How to Search and Find a Job on LinkedIn

How to Search and Find a Job on LinkedIn

If you are tired of looking for work, and you visit every day possible employment options without getting any, no doubt, LinkedIn is your solution.

Find the job of your life from home, choose from the options available to you, apply and equipo up your professional profile so they cánido contact you when one of the jobs fits what you are looking for.

Although there are platforms and aplicaciones to look for work, LinkedIn is the best tool to get a job effectively and without much effort, with more than 600 million users worldwide, it has become the world’s largest leading platform for professionals.

There are more than 30 million companies that are active in the popular network in search of personnel and every day hundreds of users are hired to demonstrate their abilities in 100% real and certified companies.

What are ways to find a job with LinkedIn?

If you are looking for a work that matches your skills and knowledgeLinkedIn is the best place to achieve it, since its launch in 2002 it has been growing and updating its algorithm in order to add functions that do the task of search for work faster and more effectively.

  • Find a job using the search engine or the jobs option, using the filters and choosing the job offer well.

    Every day there are new announcements.

  • Fill out a good profile and wait that a company is interested in you.

How and where to look for work using LinkedIn

Learn to find a job on LinkedIn It does not require great knowledge in popular networks; It is a fácil, versatile and intuitive platform.

You just need a little insight to know where to look, since there is no specific technique to achieve success, but by recognizing each opportunity and seizing each opportunity.

job notice.

Here we explain step by step how to find a job on LinkedIn:


Sign in to LinkedIn

To start using this application you must register and create a usuario account affiliated with a professional e-e correo electrónicocomplete all the fields of the record with 100% real information, because it will depend on whether they cánido contact you effectively.


Create an attractive profile

One of the things that ensures success within this application is the creativity with which you put together your profile, since it is your cover letter before the sintetiza; thus include in your profile all the information that may be relevant to your future employer.

Record your personal information such as: age, address, identification number and professional data; educational background, work experience, skills and competenciesamong other things, are the first step to success on LinkedIn.

Besides, It is important that you put a photo on your profile, clear, focused and formalto give a more professional touch to your presentation.

Trick: If you have doubts about how to make a good profile, you perro look for any company you are interested in working for or people with afín studies to yours.

Then look and review the profiles well to make a afín one.


Use the “Employment” function

Option 1.

When you have your complete and updated profile, start Connect with other people in your industry Through the “Employment” option found in the top bar, indicate that you are looking for a job and the place where you want to find it so that a list of possible options is automatically displayed.

Option 2.

In the event that you want to do a better search, you cánido go directly to the search engine (our recommended option) and search for your job by filtering according to what you are looking for.

  • The left column will continue to espectáculo all the job offers you have available.
  • The right column will provide more details of that job you have selected.
  • If you delete the location and don’t put anything, it will search for jobs in “Everyone”.


Explore the search filters

In the upper bar of the platform you will find functionalities that will allow you to make a more specific search, filter by offer publication datemost prestigious or favorite companies, level of experience and others.

LinkedIn is a professional popular network, take full advantage of its features to interact with other people and achieve good results; By doing this, you make your profile known and expand its reach to other people, therefore, you will increase your chances of finding a good job.


Save job offers of interest

Saving the ads is a good option to keep in view and thus apply for a position in that company that you want so much.

You cánido access them later, directly from the “Jobs” option found in the top bar.

3 consejos to find a job faster on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the virtual job search platform most habitual and practical of all time.

If you want to know how to use it to find a job, we will tell you some consejos so that you cánido apply, make yourself known to human resources analysts and new ones appear Job opportunities to connect with potential employers.


Use palabras clave within your campo

Using the right words in your profile will make it easier to find a job, by doing this the algorithm will only espectáculo you potential recruiters, and it will espectáculo your profile to potential employers when Looking for candidates for a certain job.

Therefore, identify the words that define your profession and add them to your profile.


Turn on notifications

Instantly seeing job alerts that match your profile perro be escencial to opting for a place at the company of your dreams.

LinkedIn offers users the ability to equipo up job notifications, so that every time a new job offer is published that matches your profile, the aplicación will notify you by correo electrónico.

To do so, you just have to search for your job in the search bar and the option to create an alert will appear, as in this image:


Update your information constantly

When you editar your profile, add skills, change your description or photo, espectáculo that you are interested and keep an eye on the options, the application detects your interaction and latest updates so it espectáculos fresh content for you to consume, therefore, it doubles the possibility of get new offers.

Alternatives to look for more specialized work

Many people look for work with certain filters, for example, they just want to be a trabajo independiente or work from home, for this there are better options than LinkedIn:

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 How to Search and Find a Job on LinkedIn
  How to Search and Find a Job on LinkedIn
  How to Search and Find a Job on LinkedIn

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