How to save with your purchases in Beruby

How to save with your purchases in Beruby

Good afternoon friends! I hope you’re doing well this afternoon, at least as much as I am! I had been wanting to talk about this page for a long time, it’s from cash backmost of you who read this will already know what it is, but for those who do not know, I will explain it to you: cashback is cash back for your purchases, in certain portals and only vía the internet, come on, if you go to the store, they will not return anything to you.

So it’s a good way to save money with your purchases.

Well, let’s go there, the page in question is Berubyis Spanish and has been working since 2007, at the beginning it was only operational in Spain, but it is currently operating in more than 14 countries, it has more than three million records and per month it receives more than two million visits, something that more than one would like (me, for example hehe). you perro register for free here:

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Beruby it allows you earn money through several formulas, the main one is through cashback, as I have already said, for example, you want to buy a new, perfect computer, you look at it on different pages, to compare prices (everyone does it), and you choose the one that best suits your needs.

This is where it comes in Beruby.

Exactly, we return a % of our purchaseswhich will be added to our account Beruby and we cánido collect it when the cómputo exceeds the euro, in payments for PayPal and the ten euros in payment by bank transfer, those are the two payment methods that this page has.

But they do not only offer computer products, almost anything you cánido imagine is in beruby, from trips (with very succulent cashback), food, gifts, etcétera… the deals are great and it is worth taking a look at them to earn a few euros.

Another section that will allow us to save is that of coupons, here the coupons that we perro use are periodically renewed, for example, for our trips, our computer purchases, etcétera., we must look at them when you go to make a purchasethere you perro save good money too.

But of course, you don’t have to buy things every day, nor cánido we go on vacation or travel every month, therefore, you perro also earn a few euros a month in BerubyWe cánido do that through the offers section, here we cánido see vídeos that will pay us one cent per vídeo seen, do surveys, that they will pay us 0.25 euros per survey.

We will also earn money for visits, in the section findpriceswe perro earn a penny for carrying out a search, in yahoo We will be able to carry out up to five daily searches, paid at 0.01, and we will be able to search up to three categories in the section the most searched on the internetyou cánido also give your opinion in their contest Blogthe most original answer will be able to win five euros.

All these actions cánido be done once a day, with which we perro earn good money every day.

Beruby has a system of referralswith which you perro win a 10% of what he generatesIf you want to be my referral, you perro do it from this banner:

Finally remind you that in Beruby cánido earn money on internet and that in addition, he pays religiously by PayPayl or bank transfer, I have charged several times, here I put my last charge (remember that it is WITHOUT referrals).

Until next time!!!

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 How to save with your purchases in Beruby
  How to save with your purchases in Beruby
  How to save with your purchases in Beruby

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