How to save with an electric water heater

How to save with an electric water heater

The electric thermos They fulfill the escencial function of keeping the water warm, improving the life experience and even health. But these beloved dispositivos often represent quite a high expense at the end of the year if they are used indiscriminately.

So if you have a electric thermosyou should seriously consider saving the energy used in it.

In this article we explain everything you need to know about it, so keep reading and you will learn how to do it.

How to save light with an electric water heater

Here we leave you the best consejos to save with your electric water heater:

program the thermos

If you have a programmable thermos, it is best that you use it strategically in order to save more.

The ideal is to program it so that it works within the hours where it is strictly necessary, that is, at those specific moments where hot water is necessary.

If you do not have a programmable thermos you perro purchase one digital programmerwhich you cánido connect to your thermos, in this way you cánido program its operation.

Use it at a convenient time

You perro save electricity by contracting the plan hourly discrimination rateIn this way, by using the thermos at times within this rate you will save a good amount of money.

Install where it belongs

It is recommended to install the water heater in the bathroom, or as close to it as possible. In this way, heat loss (energy) is avoided in the transfer of water, therefore, the closer it is, the greater the savings.

It is proven that you perro save up to 30% through this method, compared to those who place their thermos outside the home.

save hot water

If you save water, then you will save energy and money.

In this sense, follow these consejos:

  • use the dishwasher: use it to the maximum, if you wash everything by hand you will end up spending more water.
  • Use the washing machine with cold water: Use hot water only when necessary, otherwise try to wash everything else with cold water.
  • Use the shower properly: close it when lathering and use little water. Here the rules of water care apply perfectly.
  • Use aerators: These devices disminuye the amount of water that is dispensed through showers and faucets through a mixture of air with water drops.

With these consejos you will save water and energy easily.

increase temperature

If you increase the temperature to the maximum, this will make a contrast with the cold water, so that you will have to open the cold water tap more and hot water will be used to a minimum. In this way you will save the use of water from the thermos.

Use an insulation optimum

One of the best ways to save is to use optimal insulation for the thermos. In this way the temperature will be reduced and it will not be necessary to use more energy to optimize the temperature.

Important: although it is obvious, it should be noted that the insulation should never be placed at the bottom of the thermos.

whatworth topay electric water heater to save?

Many wonder if it is worth turning off the electric water heater in order to save a little, the question arises if this practice generates any effect or not. Many consider that turning off and on the electric water heater could help them save on the electric bill.

Which is the answer?

Actually, it is completely the opposite, if you constantly turn off and on the electric water heater, contrary to what many think, more electricity is spent. Not to mention that you perro end up completely damaging the thermos.

The only one exception that is, you go on vacation for a long time, let’s say one or two weeks, and that this is done very few times in the year. But if it is of continuous use, it does not make sense, it is counterproductive.

We hope that these consejos and tricks will help you save more energy with your electric water heater, and that it will disminuye your bills at the end of the year considerably.

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 How to save with an electric water heater
  How to save with an electric water heater
  How to save with an electric water heater

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