How to sell a digital product on the networks

How to sell a digital product on the networks

With the ease of the Internet and the plethora of popular networks, true entrepreneurs want to sell their digital products through them. But it’s not as easy as it looks and many fail in the process. Do you want to be one of the few who are successful? Our guest author today, Ana Codeglia, will espectáculo you how to do it, agregado 6 awesome consejos.

New technologies and the Internet have allowed millions of people to be able to undertake and earn money independently and without leaving home.

Marketing digital products has become a very attractive option for many people who want to obtain the long-awaited financial independence at the same time that they dedicate themselves to something that they are passionate about.

AND popular networks They play a primordial role in achieving all of the above.

But, how to sell a digital product on popular networks? This is precisely what we will teach you in this articulo, so if you are about to undertake by creating or selling infoproducts, this articulo is definitely for you.

To begin, we will clarify one of the most important points in this articulo: what is an info product.

What is an infoproduct or digital product?

An infoproduct or digital product is a material, especially educational, produced in digital formats and is distributed over the Internet.

Infoproducts have become very habitual in recent years, as they have allowed millions of entrepreneurs around the world make profit trading this type of products without having to invest a lot of money or a lot of work.

In addition, for consumers it also presents many advantages, since they perro obtain knowledge and take courses without having to leave your home and spending much less money.

The most habitual info product formats are the en línea courses and y también-books which are also known as electronic or digital books.

The best part is that any person with basic computer skills You cánido create an infoproduct and sell it en línea.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that this is a type of business in which it is necessary to have persistence and voracity to learn to be successful and, of course, obtain important economic benefits.

Is it better to sell infoproducts as a producer or affiliate?

A question that usually be very common in people who want to undertake in the world of Internet sales is whether it is better to sell infoproducts as a producer or affiliate. Look at some important points on the subject:


Affiliate programs are a good option for those entrepreneurs who do not want to create their own info product, but who still want to work in that market.. The job of the affiliate is to disseminate infoproducts from third parties and receive commissions for each sale made.

It is a great opportunity to work from home and have a good profit margin without having to acquire assets or make any investment.

The biggest advantage of selling infoproducts as an affiliate is that you don’t need to create a product or maintain your own site (although it is recommended). In addition, it is a way of working and obtaining economic benefits free of charge, uncomplicated and compensatory.

Ideally, the affiliate should have a very well-defined market niche. and develop your personal brand and authority on the Internet (for example, having a blog, a YouTube channel or being very active on popular networks).


On the other hand, there is the option of creating your own infoproducts. For thatit is necessary to have a great iniciativa, skill, talent or knowledge that you cánido turn into good material that may be of interest to a certain market niche.

A big advantage of being a producer is that you cánido choose from lots of formats to present your content (electronic books, digital magazines, virtual guides, vídeo classes, conferences, Podcasts, etcétera.).

In addition, you yourself equipo a price for your product, you strengthen your image and personal brand on the Internet and you have the opportunity to become in a referent in a certain topic or niche. Another important point is that you perro get even more economic benefits.

So: which option is better?

We could say that both options are a great alternative to undertake on the Internet, only you need to analyze each one and choose the one that best suits to your capabilities and goals.

Both alternatives are scalable business models with which you perro obtain benefits passively, without leaving home and without having to work too much.

Popular networks have become in essential communication channels when it comes to selling digital products and advertising on the Internet.

For this reason, below, we will espectáculo you how the main popular networks (Instagram, Fb and YouTube) perro help you sell infoproducts.


Fb is the popular network with the most active users worldwide and the one that works best when it comes to developing marketing strategies, so, if you are determined to use popular networks to sell info products, it is recommended that you start here.

To advertise on Fb you only need two things – in addition to creating quality content adapted to this network – create a seguidor page and use the features of Fb Ads.

With the Fb Ads feature you perro carry out customized campaigns to your budget that are calculated based on the average cost per clic.

Another of the great advantages of advertising on Fb to sell your infoproducts is that it allows you to segment each ad in a very specific way, which increases the chances of getting more reach on Fb and that your offer is accepted by potential customers.

For example: if you want to sell a healthy eating course only for women, your ads will appear only for females.


Instagram is a popular network that has become very habitual among users in recent years thanks to its visual approach in which photos and vídeos stand out, making it a great alternative for publish attractive content about info products that you want to sell

The best part is that if you are just starting out in this world of entrepreneurship as an Infoproducer or affiliate and you do not have much budget to invest in advertising, with Instagram you don’t have to worry about it.

You perro create an account completely free and start publishing interesting content to attract potential buyers without having to pay for ads.

Let’s see a Step by Step how to sell on instagram:

  1. install the aplicación and create an account from Instagram.
  2. Transform your profile personal in a business profile.
  3. Start posting relevant content to gain followers, gain authority and build a strong community. The main forms of publication on Instagram they are photos and vídeos, but it is also important to think about the relevant texts and content that enrich your profile.
  4. Interact with your Instagram followers, it doesn’t matter if you have many or few, the main iniciativa is that people who see your content on Instagram are attracted to the products that you offer and buy. So focus on the quality of your followers and not the quantity.
  5. Disseminate your profile on other popular networks and let people know about your Instagram account (and not forget to put a call to action in your posts, invite your followers to know your products).
  6. Articulo interesting, different and that are related to the market niche chosen one. For example, if you sell an info product with Zumba classes to lose weight, publish some fragments of the classes, fitness consejos, among others.


Another popular network that perro help you sell your infoproducts on the Internet is Youtube. This is a platform where you perro offer quality audiovisual content to your potential customers in a very close and personal way.

In fact, according to a survey released by Forbes, 90% of the users of this type of media state that the vídeos play an important role in the purchase decision since they allow to involve, connect and express a tone of voice that many times the text does not allow.

To sell a digital product through YouTube, the first thing you have to do is create a channel (don’t worry, it’s completely free) and then start producing the content to address in each of your vídeos.

Think about the needs of your audience and interests that connect to your product directly or indirectly.

Any ideas of vídeos could be:

  • Vídeos to help solve a problem of your audience. For example, if you sell an en línea English course, you perro create vídeos with short lessons on the subject.
  • Reviews of the digital products what do you promote
  • tutorials.
  • vblogging.

At the end of your vídeos, you perro include a CTA inviting them to make a purchase or visit the main page of the product. Besidesyou perro include the sale backlink in the description of your articulo.

Ideally, you should be constant with the publication of the vídeos so that little by little you get more subscribers and have more contact with them. to increase the chances of selling your product.

On the other hand, Youtube also offers you the option to hire ads paid advertising for large companies, brands and entrepreneurs.

6 consejos important to disseminate infoproducts

1. Define your market niche well

Who tries to work in many different areas perro lose focus and do low-quality work.

For example, if you are an affiliate and spread fitness, finance, language and culinary products, you may confuse your audience and it will take you much longer to develop your personal brand and become a referrer.

Of course, there are no fixed rules and, in some contexts, working with more than one niche perro work. But usually, it is recommended to focus on only one and strive to do the best job possible.

2. Keep your buyer persona in mind

The buyer person represents the ideal customer of your product. In addition to including some basic information, such as name, age and nationality, other more specific information should also be considered, such as your fears, your desires, your personal tastes and favorite hobbies.

Having your buyer persona (or avatar) well defined is essential so that you cánido create more targeted and specific promotion strategies. So, your results could be much better!

3. Always think of your public

We know that you want to make sales, but just offering your product all the time cánido annoy your audience and even hurt your personal brand.

Always think about offering a 80% of useful content to your readers (for this use copywriting techniques) and spread your products only 20% of the time.

That will allow users trust you much more and trust us, it will help you make more sales.

4. constantly seek knowledge

There are always new ways to promote products: unprecedented functionalities in popular networks, studies and research on marketing, techniques that are working well in other countries.

Be aware of changes and always seek to innovate in your strategies. Read weblogs on the subject, participate in events in your market niche, seek to know what your competitors are doing. Get out of your comfort zone!

5. Look for other ways to disseminate the infoproducts

In addition to popular networks, also there are other amazing ways to disseminate digital products on the Internet, such as the following:

  • Correo electrónico marketing.
  • paid advertising.
  • Blog.

6. Love what you do

Make sure you create or spread a product that has to do with what you love to do. If you love music and have a talent for it, How about focusing on an en línea course with piano lessons for beginners, for example?

When we like what we do, it is much easier to get excellent results, because work becomes something fun and pleasant.

Give love and affection to everything you do, and you will see that you will be much happier and successful in your work as an infoproducer or affiliate.


Popular networks have become in an infallible tool when selling physical or digital products on the Internet.

If you are starting to start selling infoproducts as a producer or affiliate, we invite you to trust the power of Fb, YouTube and Instagram to make yourself known and start getting benefits.

The best thing is that in each of the networks mentioned above you perro advertise your infoproducts without having to invest moneyso definitely no excuses! to pass up this opportunity!

And if you liked the iniciativa To create an info product and sell it on the Internet, I will give you a secret: one of your best options is to make an ebook totally free and you will see all the profit it cánido give you.


Author Description: Ana Codeglia is a marketing analyst at Hotmart, a free and complete platform to store and sell en línea courses. Her main mission is to allow people to generate income by sharing with the world the most important thing they have: their knowledge.

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 How to sell a digital product on the networks
  How to sell a digital product on the networks
  How to sell a digital product on the networks

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