How to sell courses in Hotmart (Without having

How to sell courses in Hotmart (Without having

Membership in Hotmart

In order to earn money with this method, we must first know that the products to be promoted at Hotmart are qualified by “Temperature”, the higher the temperature, the better and more sold the product is.

Once knowing that, we are going to choose one of the products to promote them.

In this case, we are going to promote a balloon decoration course.

As we perro see, in several products the price is around $70 and we cánido have a profit of up to $31.29 for each sale, almost 50%!

The next thing we will do is press the button “Join now”.

We accept the terms of the program and proceed to join the service.

A new button will be shown to us now, the one of “Access Disclosure backlinks”We proceed to clic.

Finally, it will redirect us to the page where we will find all the backlinks of our interest.

We perro copy these backlinks and share them on our popular networks.

In this section we will also find materials for Disclosure, whether they are Vídeos, Images or a little more information.

Get organic traffic

Now, if you wonder where you will get the traffic and the people who possibly buy this product, the answer is easier than you think, we will use instagram.

Popular vídeo network par excellence, where you perro help yourself with the Reels to viralize your content.

To create the content, even without knowing much about vídeos or editing, we will use canvas.

A platform that has countless templates and options to create content.

This is an example of the templates that we will find on this platform.

Which we cánido editar to our liking.

Later we will upload this vídeo to Instagram stories or Reels, along with a call to action for them to clic on your backlink.

Finally, we will wait patiently for our vídeo to accumulate views, if you don’t succeed at first, don’t worry, you perro keep trying until one of your vídeos goes viral.

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 How to sell courses in Hotmart (Without having
  How to sell courses in Hotmart (Without having
  How to sell courses in Hotmart (Without having

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