How to see my bill in Movistar

How to see my bill in Movistar

Movistar is a leading company in telecommunications services, with a presence in important countries such as Spain.

The landline, mobile and internet services offered by Movistar are designed to satisfy all its customers and provide greater comfort.

If you are a Movistar customer, you surely want keep up to date with each service that you receive from this operator.

Did you know that you perro check your invoices easily and quickly? In this article we will teach you how to do it depending on your circumstances.

How to see my invoice in Movistar without mobile number?

The Movistar invoice is undoubtedly an important document.

This details the services you receive as a customer, and the amounts you must pay according to the payment dates.

Now, what happens if you don’t have the mobile number that identifies you? Don’t worry, anyway you perro check your bill with your landline number.

Follow these steps below to achieve this:

  • The first thing is to entrar the Mi Movistar website.

  • Entrar your DNI, CIF or NIE.

    Take into account that this will be your login nombre de usuario.

  • Next, entrar your landline number, since you don’t have a mobile line.

  • Once you access you cánido see the data of your invoices by clicking on the corresponding tab.

How to see my invoice in Movistar without an account number?

If you are a Movistar televisión customer and want to check your invoices for this service, you need to have your account number, since it is not possible to make inquiries without said number.

The good news is that you have Movistar’s self-management channel to be able to retrieve your account number.

We espectáculo you how to do it below.

The process is very fácil, you perro from your Movistar mobile or landline device.

  • Write an mensaje de texto With the keyword “televisión Account”, leave a space and place your identification number or ID, without any symbols or signs.

    And send it to number 7999.

  • Then, you will receive your account number on your device televisión that is associated with the identification number.

    Done, now you cánido consult your invoices at any time you want.

How to see my bill in Movistar En línea?

Check your Movistar bill en línea, It is one of the easiest methods.

And not only cánido you see it en línea, you also have the option of downloading it in digital format, so you cánido keep track of all your consumption.

Follow this series of steps below:

  • Entrar the website

  • Entrar your corresponding nombre de usuario and password.

  • Go to the “invoices” option and clic there.

  • Next, choose the year and month you want to consult.

    The codes, payment numbers, deadline dates, etcétera.

    will appear in detail.

  • By Finally, if you want to save your invoice, you cánido choose the format of your preference and download it.

How to see my invoice in Movistar at the Service Point?

Movistar makes specialized centers or service points available to its customers throughout the national territory.

Whose centers have been designed so that users have an excellent experience of self-management provided by specialized personnel.

Perro go to the nearest center to carry out your operations or queries in this technological space.

To see your invoice, it is important that you take your identification number and other data related to the Movistar service with you.

Upon arrival at the service point, authorized personnel will assist you to respond to your request.

This is the time to make your inquiry.

Collaborate in providing the information that is requested so that you cánido obtain the information about your invoice.

How to see if my invoice in Movistar is already paid?

Being up-to-date with Movistar services is very important, because that way you cánido enjoy it for much longer.

Knowing if your invoice is already paid is very fácil.

We’ll espectáculo you three ways to do it below.


From the My Movistar application

  • Entrar the Mi Movistar Aplicación with your credentials

  • Select the type of service you want to consult

  • In the “account” menu you cánido view the details of your invoice and know if it is already paid.


Through My Movistar en línea

  • Entrar My Movistar with your access data

  • Go to the “Explore and manage your products” section and choose the type of product.

  • Finally, in the “My Account” section you will be able to see the cómputo and know if it has already been paid.


By mensaje de texto

  • Send a free text message with the word “Invoice” to the code 20202 from your Movistar line, and then you will receive a backlink to check your invoice

  • Another way to do it by this fácil method is by sending an mensaje de texto with the word “CTA” or “BALANCE” to code 611 and responding with “Option A”.

    You will receive the consumption of your Movistar plan.

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 How to see my bill in Movistar
  How to see my bill in Movistar
  How to see my bill in Movistar

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