How to search for people on Tinder

How to search for people on Tinder

In the world of internet dating we have many options to choose the platform or service that we like the most, among those Tinder is one of the best known and desired by users who looking to meet someone en línea.

Due to its intuitive system, which has been so attractive to many users, it has managed to consolidate it to tinder as the preferred platform for them.

This allows you to create a usuario profile and just by making a “swipe”, you will begin to meet people who are within the ranges that were customized by each one individually.

When you and another person have “matched” you perro start communicating with that person and what happens next depends on both of you.

Many have had the question ofhow to know if someone is or has tinder?; This type of question is linked to infidelity, or afín situations.

Or you just want to see if your crush, friend or family member has a profile on tinder.

No matter what your need is for look for person in tinder This guide will be very useful for you to carry out your research.

How to know if a person is using Tinder?

First of all there is currently NO direct way to tell if someone you are looking for emplees tinder but there are several tricks and consejos to know if the person you are looking for has an account in tinder among the many users of this aplicación.

Again we repeat, it’s not completely safe find that specific person.

Why do we insist on this? Well, tinder is a dating aplicación and its creators and programmers take the security and privacy of its users very seriously.

Many of these people who use the aplicación prefer to keep their actions in this dating network confidential; some even prefer not to be associated with this type of aplicaciones.

Like in tinder You don’t have public profiles like badoo or POF where you perro just google plus them and you would find them easily.

In this you perro only find them through the same aplicación.

Create a profile on tinder and search

This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to find someone you are looking for in tinder. In this way you only have to create your profile and use the geolocation function of the aplicación itself.

  1. Download and create an account at tinder It perro be either an authentic profile or a fake one, you escoge.

    You have to make sure that it is a very attractive

  2. come closer as much as possible to the person you want to find in tinder.

    The closer you are to the person, the easier it will be for geolocation to match who you are looking for.

  3. in the tinder settings equipo the search distance so that it is as short as possible between you and the person you are looking for.

    This will significantly increase the chances of finding it; you must make sure the distance is correct.

  4. adjust the age of the person.

    If you know for sure or at least have an approximate of the person’s age, you perro adjust it in their age range to facilitate the search so that it only searches for people of their age, for example, only search for people of 20 years.

  5. Start swiping until you exhaust all the options that appear.
  6. When you are sliding it is better that you go slow so that you do not go over.

    In addition, we recommend that you clic on the “X” since in the free version of tinder.

If you meet all these recommendations, the chances that you will find who you are looking for in tinder, They go up to almost 100%.

If you have not found the person you are looking for up to this point, it could be due to the following:

  • Person is at a greater distance than the one you put as search range.
  • the person you are looking for has entered an age different from the age range you entered.
  • Another reason may be that the person have tinder but have disabled or hidden it. And you haven’t updated lately, but you might just be using your chat.
  • If the person use tinder gold and with this subscription the privacy increases significantly which will make it more difficult for a usuario who does not have the gold subscription to find that especial person.

With tinder gold You have the option to espectáculo your profile only to people you have liked.

Which largely prevents as many people as possible from seeing you.

Also, you cánido change your current location without having to move, like to other cities.

  • the person you are looking for He doesn’t have a tinder account.

This is just one of the ways we have to try find people on tinder With this you perro get very close to that person, but it is not known if they are actually currently using the aplicación.

Find People Using Tinder Gold

One option you have is to get the subscription tinder gold. Next, we are going to give you some tricks to find people on tinder gold

  • Put your location where you want.

    With this function you will be able to transport your location in case you cannot go to where the person you are looking for is in tinder.

  • with the list of people who have given you “like” that is only available with tinder gold.

    And if you are lucky, that person you are looking for may be on that list.

  • You will be able to attract more attention from that person.

    Generating a “boost” to your profile and thus making yourself more noticeable among users and probably that person is there.

With the tinder golg you get a boosted version of tinder and with this you further increase your chances of finding that person, but it does not ensure that you will find him.

Know if someone has Tinder through their cell phone

If you want to know if someone had tinder in the past, and you also have access to the phone where the aplicación was downloaded.

You perro use the following consejos.

  • You cánido see if in the inbox of the correo there are correos electrónicos or notifications from tinder.

    For this you only have to write the word tinder in the search engine

  • With the android devices you have the option to entrar google plus play.

    Once there look for the aplicación tinder and go to the section where the application tab is; In case it allows you to place a comment, it means that it was installed in the past registered with the present Google plus account.

  • if you have iOS device Entrar the aplicación store and search for the aplicación tinder Normally the “download” option appears.

    If a cloud appears instead of this option, it means that the application had already been downloaded in the past.

  • Accessing the fb aplicación If the person you are looking for had started the section using the Fb account, you could find out if you go to the Fb settings, then to the “security” option; once here, go to the option “aplicaciones and websites” then “login with Fb”.

    Yeah tinder is in this list, it means that this person may be using the aplicación or at least once had an account.

Although with these forms it is ensured if the person had, has or does not have an account in tinderyou must remember that for this you need full access to the phone of the person in question.

cheaterbuster – Search for people registered on Tinder

Luckily for many, there is a service called cheaterbuster that lets you know if someone has a registered account in tinder, This without the need for registration.

The service offered by cheaterbuster is private and independent of tinder.

This type of service costs $7.49 dollars to do 3 searches.

For now I only know It is available in English, but it is very easy to use.

The steps to follow are those:

  1. Go to
  2. entrar Just the name of who you are looking for.
  3. In the box “his / her age” you have to put the age of the person.
  4. Where it says “gender” you must adjust it in the corresponding option. “male” if it is a man or “female” if it is a woman.
  5. On the map equipo it to the closest possible location to the person you are looking for.
  6. Leave your correo electrónico and a password to keep track of the service.
  7. Clic where it says “See search results” and perform the necessary actions to pay for the service.
  8. Check your dirección de correo electrónico to verify the update corresponding to the search.

This service search among all profilesan account that best matches the information you provided above.


The last piece of advice we give you is to simply approach that person and ask if they have or have had a tinder.

Even if it’s a little embarrassing for both of you, or the other person might lie or evade the question; It’s worth a try.

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 How to search for people on Tinder
  How to search for people on Tinder
  How to search for people on Tinder

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