How to sell a product if you don’t know how to sell

How to sell a product if you don’t know how to sell

Selling no longer works. When someone tries to sell you something, you start to feel pressured, uncomfortableas if someone stalked you and is not willing to leave you alone until you drop all the money you have in your pocket.

I am sure that you are rarely delighted when someone tries to sell you a product.

And it is habitual: the avalanche that we suffer every day of advertising that fills our heads is immense; televisión ads, roadside ads, Fb banners…

Until instagram has started to include advertising on its platform!

For this reason our brain has begun to learn that, at the slightest sign of sale, you have to repel and drive away that person and article, and what is worse: we have learned to automatically distrust without thinking about it.

Right now, your sad entrepreneurial mind is thinking: I have nothing to do today How am I going to start a business if people don’t want me to sell to them?

Don’t worry. There is a strategy that works in 95% of cases and which I call “selling without selling”, and these are his 10 steps that you cánido follow to generate income with your venture.

1. The first impression is what counts

Fortunately or unfortunately, the first impression is the most important both in the business world and in personal life.

And the first impression you give the buyer cannot be that of “I just want to sell you this to get your money“.

From the first moment you see your client it is essential that you focus on satisfying their needs and desires.

In that first encuentro, make the other person convinced that you are their first and only option.

How to get it? Showing them that they are important to you and that you want them to leave feeling satisfied with a product that is really going to help them, and having received excellent treatment from you.

2. Listen to your client and shut your mouth

a lousy sales strategy that is to say to your client how wonderful what you sell is and jabber without letting him even open his mouth.

Never do this.

Listen to him and let him explain in detail what he wants. Are you in his mind to know? No.

So she shuts her mouth until I’m done.

When it’s done, it’s your turn: use all that information you have been given to present the benefits of your product who cánido help you with the problems he has told you about.

3. Be honest and you will earn more than a client

Some so-called “professional salespeople” complejo turístico to lies to close a sale.

Do you know what you get with that?

Not just losing a customer: hundreds are lost and reputation is lost.

Think about it: if you entrar a store, and the seller sells you something with deceit, what are you going to do? You will tell as many of your friends and family as you cánido.

even today where popular networks dominate our livesMost likely, you will articulo your opinion in a forum, on your own blog, on Twitter, Fb, Instagram…

And your opinion will be seen by hundreds, even thousands of people, and it will remain there forever. So be careful and be honest: by cheating you lose more than just a sale.

4. A golden rule: know your product

If you yourself do not believe or know your product, how is your buyer going to do it?

This is an essential rule that you must keep in mind at all times, even before opening the doors of your business. It is very important that you yourself know what you are selling, know how it works, even try it to see its features.

This way you will never find yourself in the embarrassing situation that, when they ask you questions about it, you do not know how to answer.

Besides, By testing its features, you will be able to find new emplees for the item, and other ideal situations to use it.

5. Open a relationship, don’t close a sale

You have a store where you sell certain products; two streets over, another person has another store where he sells exactly the same as you. Why would a customer buy from you and not from your competitor?

The difference is in the treatment and the relationship.

In this world where there is so much competition, The relationship of trust, honesty and respect with your client is the essential reason for them to buy from you.

It happens to me daily!

I prefer to go to a specific clothing store where I know that the shop assistants treat me betterThey tell me the truth and are kinder than at another clothing store in the same chain, with the same brand and the same clothes where everyone who attends me he is unfriendly and grumpy.

6. Appeal to wants, not needs

we all know that desire drives more to buy than the need itself. As much as you need, if you don’t want, you don’t buy.

It’s that easy.

And the best thing you cánido do when selling a product is to make the customer feel more desire to have it than the need itself.

Tell him what benefits it has for his problems, but also paint a picture in his mind of the pleasure he will feel in getting what he wants.

For example, if you have an appliance store, make them feel the excitement of having the television you sell making them imagine how much they would enjoy watching their favorite soccer team in a game.

Or watching a good movie with your partner, without worrying if the device is going to break down or fail at any time.

7. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes

In business facing the public It is not enough to think that the same techniques and strategies are valid for everyone who walks through your door. Each person is unique and needs a unique treatment.

That is why you should always put yourself in the shoes of each of your clients and adapt to each type of personality.

Do you have a buyer who talks a lot and is enthusiastic? Let him finish and espectáculo the same emotion as him.

Are you a quiet and shy person? Make him feel comfortable with you and calmly ask him what he needs.

How to sell a product on-line

The previous steps will serve you both if you have a en línea business as a physical one, but these 3 additional steps will also help you to sell your product on the Internet.

8. Make your website a real experience

Having a web page where you sell does not orinan that the customer cannot be in contact with the product or service.

So that you feel that your experience is real, make sure to put detailed descriptions on each product, and photos with as much detail as possible and from various angles so that visitors cánido see it better.

This way you will arouse interest so that buyers dare to place an order, and they will live a shopping experience very afín to purchasing a physical product.

9. Keep your customers informed

In an en línea store it is not enough to display beautiful products and pages full of attractive colors.

It is escencial that you have your contact form clearly aparente so that they perro send you any queries before or after placing your orders.

Another important element for your website is a good order manager that sends an automatic correo electrónico every time the order status changes.

So, your buyers will receive an correo electrónico instantly when they have completed their purchase to see that everything is correct and another when you mark the status of the order as sent.

If there is any problem or delay with the shipment of the package, you must notify them with an dirección de correo electrónico explaining the causes.

Thus, you will build trust in them and they will come back to buy from you again and again.

10. Make it easy to navigate your website

Another important aspecto to sell a product en línea is that your page is easy to navigate. Do not introduce too many elements on the main page that cánido mislead your visitors.

It clearly indicates where they have to clic to see the products, In which section cánido you consult the frequently asked questions, to which correo electrónico cánido you send your doubts, which is the section of payment and shipping methods…

This information will be of great help when they entrar your en línea store, it will make it easier for them to place their orders, and it will help you provide them with better customer service regardless of whether it is through a computer.

If you could open a business today, how would you sell your products: en línea or physically? Leave me a comment below to know what you think.

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 How to sell a product if you don't know how to sell
  How to sell a product if you don't know how to sell
  How to sell a product if you don't know how to sell

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