to the sale of these photos.

It is important to note that in countries that practice Muslim religion is not legal that you cánido sell foot photos, some of them are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and Yemen because exposing your feet to other people is considered prohibited.

Are sites to sell feet photos safe?

It is important that you take into account that the security you may have when selling foot photos It will depend on the aplicación or platform in which you are going to offer your product.

There are many ways and methods that you cánido use to sell your photos on the internet and you will surely find people of all kinds; Therefore, it is also recommended that take certain precautions security as protect your personal data when selling a photo.

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 How to sell feet photos: 14 best aplicaciones and
  How to sell feet photos: 14 best aplicaciones and
  How to sell feet photos: 14 best aplicaciones and

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