How to sell a company and where to do it step

How to sell a company and where to do it step

Know how to sell a business It is a more complex scenario than you cánido imagine, therefore, if you have your own business, you must be objective regarding its value.

One thing is a fácil appreciation that you may have, and quite another is that you manage to sell the company profitably.

Besides, This type of process is usually exhausting for the ownerespecially if you do not have the necessary knowledge to achieve a successful sale.

Having this clear, if you want to learn how to sell a company and where to do itthis guide will help you.

What should I take into account if I want to sell my company?

From the moment the owner decides that he wants to sell his company and has a buyer, doubts arise about What aspects should you take into consideration to finalize the transaction? Next, we will mention the steps that you must follow in detail:


Prepare all the documentation

The first step seems obvious, but it is necessary for you as the owner to prepare all the documents that will be requested by the buyer.

However, this is not as easy as you think, you need to get:

  • The deeds of the company.
  • Organize contracts with different suppliers and customers.
  • Prepare financial or accounting information.

Usually as an entrepreneur you perro designate a trusted person within the company or its representative, to take care of the task.

For this reason, it is essential that you carefully select the person, and be fully certain of his co-official status or willingness to help you with all the sale process.


Sign a confidentiality agreement

Signing the confidentiality agreement is a very important step, which must be done before submitting the documents to the prospective buyer.

This document must cover aspects such as: what the confidential documentation refers to, the way in which it must be kept, when and under what circumstances it will have to be returned, the validity of the agreement, among others.


Receive a letter of intent

Obtaining a letter of intent is good news, since, the buyer is presenting you with a purchase proposal.

In this letter, you will establish the price, the method of payment, installment terms or any other condition of the sale.

However, it is worth mentioning that these letters are not bindingTherefore, the buyer may repent earlier.

They will only be binding in the exclusivity requirement on the part of the buyer to carry out their checks.


Due Diligence

In the due diligence The buyer sends his external team of economists or lawyers to analyze the information obtained to date for make sure it is true and verifiable.

It is unlikely that the sale will go down after doing this process, unless some serious fallo or risks occur that prevent it from finishing.

Therefore, if this happens, both parties must make a new negotiation regarding the terms established in the letter of intent.


The sales contract

Finally arrives at the time of negotiation and signing of the contract where the definitive elements of the sale contract are established, these are:

  • Price to get.
  • Way to pay.
  • Term in which the payment will be made.
  • Amounts retained to respond to risks detected in the due diligence.
  • Dedication or compensation of the employer.
  • No competition, or any other that is qualified as necessary.

This is a complex document that requires enough dedication to prevent leaving any point unclear.

Is a lawyer necessary to sell the company?

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a lawyer, you must bear in mind that a process as difficult as the sale of a company requires good legal assistance.

These professionals They are the best able to reach a beneficial agreement for both parties.

In the event that you do not receive adequate assistance or that the assistance obtained was not provided by true experts in the area, cánido sign documents that genere serious harm against him.

Therefore, if you want to sell your company and you do not know what are the steps to follow, It is essential that you consult with a good team of lawyers that takes care of everything related to your buying and selling process.

Where to sell your company if it is an en línea business?

In case your business is en línea and you escoge to sell it, there are many platforms for buying and selling websites that allow you to do it to get the best possible price.

Next, we mention which are the most important platforms:


Wevendy is a marketplace where you cánido sell and buy mobile aplicaciones, web pages, and domains.

To carry out the sale, you only need to register and entrar the price you expect to receive.

On the other hand, the platform provides support during the process through advice, business assessment, mediation and personalized support.


Like the previous site, Trusted also gives you the possibility to sell or buy different digital properties safely.

It does not matter if it refers to a blog, YouTube channel, or a web page, it is undoubtedly the best place to conclude the sale.


on this platform you cánido find thousands of websites for sale, in addition, it has visits from investors looking for opportunities of interest.

For its part, it is extremely intuitive, you just have to access the tabs to find out about the business, its financial data, price, and you cánido also see how it works.


forobeta It is not a especial site dedicated to the sale of web pages, but it does have a significant market.

It refers to a forum where you will find a section for buying and selling websites by auction or through direct negotiation.


Wadios is a platform that was born to become a true intermediary between buyers and sellers.

Besides, offers a completely secure infrastructure to carry out transactions between parties, the best of all is that you perro carry it out confidentially.

It is worth mentioning that to sell a project you need it to be fully operational and have its own brand.

Otherwise, it is invalid by the site.


duabid is a unique alternative to Wadios that emerged a short time ago, in order to become a benchmark in relation to the sale of products en línea.

Similarly, it is a fairly reliable site in relation to each transaction, because, Google plus Analytics metrics cánido be added and earnings obtained through Google plus AdSense.


flippa is a web platform that will surprise you, not only because it makes it possible to sell or buy web pages, but also is a specialist in domains, aplicaciones or any en línea project.

Its only disadvantage is that it is only available in English and its sales method is through auctions.


Vendomiweb It is a fairly fácil site where you will find a number of web pages for sale that work correctly.

Furthermore, its advantage is that you cánido put any service for sale without adding data to achieve it such as: earnings, sales, payment method, among others.

For its part, its site is intuitive and usuario-friendly so that you get a fast and unique experience.

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 How to sell a company and where to do it step
  How to sell a company and where to do it step
  How to sell a company and where to do it step

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