How to save water by collecting rain or

How to save water by collecting rain or

When I was young, many families in my coastal town in México had a large jug or reservoir in the patio that collected rainwater. In my family, the water used to be used to water plants or raise goldfish. Some families also used the water to wash clothes or flush toilets.

In some areas, the water is also used for drinking after boiling or other treatment. Lately, rainwater harvesting is becoming more habitual in the United States, and states such as Arizona and New México are passing laws mandating rainwater harvesting for new construction. Here are some consejos on how to collect rainwater or snow and conserve water.

The easiest way to collect rainwater is to place large containers on the roof or in the garden. This is basically what we did in China. However, you will need a large surface area to collect enough usable water. Another fácil method to collect rainwater is to use barrels. These large barrels with a spigot are available on the market. They collect rainwater that comes out of the gutter or downspout on the roof and several barrels perro be attached to store more water. If you’re into DIY, here’s a great HGTV vídeo on how to make your own rain barrel

In snowy areas, it is possible to collect quite a bit of water each winter simply by storing the snow in large bins or barrels. When the snow melts, you will have a good amount of water stored. This is fairly easy to do as long as you have space for the containers. If you still have to remove snow from your driveway, it doesn’t hurt to save some for later use.

If you start to collect rainwater or snow, you should cover these large containers so that children and pets do not fall into them. In addition, you should find out in your locality about the legality of collecting and using rainwater. Apparently, in the states of Utah and Washington it is illegal to collect water from the roof unless the owner of the roof also owns the water rights to the ground. In Rojo it legalized rainwater collection. In Portland, you need a permit to use rainwater indoors.

In general, the collected water should not be drunk because there are various forms of contamination and dirt from rain falling on various surfaces. It is possible to install a treatment system that cleans the water to make it drinkable, but the systems cánido be expensive. The most economical use of collected water is probably gardening, since plants thrive on rain anyway. The collected water cánido also be used for the following purposes:

  • Vehicle or building washing
  • Flushing or flushing toilets
  • Mop the floor
  • Laundry
  • Recharge the aquifer by diverting water from storm drains

Drinking water is actually a very precious resource, and Americans often waste it because it doesn’t seem very expensive to them. Having your own rainwater supply probably won’t disminuye your water bills significantly unless you invest in a full treatment system and stop using municipal water altogether.

Even if you don’t go to that extreme, storing rainwater is very beneficial for the environment and will undoubtedly help you in times of drought, when there are restrictions on the use of water.

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 How to save water by collecting rain or
  How to save water by collecting rain or
  How to save water by collecting rain or

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